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Maze Runner 3: The Death Cure [2018] Meatball Machine [2005]
Melancholia [2011] Memoirs of a Murderer [2017] Memories of Murder [2003]
Men in Black: International [2019] Message from the King [2016] The Messengers [2007]
Metal: A Headbanger's Journey [2005] Metamorphosis [2019] Middle Man [2016]
Midnighters [2017] Midsommar [2019] Mile 22 [2018]
Mind, Body & Soul [1992] MindGamers (2015) Mine [2016]
Mine Games [2012] The Mist [2007] Mr. Brooks [2007]
Mr. Jones [2013] Moka [2016] Molly's Game [2017]
Mom and Dad [2017] Monster Man [2003] Monsters [2010]
Monsterz [2014] The Monuments Men [2014] Morgan [2016]
Mortal Engines [2018] Mother [2009] Mother! [2017]
Murder on the Orient Express [2017] Mutant Girls Squad [2010] Mutants [2009]
Mute [2018] My Favorite Year [1982] Mystery Road [2013]

Metamorphosis [2019]

aka Byeonshin


After a priest's horrific failure at an exorcism, the demon vows to destroy his entire family ...and proceeds to follow through on its threat. Moving along at a pretty good clip, the film only pauses long enough for you to catch your breath before hitting you with another gruesome and violent sequence of events that'll have you clutching your armrests with tension. The story may be a bit simple and shallow but they certainly make up for in sheer aggression and demonic imagery. One of the best "battle with a demon" films I've seen in some time. Terrific!

Meatball Machine [2005]


Parasitic creatures of unknown origin inhabit humans turning them into macabre machines of destructive power for the sole purpose of killing and eating each other. Whatever vision that description may have conjured up in your mind won't even begin to approach the slaughter and mayhem of this film. Soaked in blood, this way over-the-top gore fest is relentless and unforgiving ...and it's a love story. Very entertaining in its absurdity. What bothered me more was the constant choppy and shaky camera work which was making me ill. Otherwise, fun!

Mafia! [1998]

aka Jane Austen's Mafia!


Airplane! style humor in this Godfather parody. Although there were a few "laugh-out-loud" moments - especially with Lloyd Bridges in one of the best roles I've seen him in - most of it was just silly ...and more in a groan way.

Major League [1989]


Everybody's performance as dysfunctional baseball players in the Cleveland Indians organization is fantastic and side-splitting funny. The tyranical owner wants them to end the season in last place so it will be easier to transfer the team to another city, but they're going to make every effort to destroy her dreams. An absolute classic that is hilarious and entertaining even if you don't like baseball.

Major League II [1994]


I think this film got a bum rap, personally. Not as "laugh-out-loud" funny as the original but did anyone expect to be? You know, there are movies that are simply a real tough act to follow and we should keep that in mind going in. In this case, if you like the original, you'll probably like this one. Not as much but it's a worthy follow up good for a few laughs.

Maniac [2012]


Frodo! Say it ain't so!! Actually, far from being typecast, Elijah Wood has grabbed quite a variety of roles including this one as a totally psychopathic - but likable - manikin maker and does a fantastic job. Unfortunately, that's the only good thing about this dark and very uncomfortably slow remake of the 1980 film Maniac. Apparently, someone didn't think the original was depraved enough.

Monster Man [2003]


I'm surpised this film got as good ratings as it did. This is a ridiculous movie about a psycho who uses a monster truck to terrorize a couple of totally unlikable and unwatchable morons who wouldn't know a good line or an intelligent thought if it slapped them in the face. The guy on a slab near the end of the movie gave me a couple chuckles and it's the only thing that saved this film from being tagged with a Hall of Shame placard.

Man on Fire [1987]


A has-been CIA agent gets a job as bodyguard to a young girl who subsequently gets kidnapped. Practically everyone is badly miscast and the film is soooo melodramatic. I didn't entirely dislike it until the girl actually gets kidnapped ...which took half a film to do. I figured it would pick up but then we watched a hero, who is totally incompetent and obviously lacking in military training, stumble around until the end ...which confused the hell out of me. Go see the Denzel Washington or Bollywood versions. Mucho better.

Molly's Game [2017]


True story of the prosecution of Molly Bloom, the woman who ran one of the most elite poker rooms in the world. I'm usually not that interested in biopics but I saw this one for a number of reasons. I didn't know how the story would turn out, I like poker, I like the people in the film, and it had a good trailer. Was it worth it? Damn, straight! The characters and motivations were sincere, well fleshed out and totally engrossing. A very fine balance of tension, danger, excitement, and people we enjoy watching and care about.

Manhunter [1986]

Most people think of the first film featuring Hannibal Lecter was The Silence of the Lambs. 5 years prior to that film, was this one ...which is an early version of Red Dragon. This Michael Mann version is more stylish and a bit on the surreal side while Red Dragon is more dramatic and organic. Both are excellent and even though Brian Cox is not Anthony Hopkins, his Lecter was quite competent and insidious. Will Peterson, Tom Noonan, excellent. See them both and compare. "In-a-Gadda-da-Vida" in the soundtrack? ...gotta love that!!

Maniac [1980]

The sick and depraved cult film about a guy who kills women to dress his manikins with their scalps. There's an incredible shotgun scene orchestrated by make-up genius, Tom Savini, who sets himself up as the victim for the effect. Beware censored copies that cut it out. Joe Spinell (who was also co-writer) was brilliant in his portrayal of the maniac ...he has you totally convinced that he's certifiably psycho. To this day, though, it's still hard to watch.

My Favorite Year [1982]


Peter O'Tolle is fantastic performing as Alan Swann, a 1950's motion picture swashbuckler who's been asked to play on a live TV variety show and who has a bit of a problem staying sober. "I'm not an actor. I'm a movie star"! Very funny and an excellent view into the live comedy shows of the 50's. Both thoroughly and equally amusing and quite touching, it's a "must see" classic comedy.

The Mist [2007]


A really good monster movie that got wrapped up in it's own narrative, i.e., too long and I wanted nothing more than for that woman preaching fire and brimstone to just SHUT UP!! Regardless, it fully maintained it's level of intensity, the monsters were cool and it was loaded with startling moments. The ending is incredibly ironic and sad. Not a bad ending ...just be prepared for it.

Melancholia [2011]


A rogue planet is on a collision course with earth and we get to watch how dysfunctional people use the time. The first 15 minutes of this movie has some spectacular imagery. Then we spend an hour as a participant to an uncomfortable wedding reception. Then we spend an hour watching a few people doing nothing in particular. Everyone in this film is so pathetic and nothing happens except a lot of pain everyone inflicts on themselves and each other. I couldn't wait for the earth to get destroyed ...put us all out of our misery. Go watch These Final Hours instead.

The Messengers [2007]


As far as I can tell, this movie has nothing to do with messengers. A family buys a new home (haunted, of course) in the country to farm sunflowers. I find it amazing in the movie world how ghosts tend to haunt just one or two victims and everyone else thinks the victim is crazy. So, I had to sit through that as well as a pretty basic haunt film. Some well done scare tactics with long, rather dull, scenes in between. Not a bad film ...it just doesn't give us anything beyond what we'd expect or any real surprises.

Mile 22 [2018]


A local policeman, who defects to the US Embassy, holds the secret to where stashes of Cesium-129 are hidden but will only reveal them if they get him out of the country. Holy cow, what an adrenaline rush! Reminiscent of The Raid and BuyBust, once things get going, it's a non-stop roller coaster ride of action that is superbly choreographed and intensely realistic at the same time. Although his character got a bit much sometimes, Mark Wahlberg is excellent as the nearly psychotic group leader who thrives in chaos.

Mortal Engines [2018]


Well into a post-apocalyptic future, cities literally roam the countryside swallowing up smaller communities with the story focusing on a megalomaniac bent on recreating the power that destroyed civilization in the first place and a girl who may hold the key to stopping him. The superbly created CGI is the star of the show by creating a future world that is realistic and awe-inspiring despite the ludicrous idea behind it. The characters were well defined, likable, colorful and fun to watch, the action is top notch. No negatives here.

The Man from Earth [2007]

Boy was I surprised. I heard this movie was pretty much all talk so I didn't expect too much from it. As it turns out, this film is fascinating. It's basically about a guy who decides to tell his colleagues that he's been alive since the dawn of man and the discussions it generates are philosophically, intellectually and spiritually quite intriguing enciting wonder, confusion and anger in equal measures within the group. Exquisitely well written!

Metal: A Headbanger's Journey [2005]


Excellent documentary detailing the history and culture of metal music - how's it's impacted society and changed the world. Quite a lot of attention is also devoted to explaining and defining the various metal sub-genres. Very well put together making it both a treat for headbangers (even the closet variety, like me) and an informative glimpse into the metal sub-culture for those who are not.

The Man from Nowhere [2010]

aka Ajeossi


A girl befriends the owner of a pawnshop, even though he doesn't seem to pay any attention to her. When the girl and her mother gets kidnapped, we find the pawnshop owner is far more resourceful than we thought and he's going to get the girl back. Remarkably well made Korean thriller, similar to Man on Fire, that is engrossing, exciting, and heart grabbing. Bin Won, as the pawnshop owner, and Sae-ron Kim, as the little girl, were fantastic pulling strong and genuine emotions out of their fully formed characters. Action is fantastic!

Maze Runner 3: The Death Cure [2018]


The rebels try to find a way into the walled city to rescue their friends while the folks in the city try to find a cure to the virus. This film is totally formulaic from start to finish with no surprises and there were more than a couple scenes that were implausibly convenient. But the actors did a great job, the action was tight, and the spec fx were well done. If you don't expect too much and you don't nit pick the film to death, it's a very fun and exciting ride.

Middle Man [2016]


A guy, who isn't very funny, is traveling to Las Vegas to be a stand-up comedian. He runs into some trouble and the bodies start piling up. I was ready to shut off this dark comedy after about 30 mins but I stuck with it. It did get better but the humor is very, very dry. I would imagine it would suit the Better Call Saul crowd more than a general audience. I also thought the situations were becoming increasingly ridiculous ...albeit humorous. Overall, it had its funny moments, but I was expecting something far more humorous.

Monsterz [2014]


A man, who can mentally control anyone his can see, meets his nemesis in a man who is immune to his control. This film started strong and had a great premise. Unfortunately, the longer the film ran, the worse it got. The filmmakers insisted on turning this into a philosophical dilemma wrapped in guilt and redemption to the point to where any momentum the film had was tossed by the wayside. The ending was an overly-extended exercise in sappy sentimentalism and I couldn't wait for it to get over with.

Mandy [2018]


The lives of a quiet couple, living in the woods, are disrupted by a psychotic cult and monstrous bikers. This film is like spending 2 hours in someone's LSD-laced nightmare. Between this film and his previous film, Beyond the Black Rainbow, writer / director, Panos Cosmatos, has shown us a unique vision that ignores conventional film making and takes it to intense, surreal, insane places no one has been before. Nicolas Cage is perfect portraying the unraveling disintegration from quiet husband to savage berserker. Violent, bloody, mad and shocking. Yeah!!!

Mute [2018]


A mute Amish, in future Berlin, goes in search of his missing girlfriend. That's it. This 80 min story, in a 126 min package, featured some beautiful visuals and some fine performances. However, the characters were humorless and pathetic, the story is slow, confusing and depressing, and the fact that our protagonist is Amish and mute and the story takes place in the future has minuscule relevance to the story, at best. Could have been done with a healthy, normal guy in modern day NYC and probably would have been more interesting. Dull and terribly sad.

The Man in the Orange Jacket [2014]

aka M.O.Zh.


A delusional man invades a house. The first 10 minutes of this film is sudden, brutal and had me totally hooked. I then greeted the rest of the film with excitement, then anticipation, then interest, then mild curiosity, then frustration and in the end, "What the hell was that all about?" The ending rendered the whole thing rather pointless. If you like artsy, slow-burn films that don't go anywhere, this may be right up your alley. Otherwise, even at only 70 minutes in length, it was way too long.

Mine [2016]


A sniper and his spotter are stuck in the desert after a failed mission and their GPS is broken. Heading to a village, they inadvertently step into a mine field that kills one and leaves the other standing on a mine ...for 52 hours. Basically an endurance film similar to Gerald's Game or Buried, this one is exceptionally tense, emotional, and frustrating. The real prize, however, was the local man who would come by to help, taunt, encourage, and wax philosophical about what it is to be a free man. I thought this was really good.

Memoirs of a Murderer [2017]

aka 22-nenme no kokuhaku: Watashi ga satsujinhan desu


A serial killer, who killed 5 people in the 90's before the Statute of Limitations laws were changed and therefore can no longer be punished, publishes a book about the killings and becomes a media sensation. Is he the killer, a fraud, or is something else going on here? Extremely gripping film with not just one but 2 major twists ...one of them a complete game changer. The characterizations and story were strong and compelling, albeit a bit melodramatic, at times. Ignoring the fact that no one ages a day in 22 years, this is an excellent film.

Mine Games [2012]

aka The Evil Within


I apparently liked this far more than most, probably because I enjoy movies with parallel time lines overlapping each other. Is there really a time loop going on? ...or is Michael hallucinating the whole thing because he went off his meds? Did the ambiguous ending mean the cycle is broken? You'll have to decide for yourself. Not even close to being as good as Triangle but better than Timecrimes, imo, and it's fun to try and spot all the clues on a second viewing.

Monsters [2010]


When NASA discovered life in our solar system, they sent a ship up to get samples. The ship crashed on the return trip dumping monsters in Mexico. 6 years later, two Americans are trying to get back to the US through the infected zone ...and that's it. Nothing else happens. Calling the film monsters and establishing this major premise around them is incredibly misleading as the monsters only have about 5 mins of screen time. The film is mainly about tagging along with a pair of folks who are generally likable but rather dull.

Mr. Jones [2013]


A couple, living out in the middle of nowhere, discover they're neighbors with a well-known but extremely reclusive sculpturist known as Mr. Jones and they decide to try and make a documentary about him. Things go downhill from there ...both for them and for us viewers. This movie had my attention in a major way and then picked away at it with characters that weren't particularly likable, far too much reaction footage rather than show us what they're seeing, long, extended nightmares that were incomprehensible and ultimately, angrily frustrating.

Memories of Murder [2003]

aka Salinui chueok


The film chronicles what is basically referred to as the Zodiac of South Korea as 10 women were raped and murdered between '86 and '91 and the killer was never caught. Three vastly different detectives and how the case affects them is central in this character study of hope, wishful thinking and violent frustration. Director Bong Joon Ho ( Mother, Snowpiercer) delivers another personal, intense story that firmly holds you to your seat.

Mother [2009]

aka Madeo


A doting mother goes on a relentless trek to prove her dim-witted, memory challenged son did not murder a young girl. But, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for. You just might get it. More of a character study than a murder mystery, it ran over 2 hours and felt like 3. However, the characters, the twists and Bong Joon Ho's (Snowpiercer) brilliant film making had me wrapped up in it nonetheless.

The Man from Earth 2: Holocene [2017]

As Prof. John Oldman (now John Young) is preparing to move on, his efforts are complicated by some of his students who begin to believe that John is indeed 14k years old. Unlike the first film, which is basically all conversation, this one mostly deals with the students trying to find out who John really is and how this eventually develops into a tragic collision of philosophies and faith. ...and John appears to be aging! Doesn't have nearly the impact of the first film but a worthy follow-up just the same.

MindGamers (2015)


A group of students experiment with connecting people together into a singular consciousness through quantum communication. Quite a lofty premise, indeed ...and I'm sure the filmmakers had a clear picture in their mind as to how the whole story works. Unfortunately, the film, albeit stylish and intriguing to watch, ended up being utterly and completely incomprehensible. I really would like to understand the scientific and philosophical ideas they tried to present but in the end, I'm just baffled beyond measure.

The Monuments Men [2014]


The true story about a group of men heading into Europe during WWII in an attempt to find, preserve, and return artwork that is quickly being collected and hidden by the Germans. The all-star cast makes for some nice performances and it was quite interesting from a historical perspective but overall, I found it rather dull. I think I would have enjoyed it more as a straight forward documentary as I wouldn't have been expecting so much.

A Man Escaped [1956]

aka Un condamne a mort s'est echappe ou Le vent souffle ou il veut


A man, incarcerated by the Germans at Lyon in 1943, plans an elaborate escape. This French art film depicting a real story is interesting in how the prisoner works everything out and develops all the material he'll need. That's also the problem. He can easily owe about 70% of his success to the Germans themselves for making it easy to get all the equipment he needed as well as some pretty lax guarding techniques making the whole thing feel very contrived. It's also ponderously slow and about 30 minutes too long.

Major League III: Back to the Minors [1998]


If you're looking for something as funny and well thought out as the original Major League, this isn't it. In fact, most of the stars from the original and the sequel are not in it. However, if you like light comedy and baseball, this movie will fill the bill. Fun, colorful characters and some good laugh-out-loud moments made this film rather entertaining and pretty much exactly what I expected for a knock-off sequel.

Man on a Ledge [2012]


Clever little story about a complicated plan - hatched by an ex-cop who's escaped from prison - that involves standing on the ledge of a building in downtown Manhattan to prove his innocence. Complex story that kept me on edge (pardon the pun) with a lot of minor twists and turns making it totally unpredictable ...I really had no idea what would happen next. Great performances and very smart writing.

The Man Who Knew Too Much [1934]


A family on vacation in Switerland, is befriended by a man who is killed but passes along information of an assassination plot before dying. The family's daughter is kidnapped to keep them quiet. Although we're still talking low-tech 1934, this film was well-paced and far more modern in style than many films from that era. I was also surprised by an extended gun battle which was well executed. Nova Pilbeam was terrible as the daughter. However, Peter Lorie was awesome as the bad guy.

Mind, Body & Soul [1992]


A man takes his girlfriend to a satanic cult sacrifice and now they want to kill her. This is basic filmmaking 101. I'd have guessed it was done by a middle school class except for all the boobs and softcore sex. The acting and dialogue were so inane. People just don't act like that and the actors were simply doing what was necessary in a scene to get to the next scene ...many of which don't make much sense. Yet, oddly, at no time did I want to turn it off. How the hell does that work?

Mutants [2009]


French film about a couple's attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse caused by viral infection. Technically and visually, the movie was quite effective at being brutally realistic and quite unpleasant as we watch the virus slowly destroy someone in horribly, gut wrenching ways. Beyond that, there's hardly any story here at all and the pacing was quite slow ...most action takes place in the last 15 minutes. Avoid zombies, survive climactic attack, wait for rescue. That's pretty much it.

Marrowbone [2017]

aka The Secret of Marrowbone


A mother, 3 sons and a daughter are starting a new life after a tragic past with a cruel father. When the mother dies, the eldest son tries to hide and protect the family until he's 21. And why is the attic bricked up? This was an eerie slow burn that doled out the story in tiny pieces that simultaneously frustrated and dared you to stop watching. I figured out the twist about half-way through but it doesn't matter. It was still a very well developed, mysterious and compelling story. Anya Taylor-Joy was, once again, fantastic.

Mystery Road [2013]


A cop, whose just completed detective training, returns to his hometown in the outback just in time to deal with a young girl found murdered on a country road. I liked the main character who played the role of a novice detective trying to keep his head above water and it had an excellent and extremely realistic gun fight near the end. But, I could imagine this film being on many 'Top 10 Movies to Fall Asleep By' lists. Up until the last 10 minutes, this movie is ungodly slow and largely uneventful with a whole lot of talking ...slowly.

Marebito [2004]


A strange and surreal story of a videographer that discovers a world under this one. He brings home what appears to be a girl. Then his personal world and his sanity begin to slowly disintegrate. The relationship between him and the girl was interesting but the hand-held camera stuff was not good quality (strange for a videographer) which became irritating and ultimately, the movie's ending left me sort of hmmmm.

Morgan [2016]


A corporate risk management consultant is sent to evaluate a test tube being created with synthetic DNA who attacked one of it's doctors. This was an extremely well made film depicting our complete inability on how to deal with an extremely intelligent being who we desperately want to regard as human - and teach how to become human - at our own peril. I had some slight suspicions about the ending but they were so vague the surprise was far from spoiled. Remarkable performances by Anya Taylor-Joy and Kate Mara.

Mother! [2017]


A writer and his wife (who's renovating their home after a fire) keeps having unexpected, and destructive visitors parading through their house. This film was unsettling and uncomfortable from the word go. I had some idea of what was happening in the opening scene but I rejected that notion as it seemed to obvious. In the end, I was right ...making the whole thing futile and pointless. Plus, there's elements in the film that seem to serve no purpose. A very well made film that I'm sure others will praise but I really disliked it.

Man of Tai Chi [2013]


A Tai Chi fighter is hired by an ultra-rich and evil entrepreneur that broadcasts fights to the uber elite. Basically one martial arts fight after another throughout the entire film. However, as director, Keanu Reeves did a superb job of providing fully formed characters and storyline (simple as it may be) in those few quiet moments adding a good deal of depth to the film. The fights are so imaginatively choreographed that I never had the feeling I was watching the same old thing over and over again. Well done!

Mara [2018]


Nearly the same movie as Dead Awake, it's yet another horror movie centered around sleep paralysis. With so many out now, you'd think they'd get more creative ...or at least, scarier. But, unfortunately, this is just another run-of-the-mill film on the subject. In fact, much of it seems to be a combination of bits and pieces of other similar horror films, including the obligatory bathtub scene required by all sleep paralysis films. The inevitable ending didn't help much either. It held my interest but that's the best I can say for it.

Men in Black: International [2019]


New recruit, Agent M (Tessa Thompson), gets teamed up with Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) to save the world from the re-emergence of an alien called The Hive. This latest entry in the franchise doesn't measure up in quality to the older ones - some things appeared more forced than natural, the wit, although good, wasn't great - but it's still a really fun ride. Although they pushed her as hero and him as buffoon far too often, the chemistry between Hemsworth and Thompson that we saw in Ragnarok is still here making them a pleasure to watch onscreen.

Midnighters [2017]


Coming home from a New Years Eve celebration, a couple hits a man on a woodlands road. While looking for ID, they discover their address in the man's wallet. Thus begins a twisted thriller full of hidden agendas, differing motives, and bad decisions among a varied assortment of characters including a psychopath that's so freakin' creepy, he was making my skin crawl ...and that's hard to do. This film never once let's you know where it's going as it drags you along for the ride. I was totally absorbed right up to the satisfying ending.

Mr. Brooks [2007]


A successful business man, who's addicted to murder, runs into a number of problems with his last kill. This Dexter like psychological thriller is an exceptionally well designed story that gets more complex and complicated as time goes on. Kevin Costner and William Hurt were excellent as they argue with each other throughout the film ...Hurt being Mr. Brooks' inner voice named Marshall, you see. The ending was sufficiently twisted to leave me smiling at the end. Very pleasant watch.

Message from the King [2016]


A woman's distress call brings her brother from South Africa to L.A. to try and help her. This is a strong, dramatic, and deeply personal film with some wonderful performances all around. Gritty and, at times, quite violent, it kept me wondering just who this guy was as he was definitely more than he appeared. The ending cleared that up with a minor surprise that had me smile. Very good crime drama.

Murder on the Orient Express [2017]


A passenger is murdered on the Orient Express and Hercule Poirot must solve the case. Agatha Christie purists will probably have some issues with it (I know my wife did) as Poirot is portrayed as a bit of a fighter when a couple altercations ensue. Also, it was obviously updated for today's theater audience but that's as it should be, imo. 9+ people out of 10 know how this ends so it's all in the story and I think they did a good job ...not as good as David Suchet's version, but I liked it.

The Matrix [1999]

Well, who hasn't seen The Matrix franchise? For those few that haven't ...Neo, a computer hacker, enters the "real" world where he discovers that the reality we all live in is actually a computer construct developed by machines that rule the earth. It's hard to rate individual movies in a serial franchise as, especially in this case, the three movie make up a single story. But, in my attempt to do so, this one sets up the intelligent premise with a perfect balance of exposition, incredible action and well-defined characters, as well as hint at the surreal philosophies to come.

The Matrix Reloaded [2003]

The machines are tunneling to Zion to wipe out the rest of the free humans and Neo is told by the Oracle that he must go to the source to stop the genocide. If we're rating the movies individually, this one is my favorite of the three. Now that the rules are set, a lot of new colorful matrix characters are introduced, a chase scene that is easily one of the finest ever, and a whole lot of philosophy that is smart, intriguing and thought provoking. A nearly perfect cinematic event.

Moka [2016]


A woman pursues the people who killed her son in a hit-and-run ...and that's it. If you have a choice between watching this or watching grass grow, the grass may provide more excitement. A slightly different course of action and this woman would have had things wrapped up in 20 minutes but they had to drag this out so that we can get totally absorbed in her misery and pain. If you're into this sort of film, the acting was excellent and it was all very dramatic and artsy. As for me, it's time for some Bugs Bunny cartoons.

Mom and Dad [2017]


A very black comedy where parents everywhere inexplicably begin murdering their children as it's the absolute right thing to do with the film centering around one family where a teenage girl, her boyfriend and her little brother are trying to survive an assault from Mom and Dad. Overall, it was a very violent and entertaining film with an unusual wit that made you smile despite the premise. My only real complaint is the need to throw flashbacks right in the middle of highly intense scenes, like I was being cut to commercial. Really difused many of the best parts.

Mutant Girls Squad [2010]

aka Sento shojo: Chi no tekkamen densetsu


On her 16th birthday, Rin discovers that she's not human but rather a Hilko, a race where each member has a mutation, or "treasure", and is hunted by humans with nose guns. Audaciously over-the-top, this ultra goofy and wacky Japanese gore exploitation film provides us with ludicrous 'treasures' like breast swords, a butt chainsaw and a girl with a snorkel face and tentacled arms. This ain't the X-Men. The simple story is just a vehicle to cover the screen with gore and hi-spray jets of blood from every wound that you'll either find amusing or appalling.

Malicious [2018]


When a woman opens a fertility box, that was given to her as a house warming present, she lets loose a evil and malicious entity. There really isn't anything new here; the story's simple and there are no surprises. But I felt it was done quite effectively. It entertained me and sent a few shivers down my spine at the same time. If you're just looking for something with a few choice scares without anything special, this will probably fill the bill.

The Matrix Revolutions [2003]

The final film in the trilogy depicts the machines attempt to destroy Zion and Neo's attempt to stop it. Far less complex than the previous films as everything culminates into a massive mechanical war that is truly impressive. Lot of people really disliked this film, compared to the others, with the way it ended. But for me, it was a perfectly logical conclusion to an amazing story. May not have been a perfectly happy ending but it was fitting and made sense. No complaints here. I loved it.

Midsommar [2019]


A group of friends go to a secluded village in Sweden to experience the Midsummer festival. Little did they know... Chopping out about 45 mins of film may have given it some much needed energy. Despite the long-winded nature of belaboring a few points beyond their needs, this was an immersive and mesmerizing clash of cultures and how it affects the newcomers who're completely out of their depth. This is not a horror film, per se, but there's no denying the ever present insidious tension and anxiety in an apparent Utopian paradise. Gorgeous photography.

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