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Confessional [2019]


After the death of a film student and a sports jock, several friends are placed inside a booth to 'confess'. The movie did not really succeed in what it was trying to do. However, the 3.x rating on IMDb is a bit harsh. The concept was original, intriguing, and held my attention from start to finish and that's worth a couple points right there. The twist was interesting, although it wasn't revealed very well leaving me confused as to what was happening. The nearly incomprehensible and ambiguous ending didn't help much either. But kudos for giving a bold idea a good college try.

The Curse of la Llorona [2019]


Another variation of the la Llorona legend, this time as part of the Conjuring universe. If you've familiar with the legend, this film offers no surprises and really nothing new to the story ...just a whole lot of jump scares. It all plays out exactly as expected with a somewhat cool climax but overall, entertaining but, with a real lack of tension, nothing special.

The Conjuring 2 [2016]

The Warren's investigate a haunting in England and things play out exactly as expected. Easily 30 to 45 mins too long, it takes over an hour before the Warrens even show up to the residence in question. Up till then, it's just a series of creepy moments and jump scares and me wondering when the story was going to go somewhere. Apparently, that's the Conjuring formula as it seems to be pretty common among all the films. Well made, well acted, effective creeps and generally entertaining, it just offers nothing new and spends a whole lot of time doing it.

Camp Cold Brook [2018]


A paranormal investigative reality TV crew goes to Camp Cold Brook, the site of a mass murder of children 30 years ago, in hopes of creating a good enough episode to garner a 4th season. This movie is a real slow burn with few spooks or jump scares, the story's been told plenty of times before, has quite a few plot holes, logic problems and a couple glaring continuity errors ...not to mention Kevin, an arrogant jerk that no professional crew would have with them. Despite that, I liked the characters, dialog and the good production quality. Overall, I enjoyed it.

Can't Take It Back [2017]


When a Facebook profile, for a girl who committed suicide, is found to still be active, a few girls post some rather scathing comments to the page without considering that you can't take it back. I was liking this film for a good distance; the characters were real and smart, the events were interesting and it appeared to be headed to a nice finale. Unfortunately, the last 30 minutes didn't meet expectations leaving me bored and edgy in equal measure and the final scene simply elicited a heavy sigh. Too bad they couldn't have made a more sophisticated endgame.

The Canal [2014]


Somewhere in the ether between Sinister and The Ring lies this insidious and unnerving psychological thriller about a film archivist who watches a 1902 crime scene film that depicts a murder in his own house. This kicks off a series of events involving infidelity, murder, hallucinations, a sinister presence, demonic rituals and a descent into madness that leaves you wondering what is real and what is not culminating in a shocking, twisted climax. Sound balancing needs help - dialog too quiet, everything else too load - but a great thriller, nonetheless.

Crawl [2019]


This is an exciting battle between a young woman, her father and probably every gator in Florida. I'm sure that the constant terrifying action sequence that ratchet the tension up to 11 will be plenty enough for most to enjoy the film ...and normally it would be enough for me. But there is a point where questioning certain realities and the actions/inactions of the characters as well as the cliches of various scenarios can far outweigh ones ability to just "go with it". So, for me, enjoyable but with a huge grain of salt.

Code 8 [2019]


People with powers, a drug called Psyhe and a police swat team for a major city, with drones and mecha-officers called "Guardians", are all relatively unnecessary in this typical and cliche story of a down-and-out guy getting mixed up with gangsters in hopes of earning enough money to save is ailing mother. Not a whole lot happens beyond that and many of the principal's goals go unrealized making this all somewhat rather pointless. It's rather good in its mediocrity with the sci fi elements giving it some flash. But, unfortunately, that's all it is ...mediocre, at best.

Creepshow [1982]

Written by Stephen King and directed by George A. Romero, this film is arguably one of the best horror anthologies ever made. An exquisite mixture of horror and hilarity, you'll find yourself creeped out and laughing out loud at the same time. The stories are bizarre and filled with an all-star cast of veterans and a few recognizable newcomers who go on to be big themselves. Even Stephen King has a starring role in one story. Don't pass this one by, if you haven't seen it. Easter Egg: Try to spot the green marble ashtray in every story.

Clown [2014]


When a clown cancels his appearance at a birthday party, the boy's father puts on a clown costume he finds in a house that he's selling ...not knowing the costume is cursed. This is a pretty creepy and disturbing movie as the father slowly transforms into a child eating monster with no apparent means of taking the costume off or stopping the horrific process. I really felt sorry for everyone involved in this one. They did an incredible job of creating a rather hopeless and sad scenario that makes you fell awful by the time it's over.

Certain Prey [2011]


When Lucas Davenport investigates the assassination of a wealthy woman, he discovers that two women, a professional hit woman with over 27 kills to her credit, and a ruthless lawyer have teamed up and the body count is rising. I'm a huge fan of the Prey novel series and I never pictured Mark Harmon as Lucas Davenport. Also, it being a TV movie, I didn't expect much. Surprise! Mark did such a good job, I'll probably picture him as Lucas from now on and the adaption, although light on substance, was pretty darn good.

Charade [1963]


When a man is killed and the $250k he's supposed to have stolen is nowhere to be found, some rather nefarious characters begin threatening his widow believing that she has it. But she doesn't even have a clue. This brilliant cat and mouse film - where it's hard to define who's the cat or the mouse - is brilliantly developed with superb writing, stellar performances, a little romance, and a good dose of comedy. There's few films that have as many turns and twists as this one ...you'll have no idea who to believe or trust. Classic!

Cloverfield [2008]

A group of friends try to survive when Manhattan is suddenly and inexplicably attacked by a massively huge monster of unknown origin. This movie should be an incredibly exciting thrill ride. However, unlike the films [REC], V/H/S/2, and As Above, So Below, which really knew how to use the hand-held camera most effectively, the camera in this film was just all over the place all the time. Rather than thrilled, I was frustrated the camera was never pointing at what I wanted to look at and it just gave me a headache.

The Cloverfield Paradox [2018]

With the nations of the earth on the brink of war, due to dwindling energy reserves, a space station tries to get the largest particle accelerator ever to produce unlimited free energy. This movie concerns overlapping parallel universes and the chaos that would develop. However, they focused far too much on each character's personal story (which wasn't that interesting) and far too little on how much chaos a situation like that would create. I was looking for highly intense Event Horizon. Got a mediocre TV episode of Star Trek.

Charles Beaumont: The Short Life of Twilight Zone's Magic Man [2010]


I've always been a big fan of Beaumont's work, especially his writing for the Twilight Zone. Unfortunately, this documentary was 99% interviews with a couple dozen people who were friends and colleagues (very poor quality, I might add) and almost totally centered around his personal life with the last 20 minutes devoted to his sickness and death. They barely even brought up his volume of work. No one, including Beaumont, is going to be interested about a sick guy who died young if we don't get to appreciate the genius of his accomplishments!

Closed Circuit [2013]


After a truck bomb goes off in London, an arrest is made. Is he innocent? guilty? or is there something completely different going on here? This is a rather tense legal thriller where a case may become far more fatal the closer you get to solving it. Although it is rather slow and complicated without any real action to speak of, it did keep me engrossed to the very end. If you like complex legal stories, this may be just what you're looking for.

Captain America: The First Avenger [2011]

The first Marvel Universe film within the MCU timeline (although not the first released), this covers the only real success of the use on the Super Soldier serum turning Steve Rogers into superhuman Captain America. Taking place mostly during WWII, the Cap and his Howling Commandos create some serious problems for the Nazi Science Division - HYDRA. Great film with lots of excitement, great characters, a lot of backstory to get the myriad timeline plots started and, of course, stunning action and spec fx.

Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier [2014]

The greatest armada of flying battleships is about to be launched to protect the world ...but it may turn out to be controlled by the wrong people. This is one of the good ones! Marvel has become the undisputed masters of crashing things together. The action is just jaw-dropping. The story is complex and well constructed, the characterizations are flawless. My wife and I were on the verge of cheering many times. Great stuff!

Cold Moon [2016]


An alcoholic banker is haunted by the ghosts of some people he killed. This wasn't a particularly good movie ...the acting was weak, the dialogue was pretty simplistic, the spooks, although done fairly well and often, seemed more filler than actually adding anything to the story. However, I did find it mildly entertaining and it did keep me interested right up to the end despite it really being nothing more than a very familiar Tell-Tale Heart story with no surprises.

Captain America 3: Civil War [2016]

The Avengers face their worst enemy yet ...politics! Insert a sub-plot where the Winter Soldier is being framed for the assassination of the King of Wakanda and the Avengers go to war with each other. Introducing Black Panther and Spider-Man, as well as bringing in Ant-Man, this is quite an extravaganza of superheroes in a battle for the ages that's exciting and eye-boggling. Characters and story are well handled and the film is certainly a game changer in the dynamics of the Avenger's relationships.

Castle Freak [1995]


Without any prior knowledge of family ties, a man inherits a castle! ...with a freak who's been locked up in the cellar for 40 years. I don't think Stuart Gordon will ever make another gore camp classic like his first two films - Re-Animator and From Beyond - but not for lack of trying. The first half of this film is rather dull and had the "get on with it" feel. But, once it got started, it wasn't bad. The freak was very freakish in looks, motion and manner and was rather fun to watch. Generally entertaining.

Caught [2017]


I have a great idea for a movie. These two aliens, inhabiting human bodies, terrorize a family because they saw something in the moors even though they don't know what. That sounds great! What happens then? I don't know. What do the aliens look like? We don't have a budget for that. How does it end? I don't know. And there you have it. Great premise, great beginning, April Pearson and Cian Barry's performance was authentically alien but the film really went nowhere beyond it's premise and the ending was just horrible!

Cold Skin [2017]


In 1914, a man, who must spend a year on a remote island making weather measurements, finds himself under attack at night by sea creatures. The only characters in most of this film is him, the lighthouse keeper and a tamed sea creature ...which is what makes this film so interesting. The dynamics of this relationship is compelling, exciting and volatile with a somewhat surprising resolution that is both tragic and heartfelt. The action of the creature attacks is brutally intense and savage. Very well made film!

Close [2019]


Noomi Rapace is, once again, excellent as Sam, an emotionally tortured counter-terrorism and security expert hired to be a bodyguard for a young woman who's just inherited a huge mining corporation making her a huge target. Let the race for survival begin. The film has a couple plot holes and the twists in the story became more confusing than intriguing. But, it's intended to be an action film and, on that, they deliver. Never over-the-top, the action was realistic, tense, exciting with a few cool gags thrown in. Not bad!

Cam [2018]


A girl who does sexy cam shows in chat rooms has her account hijacked by someone operating a cam bot (I'm guessing here as it's not entirely explained) that presents an exact replica or our girl. I may not be one to judge this film as the culture is so far removed from anything I would find enjoyable so, essentially, I don't get it. I was coming up with all kinds of alternatives she could have tried which would have mitigated her problem but she just kept making it worse. Her solution seemed awfully extreme as well. Just struck me as illogical and weird.

Captain Marvel [2019]

A Bree soldier, on her first combat mission, ends up on Earth and learns that everything she knows is wrong. Another fine MCU film that takes place in 1995 and gives us the origin of Captain Marvel, where she's been for the last 25 years and does a good job of tying the character into the Infinity War story ...if you watch the post-credit scene in Infinity War and the mid-credit scene in this one. Characters were great, humor was excellent, it was fun seeing Nick Fury and Agent Coulson 25-years younger, and Goose, the cat ..er Flerken, is priceless. I want one!

The Changeover [2017]


A girl, who is psychic, senses her little brother is in danger. No one will heed her warnings until a toy collector stamps her brother's hand and begins to possess him. A rather slow but interesting story with not a whole lot going on. In fact, I can't really say why I liked it more than I would have thought. Story was light, characters were likable, if not really compelling and, although there were no surprises, it had a nice ending. Not great buy oddly OK.

Carnival of Souls [1962]


A woman miraculously survives a car plummeting off a bridge into a river. Afterwards, she encounters one troubling event after another. I'm apparently not the norm as I really disliked this film. I figured out the whole story in the first 10 mins so there was absolutely no mystery here. The main character was unlikable and worked hard to make herself that way. The acting was totally amateurish, the dialogue was grade school level, and much time was spent filming mundane activities. It felt like a badly made Twilight Zone episode stretched out to 80 mins.

Captive State [2019]


A small group of humans plan an insurgent act against our alien overlords who occupied Earth 10 years ago. Much ado about ...what? An inordinate amount of the film was used to depict a group coming together to perform their revolutionary act ...which was really minor and inevitably doomed to failure. What follows was totally obvious from the start, at least it was for me, and ending with "maybe" something changed. It was all rather entertaining to watch but, when it was all said and done, the best it gets from me is ...huh.

Chimera Strain [2018]


A man freezes his kids while he attempts to create an immortality gene. I cannot emphasize how depressing this film is. Everyone in it is pathological; the obsessed doctor has philosophically moral discussions with his braindead wife and plays with his dead ..er, frozen kids, the head of the research base is a sociopathical, sadistic narcissist, and a girl who says she wants to help the doctor. Yeah, right. The dialogue was written by someone who thought they were writing Shakespeare ...people don't talk like that. Overly melodramatic with a terribly sad ending.

Clinton Road [2019]


A guy, his sis-in-law, a psychic, and some friends, try and find his missing wife on Clinton Road; a real place that has a reputation for being haunted ...and badly made films. Childlike writing with liberally thrown curse words into the script to make it mature. Seemed like the scenes were made up as they went along causing blatant continuity errors, conversations that meant nothing and abnormal behavior. No explanation as to why there's a bald guy with a hammer and a little girl wandering the woods. Simply awful.

The Chronicles of Riddick [2004]

Riddick is hired to help in the war vs. the Necromongers. He's not interested but he gets dragged into it anyway. Exceptionally good sci fi with Riddick at his best. Good characters, good story, awesome special effects, and a lot of Riddick's history if you watch the extended version. In fact, I think one of the reasons this didn't do as well as it should have in theaters was because it lacked the back story found in the extended version. Find a copy!

Creepshow 2 [1987]


What a sad follow up to a classic comic horror film. The only story in this one worth watching is "The Hitchhiker" and even that is not as good as any of the stories in the first film. They forgot to include any of the Creepshow wit and charm in this one making it just another run-of-the-mill horror anthology ...and not a very good one, at that.

Contact [1997]


We receive an extraterrestrial radio signal from space. But that takes a back seat to the scientific, religious, political, and personal chaos it creates right here on earth. Extremely philosophical with a lot of food for thought, this is quite a fun ride. We miss you, Carl.

Contagion [2011]


Details the outbreak of a new virus and how it becomes a worldwide epidemic. The film just lays out the events as they occur with no action to speak of, little suspense, nothing overly dramatic, and yet the cold clinical style of it makes it more terrifying than a lot of horror movies I've seen. Excellent performances by everyone.

Critters [1986]


I'm surprised I've never heard of this film until recently. Basically, a Gremlins from outer space, the movie is about a farm that is terrorized by small porcupine creatures with a whole lot of teeth. Then the intergalactic bounty hunters show up. Let the party begin! This film was really quite a fun, tongue-in-cheek, comedy thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Creepshow 3 [2006]

This one has 5 stories in the same setting and time frame so the characters and storylines overlap. It doesn't even come close to the magical quality of the original Creepshow but, being as they obviously intended to be silly, it was a far side better than Creepshow 2. Bad acting, bad dialogue, bad pacing, the stories were simplistic and yet, I found the whole thing to be rather humorous. At least I have to give them credit for making it blatantly clear they had no illusions about what they were creating.

Conan the Barbarian [2011]


Conan seeks revenge on a guy who killed his father. The guy seeks a woman whose blood will operate an ancient weapon. This is exactly what I expected from a Conan movie ...and less! It was fine for what it was even though the photographer seemed to have a hard time holding a camera still long enough to discern what's happening. It's been over 30 years since the original Conan so I expected something a bit more up-to-date but, sorry... Jason Momoa ain't Arnie. Not even close. The original is mucho better.

Cypher [2002]


A quiet, unassuming man is hired by Digicorp to act as a corporate spy. It doesn't take long for things to become complicated and deadly. What a pleasant surprise! This movie from the director of Cube, (an old favorite) has such subtle complexities that both you and our protagonist have no idea who to trust or what's going to happen next. Subliminal mind control, double agents, the understated acting, a constant feeling of dread, and a surprise ending that I never saw coming highlight this remarkable little gem. Included in Doc's Profoundly Twisted List

A Cure for Wellness [2016]


A young executive, who is sent to a private clinic to retrieve the CEO of a company, suddenly finds himself a patient of said clinic. Long and slow paced, this film is nonetheless totally engaging with the pace only adding to the sinister unease that it provokes. Playing with the idea, if you were a patient at an insane asylum, how would you convince anyone you weren't insane? Add to that some mystery, history, insidious experiments and a stylized vision and you got weirdness that just doesn't quit. Pretty cool!

The Commuter [2018]


An ex-cop, now insurance salesman, is approached on a train to perform a service for $100k. Intrigued, at first, the situation turns into chaos and the lives of everyone on the train are in danger. Pretty much your standard 'regular guy faced with impossible odds' scenario with a good story and not a lot of action but really high on suspense ala Hitchcock style. The pacing was excellent as the movie continues to get more intense by the minute to a super climactic ending that is outstanding. Well done!

Crooked House [2017]


A controlling family patriarch is murdered. With a whole house full of people, who are not the least bit concerned about his death and who all seemed to have a motive, the ultimate reason for the murder is far from what you would expect. Truly typical Agatha Christie shot in an absolutely stunning mansion. It was a fine film but really not much more than what you'd except from any Christie TV episode. Also, I was able to figure out a couple of the reveals 10 mins ahead of time and this film was really dark. Turn on a light!!

Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel [2011]


Great documentary of Roger Corman's body of film work since the '50's with numerous, humorous interviews, film clips, personal stories, all culminating with him receiving the Academy Award for lifetime achievement and, although in his '80's, his current work for the Syfy channel making Dinoshark. With 56 director credits and 413 producer credits, few can claim such a vast library of work with nearly all of it made on a shoestring and he rarely lost a dime on anything. Excellent!

Cybergeddon [2012]


This was a web series, made by CSI's creator, Anthony E. Zuiker, that was compiled together into a full length film about cyber terrorism. I probably would have liked this if I knew what was going on. It was just one scene after another of people frantically working away at computers interrupted by various chases without any real explanation as to what they were doing ...somewhat like the trailer. Couldn't understand half the dialogue as it was delivered at breakneck speeds and, overall, it was just spastic chaos.

Conor McGregor: Notorious [2017]


Biodoc of Conor McGregor and his rise to winning 2 world championships in the UFC. This is the reason I rarely watch or like biographies. What we have is training, being with friends, bad mouthing the other guy, expressing opinions, showing how good a husband he is. Then we have less than 5 minutes of coverage of a fight. Repeat the process. I guess I expected a movie about an MMA fighter to be more about his MMA fights and less about his personal life ...which wasn't all that interesting after the first half hour.

Creature [1985]

aka The Titan Find


A crew made up of incompetent idiots - including acting - are sent to Titan to investigate the disappearance of an equally moronic crew of individuals. You got to love filmmakers who have no shame whatsoever. Basically a remake of Alien, and half a dozen other stories, with no budget, no talent, no imagination, no basis in physics or anything resembling scientific theory, the film simply tries to entertain us by throwing one dumb thing after another at us. And yet, I couldn't turn it off! How does that work?

Criminal Activities [2015]


4 friends that are forced to kidnap and hold a drug dealer for 24 hours to satisfy a debt owed to a mob boss. The story grabs your attention and hangs on to it quite well. The characters are colorful and very real, the situations are both compelling and absurd at the same time, and, although they don't play it for laughs, there are some extremely funny moments. The biggest bonus is that, by the time you get to the end of the film, it's completely changed into something totally different from how it started. Included in Doc's Profoundly Twisted List.

Cropsey [2009]


A documentary discussing the disappearance of several mentally challenged children on Staten Island, near the abandoned Willowbrook asylum, in the '70's and '80's. It mostly centers around Andre Rand, the man convicted of two of those kidnappings mostly based on eyewitness reports without any real evidence to speak of. From a historical sense and informative sense, it's very good and I'm sure that was their intent. But if you want answers, there isn't any here. Everything is speculative and relatively unbiased.

Creep [2014]


A videographer is hired to film a man's life for a day for $1000 under the premise that he's dying of cancer and wants his unborn son to see what dad was like. It doesn't take long before it's apparent a much more sinister motive is going on in this exceeding disturbing film. It's taking you to someplace horrible even though you have no idea where and you feel you should look away but the creep is so totally unnerving and unpredictable, you're locked in for the ride. The ending is a shocker.

Creep 2 [2017]


A YouTuber, who has a channel featuring strange people called 'Encounters', decides to accept a videographer job from a mysterious person. When they meet, he tells her he's a serial killer and wants to tell his story. To his surprise, she agrees ,,,and you can guess where this is going. This may be a slow burn but it is not boring. Even though our antagonist is on screen, being in the same room with the TV is unnerving as hell. The tension builds to intolerable levels waiting and wondering when the shoe is going to drop. I'm waiting for my skin to stop crawling.

Colossal [2016]


A man and woman, childhood friends, find that when they go to a park at a specific time, a monster and robot appear in Seoul, Korea that they control. Terrific idea for a film but totally wasted in this one. What this film is about is the mean-spirited relationships between a bunch of psychologically dysfunctional, alcoholic people to the point of exchanging blows and possibly a killing? The creatures are simply a gimmick to make it appear this is a comedy/fantasy but it's not. I found nothing funny here ...just a lot of deep-seated anger. It simply depressed me.

Counterfeiters [2017]


A young man decides to counterfeit money to pay for his mother's medical bills. Perhaps a noble intent but both him, and those he surrounds himself with, are all unlikable nincompoops. Most of the film is presented in semi-real time over the course of an evening which means we must sit through every word of every conversation, go everywhere he goes, scene after scene of non-stop banality until we finally get down to the big finale by which time I was so unemphatic and frustrated, I simply didn't care.

Carriers [2009]


A small group of people are trying to remain uninfected by an ultra-contagious disease that has wiped out most of the population. The filmmakers didn't appear to know what they wanted from the viewers. The lead character was an obnoxious goon whom I detested immediately and everyone else took turns doing stupid things. About half way through, the movie improved by starting to examine the morality vs survival issue in depth. Unfortunately, by that time I didn't know if I was supposed to sympathize or even care.

The Corruptor [1999]


In Chinatown, NYC, two gangs get into a war with each other. In the meantime, a Caucasian (Mark Wahlberg) is assigned to the Asian Gang Unit run by Chow Yun-Fat and things get complicated. This is an old favorite that I haven't seen for quite some time and was quite fun to revisit. Mark and Chow are excellent slowly developing as partners from contempt to respect. The story is complex and dances around like a hyperactive kid who can't sit still so you're constantly guessing what's next. The action is excellent including a brutal car chase. Great cop movie.

The Command [2018]

aka Kursk


A semi-fictionalized account of the Kursk submarine catastrophe in 2000 where the torpedo room blew up and the survivors died before they could be rescued. I don't think I'm spoiling anything as this is a historical event and the speculation of what the crew might have done in an attempt to stay alive is the focus of the film. However, their efforts weren't particularly compelling enough to outweigh the futility of their actions. That, on top of the Russian Military being more concerned with secrets and saving face, makes the whole film rather bleak.

Contract Killers [2008]


Spy wants to go straight. Uh, huh. A Jason Bourne style movie that most certainly is not. A few good scenes and its abundance of mediocre action is not enough to pull this mess from it's pit of simplistic contrivances and amateur acting, writing, and directing. Marginally entertaining.

Cult [2013]

aka Karuto


A mockumentary that starts out as a pretty typical exorcism film, Japanese style, but slowly drifts into something far more Lovecraftian. Nice nightmarish visuals and it maintained a certain level of tension. Had a few prime moments, as well. However, some of the scenes dragged on why too long. The pace was slow but fine as it appeared to be preparing us for a big exciting and climactic finish which never materialized. In fact, the ending was about as ambiguous as it gets. Entertaining but not much beyond that.

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