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Our mascot {GO4}

Welcome to the official "Gang of Four" web site
Clan established 8/7/11

The 4 people shown above have been around since the original release of Call of Duty and we've all had extensive experience in server administration, modding, scripting, and/or clan leadership. The four of us have now teamed up together to bring you what we hope to be the best Call of Duty experience on the net.

{GO4}'s goals are simple. We like having a good time with good people and we are currently looking for mature, like-minded people to join us. The clan couldn't care less what you skill level is as long as you're enjoying yourself and, as long as you don't try and make our lives miserable, you'll always be welcome here. ...and membership in the clan is really easy ...just ask. See our membership page for more details.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop by the {GO4} forum.

Servers are independantly owned and operated so please honor all requests and rules made by the admin for that server.
No foul language, annoying and/or obnoxious behavior, cheating, map glitching, or recruiting for other clans (although you may wear other clan tags).
Repeated violations may result in a ban. If you are banned, don't bother to whine about it in the forum. We do not have an appeal process. All bans are permanent ...you know why you got banned so there's no reason to talk about it.

{GO4} Tactical Server - (Admin - Lace) This World at War server is extensively modded using Kisswine's variation of the Open Warfare mod and including historically acurate weapons. You'll find it to be much more a tactical hunt & sneak style server.

More servers to come in the near future

Players may chat with us on Ventrilo. Password is topaz.

Beyond a dislike for whining, obnoxious and/or annoying people, we don't have any real rules of conduct in the Ventrilo server and the language can get pretty rough. However, we will always respect others requests to tone it down if they take offense to our immature behavior ...and we expect other to do the same. We are also committed to behaving ourselves if there are minors in the room. In other words, we're dedicated to providing a comfortable and welcome environment for everyone and we won't tolerate inappropriate behavior if it's out of place. If you use the chat room, you MUST read the "Message of the Day". Also, this is not a free public chat room. If you are not a member and you are not playing in our servers, go somewhere else.

Do you run your own COD server and you have no clan affiliations? Do you run a different COD game or the mod/style you run on your server is different than what we already have? Perhaps you'd like to join our {GO4} server group. This benefits both of us. It will get your server more exposure and it allows us to provide a wider variety of game styles for clan members and others to play.

If you're interested in your server being part of the {GO4} server group, invite us over to your server on the forum. We'll plan a time when we can all drop in and run around. If we feel that your server would make a good addition to our group, we'll talk.