Rules for Submitting Your One-Line Movie Reviews

The movie review must be for a movie you have "seen" within a particular month. I will accept reviews for movies you've seen from January 2017 onward. You may E-mail your submission here.

Submit the movie title and year it was released so that I can find it easily online.

Let me know the date (approx) you saw the movie so that I can list it on the right page and in the right slot on the page as movies are listed in the order in which they were viewed. If your review is for a movie that is already listed, I will add your review to the existing entry. I will also move the entry to the new date location if you saw the movie later than where it is currently listed.

Submit your own personal rating. This rating should be between 0 and 10, decimals allowed, like 6.3.

Submit your review. It shouldn't be longer then four displayed lines on the web page.

Let me know what name should be used on the web page to tag your submission. Could be your real name or a moniker.

(Optional) Send me a picture (or a link to a picture) of a scene from the movie if you would like that picture to be used. You may submit pictures for entries that already exist and I'll switch pictures.

I will post your submission usually within 48 hours and let you know.

Your E-mail address is private! It will NEVER be given to a third party and I will NEVER send you spam of any kind ...although I may send you a note if a change is made to one of your entries.

Happy Viewing!