Rules for Submitting Your One-Line Movie Reviews

If you'd like to recommend a movie for me to watch and review or you want to send me a review of your own, E-mail your submission here.

For submitted movie reviews, include the following:

The title and year of the film. If there may be some confusion as to exactly which film in question - like more than one film released with the same name in the same year - include something to positively identify the film, i.e., Directed by xxx.

Your own personal rating. This rating should be between 0 and 10, decimals allowed, like 6.3.

Your review of the film. It should be short enough to fit within the movie box on a web page. You can see some samples by browsing the web site. I reserve the right to edit your submission for length and/or syntax. I will not alter your intention and please, be nice. I won't post a review that caters to unnecessary language and insults.

Let me know what name should be used on the web page to tag your submission. Could be your real name or a moniker.

(Optional) Attach a picture (or a link to a picture) of a scene from the movie if you would like that picture to be used. You may submit pictures for entries that already exist and I'll switch pictures. If you don't submit a picture, I'll find one.

Your movie will be included in the random movie recommendation list if it's a new listing. If you send in a review for a movie that is already listed, your review and rating will be included in the movie's current listing.

I will post your submission usually within 48 hours and let you know.

Your E-mail address is sacred! It will NEVER be given to a third party and I will NEVER send you spam of any kind ...although I may send you a note if a change is made to one of your entries.

People have asked me why I use such an archaic method for public postings on the site. There's two reasons. First, I don't have the time, money or inclination to create a professional site. I'm not selling a product and I do this mostly for my own amusement. It's fun to run it this way. Secondly, and more importantly, I've usually found that allowing the general public to comment, review, vote and basically change things can really screw up a website and make it uncomfortable to visit. I can't tell you how many times I've decided to jump into a forum only to be immediately greeted with some jerk who lives for tearing people down at the slightest inclination. With this system, I control the content me the supreme moderator, if you will. By doing so, I can keep everyone's visit here entertaining and enjoyable.

Happy Viewing!