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I don't like chat rooms, I never have. It seems like they're full of idiots and trolls and people who take great pleasure in making your life miserable ...not to mention the ones that are looking to fulfill some sort of weird sex fantasy. Then one day, nearly 3 years ago, I ran into a little social site called WireClub. After hanging out in some of the chat rooms, my opinions hadn't changed ...that is, until I happened to walk into the right room. What I found is a very cool group of people, with a great love of music that welcomed me in and I've been there ever since ...now as a moderator of 3 different rooms and the host 2 others.

WireClub is a completely free site. Singing up includes the ability to post pictures, videos, blogs news feeds, make friends, etc. The features it provides are actually pretty extensive for a free account. They even have a free emoji library that you can use in chat and postings. You can also post YouTube URL's and WireClub will automatically convert them into clickable links for all to enjoy. And, in case you're wondering, no... I am not being paid by WireClub to advertise their site. I doing this because I like the place.

But, as I mentioned above, I like the place for the chat rooms that I hang out in. Don't much care for any of the others for reasons I've mentioned. The regulars in our group are friendly, mellow, positive, happy people, of all ages, and we share lots of humor and good music. Plus, practically all of us are moderators so the trolls don't have much of a life span in our rooms.

Below is our chatting times and, although the chat rooms are open and can be used anytime, these are the times when usually most of the regulars will be hanging around. If you want to check out the rooms without signing up, just click a link. As an unregistered user, you can still go into rooms as a "ghost". No one can see you and you can't type messages but you can see the activity and decide if it's something you'd enjoy.

The River by Moonlight
Monday & Wednesday Evenings

Bray's Den
Friday Evenings

Doc's Chatter Lounge
Sunday Evenings

Doc's MLB Playoff Lounge
Featured games will be scheduled.
...or bring in your favorite teams and we'll all share in the fun of good conversation, music and baseball.
The next featured games: Tuesday, April 16, 3:30 pm Pacific
Giants @ Marlins, 3:30 pm / Reds @ Mariners, 6:30 pm

Some other nice rooms which are occasionally open.
40 Licks Music Room
Rock Music Lovers
Buck's Music Room

Room Rules

Rules are quite simple: NO politics, NO religion, NO bullying, NO looking for a date, be nice, respectful of other's opinions, and have fun. Maybe we'll see you there.