Short Films - June 2019

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The Obsolete Man (25:07) [1961]


One of the great episodes from the original Twilight Zone, this features the trial of a librarian who has been deemed obsolete by a dystopian totalitarian society and, therefore, must be removed. But he has few tricks up his sleeve before he goes.

Morgu (2:27) [2017]


I believe your daughter has made it very clear that she has no intention of moving. You should probably listen to her.

The Mask Maker (2:57) [2016]


Three partiers are looking for just the right terrifying mask to impress the girls on Halloween. They found them.

Time (6:41) [2013]


James, a 12-year-old, is ridiculed for his ideas on the paradoxes of time travel by his fellow classmates. Little did any of them know how important those ideas would become.

Daughter (13:51) [2002]


It's been said there are special places in hell reserved for those that commit the most heinous atrocities. Perhaps that's true.

Stereoscope (3:19) [2017]


Well, of course I've played with toys that have mysteriously appeared on my doorstep. Haven't you?

The Brain Hack (18:09) [2015]


Two college students investigate the reasons why so many have said that they've seen God throughout the ages. Not only do they appear to have solved the problem, but they believe they may be able to scientifically replicate the process.

Super (2:59) [2015]


When a creep tries to assault a young woman, he discovers she can do more than just draw doodles.

Battleground (52:47) [2006]


From a story by Stephen King, this premeire episode of the short-lived series, Nightmares & Dreamscapes, is an action packed film (with absolutely no dialogue) about an assassin who gets a curious package in the mail from his latest victim ...a toymaker.

Les liens de sang (3:25) [2014]

aka Blood Ties


This French animation has no dialogue and, besides it appearing to be about a "coming of age" birthday party, remains rather mysterious about what is happening. Doesn't matter though as the visuals and sound are absolutely mesmerizing.

The Mimic (2:08) [2016]


A boy keeps annoying his dad about being scared in the new house and wants to sleep with his parents.

House of Dolls (0:24) [2017]

Oh, look! The doll collection has a new member.

Perfect (5:25) [2015]

Everything about Lisa's one-night-stand was absolutely perfect ...except for one minor detail.

The Black Hole (2:33) [2008]


A large black circle, spontaneously printed by a copier, provides us with a humorous vision of greed.

He Lives in the Woods (2:29) [2016]


A girl at home, waiting for a friend, suddenly finds herself under attack by he who lives in the woods.

Singularity (7:38) [2015]


A military extraction team must rescue the President from a building full of mechanical warriors.

Monsters (12:29) [2015]


On her 10th birthday, a young girl - who lives with her parents and brother in an underground shelter - feels she's old enough to go outside but her family still believes she's too young to face the monsters.

Peripheral (2:29) [2017]


A psychologist is trying to treat a woman who insists there's a creature living in her peripheral vision.

2084 (3:17) [2015]


In a future, totalitarian society, computers are interrogating non-conforming humans when one human shows up who quite simply does not get it.

Laura, Lost (10:47) [2016]


Two young men go into the woods to investigate the disappearance of a girl named Laura. They may not like what they find.

The Plague (9:45) [2016]

aka La peste


A busy young woman has to constantly deal with her father wandering away from a nursing home and showing up at the house. This particular night, however, is going to be a bit different than usual.

Loop (4:53) [2016?]

A girl wakes up on her living room floor and begins investigating a tapping that seems to be coming from the basement. Who could it be?

Bleeder (2:11) [2016]


For Heaven's sake, somebody please get this woman a tampon!

Amelia (16:18) [1975]

A segment from the 1975 film, Trilogy of Terror, this little tale is about a woman who receives the mysterious gift of a Zuni Warrior fetish doll. Don't remove its neckless.

Feeding Time (12:54) [2016]

Sasha is asked to substitute babysit for a very peculiar family. Don't miss the mid-credits scene at the end. This film has no known links at the time.

The Man in the Park (4:38) [2011]


Two men discuss their observations of an obviously schizophrenic man in the park ...or are things entirely different from what it seems?

NoEnd House (14:00) [2018]


A haunted house attraction offers $500 to anyone who can find the exit. "Challenge accepted", says David.

Hunger (17:48) [2014]


A woman tries desperately to establish a fresh new start for her and her daughter, despite her daughter's appetite.

My First Day (1:06) [2016]


A young boy is super excited about going to school on his first day. After all, he's been accepted into a vary special and exclusive academy.

Octophobia (6:37) [2018]


A student finds himself under assault by huge, grotesque spider creatures.

The Quiet Zone (8:41) [2015]


A whistling stranger thoroughly irritates another bus passenger. When she gets off the bus, the stranger turns to other methods of irritation.

Momo (6:50) [2019]


A woman finds herself at war with an unknown supernatural something that has inexplicably invaded her home.

King Ripple (9:13) [2015]


It's believed that a desolate zone in a city has been given to a man who can bend reality to his will and all he wants is to be left alone. 4 teens decide to test that theory by entering the zone.

Slash-in-the-Box (4:42) [2011]


A grisly and amusing warning to not accept toys from strangers for free.

Pictures (8:16) [2015]


A woman's smart phone begins taking pictures of the near future and reveals that she may not be alone.

Point of View (8:03) [2015]


A fairly new pathologist, extremely tired and forced to work late, has a corpse who likes to move around when she's not looking.

The Hole Next Door (0:44) [2016]


Just because there's a hole in the wall doesn't mean you have to look!

PostHuman (5:46) [2012]


An awesome little futuristic sci fi animation detailing a rescue mission. I'm not one to seek out animated features but if this crew put out a movie based on this film, I'd go see it in a heartbeat.

Hidden Soldier (11:22) [2010]


What appears to be a solitary soldier on a mission to kill a German Officer may be something entirely different.

On Sunday (6:17) [2016]


A man, on a leisurely walk with his dog, becomes a privy witness to something utterly fantastic!

The Bells (7:27) [2018]


Don't you hear those bells?

Wan Mei (15:09) [2015]

aka Perfect


A man may have figured out how to create the perfect mate but he also discovers that it comes with a cost.

The Text (1:58) [2017]

A man receives texts from an unknown entity that insists it's hungry.

The Wedding Hand (3:00) [2017]


In the first episode of the Crypt TV mini-shorts series, The Look-See, a woman's precious memories causes her to hesitate in throwing away a wedding ring.
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

The Escape Route (42:45) [1969]

The third story in the original Night Gallery film features an ex-Nazi Officer and war criminal in hiding, now an alcoholic because of his unending grief at the loss of the war, finds he has an interesting talent for escape.

No known streaming links at this time.

Girl in the Photograph (2:53) [2015]

A student finds a photograph of someone who appears to be another student but no one knows who she is.

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