February 2020

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Jay Myself [2018]

Rotten Tomatoes = 94 / 83
Personal = 7.7

In 1966, world renowned photographer, Jay Maisel bought an old, 6-story, building (previously a bank) in Manhattan. Over the next 48 years, he filled its 35,000 sq. ft. with stuff ...not because he's a hoarder, but because he sees vision and beauty in everything. 48 years later, he sells his building for $55mil ...and now has only a few months to clean it out. I'm not one for biographies but this was the exception. As a colorful character with a unique world vision, Jay's simply a delight to get to know. The treasures, the people, the family, even the movers, held my interest firmly throughout and left me with a smile on my face.

Code 8 [2019]

Rotten Tomatoes = 80 / 73
Personal = 5.6

People with powers, a drug called Psyhe and a police swat team for a major city, with drones and mecha-officers called "Guardians", are all relatively unnecessary in this typical and cliche story of a down-and-out guy getting mixed up with gangsters in hopes of earning enough money to save is ailing mother. Not a whole lot happens beyond that and many of the principal's goals go unrealized making this all somewhat rather pointless. It's not a bad film. In fact, it's rather good in its mediocrity with the sci fi elements giving it some flash. But, unfortunately, that's all it is ...mediocre, at best.

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