Short Films - May 2019

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The Armoire (13:33) [2017]


On a thrift store run to help furnish her new apartment, Hannah runs across an armoire that someone seems to have simply discarded. She doesn't stop to consider there may be things best left in the trash.

Meow (11:17) [2017]


Eleonore is befriended by a cat after moving into an apartment with a strict "no pet" policy. What is she to do? Don't worry, the cat will take care of it.

Bedtime (2:18) [2014]


A mother attempts to reassure her daughter that there isn't any monster under the bed. Maybe that isn't where she should be looking.

The Banishing (11:35) [2013]


The youngest of two sisters insists that a malevolant spirit is responsible for the death of the family dog. So, they turn to supernatural means to resolve the problem ...but, perhaps, the problem is something even worse.

You're Missing (0:31) [2016]


I think you're more than missing.

Woman in the Book (0:36) [2016]


Title pretty much says it all.

Special Day (7:07) [2018]


On the special night of her 18th birthday, Emily is told about the family tradition of sentinels ...a being that will follow her for the rest of her life. Only this night turns out to be far more special than anyone thought.

Cured (9:09) [2016]


This time, Michael Berryman, uses a much more medically based, practical method of performing an exorcism.

The Visitant (7:14) [2014]


A woman valiantly attempts to defend her daughter against a demon who's invaded their home.

Balance (7:40) [1989]


An Academy Award winning, animated film giving a humorous but poignant look at the balance of power, greed, and the dangers of getting what you wish for.

3 Verses (13:00) [2016]

aka 3 Versos


A girl asks a psychic for help to rid her house of a ghost. Upon consulting a ouija board, they encounter a guest no one expected.

Zominic (1:45) [2013]


Never underestimate a growing baby's nutritional needs.

Dual (10:25) [2018]


A doctor does her best to try and understand a savagely violent child with some peculiar personality problems and even more peculiar imaginary friends.

The Candidate (19:25) [2010]


An arrogant and morally corrupt corporate employee is intrigued by a sales pitch offering a perfectly legal way to rid the world of those not fit to live.

The Thing in the Apartment (9:41) [2015]


When a hysterical, Lindsay, tells her skeptical sister, Sam, there's something in her apartment, Sam decides to go see for herself.

R'ha (6:02) [2013]


In the midst of a war, an alien prisoner is interrogated by a machine looking for the rest of the alien's kind.

Pinata (0:34) [2017]


Pinata or voodoo. You decide.

The Dollmaker (9:03) [2017]


The lines between reality and fantasy become fuzzy when a dollmaker makes dolls that magically resemble lost love ones.

Deathly (12:28) [2015]


A grieving husband convinces his kids that he'd like to spend his evening alone at home after the funeral service for his wife. They're reluntant but he says he's fine. Of course, he is.

Strings (4:58) [2015]


Well choreographed fight action punctuates this story about a kidnapper who's focus is on dealing with the would be rescuer and not paying much attention to his hostage. That could be a problem.

ANA (4:53) [2016?]

ANA, an artificial intelligence used in a car manufacturing plant, convinces the night manager to give it priority access to resolve a problem. Let the party begin.

Click (12:34) [2010]


A bunch of bored kids break into an abandoned factory and find a rather peculiar light switch.

XVOID (2:28) [2016?]

An experimental film, with no narrative, playing around with settings and something that's just freakin' creepy.

Don't Let Them In (13:09) [2015]


An author becomes obsessed over rumors of children with black eyes who attack people and decides to write a novel about them.

Nightcrawlers (20:56) [1985]


William Friedkin directed what is probably the most violent Twilight Zone episode ever made in this story of a Vietnam veteran who drops into a roadside cafe looking for coffee to stay awake because, when he sleeps, he brings the war home.

Mother (2:54) [2015]

You'll be shocked to see what this mother is carrying.

The Lover (5:44) [2014]


Well, I suppose this is one way to deal with a traumatic breakup.

Drudge (8:19) [2013]


This is a brutal and straight forward home invasion with no real twists or surprises but the homemade equipment this guy is using is to die for (pardon the pun).

Night of the Slasher (10:49) [2015]


After surviving a brutal attack by a deranged slasher, a girl commits every horror movie sin in the book in hopes of luring that attacker back to her turf so she could finish him off.

The Blue Door (9:09) [2017]


A home care nurse, cleaning the home of an elderly woman, discovers a mysterious blue door ...and something wants in.

Rue (9:02) [2017]


Two girls, apparently involved in a fight with each other, are stuck in detention. The subtle nuances never really fully explain the reasons for the obviously hidden tension or what's really going on but... it's very weird.

One Please (5:28) [2014]


The great Michael Berryman stars as an ice cream man whose price for a treat is, let's just say, unconventional.

Playing Doctor (1:33) [2015]


Perhaps Rebecca's idea of "playing doctor" is a bit too literal.

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