Short Films - July 2019

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I Know You (4:47) [2016]

A man is acosted by another who swears he knows him and knows him well. The other doesn't recall who he is ...and perhaps he shouldn't.

Bagged (4:30) [2014]

An extremely humorous story of a pair of kidnappers having a very bad evening including their abductee who simply will ...not ...shut ...up!

Larry (5:20) [2017]


Larry doesn't have any friends because he's different. Would you like to be Larry's friend?

The Guilt (10:58) [2017]

An ultimately metaphorical tale of a man, hell bent on revenge for the senseless murder of his wife, comes to understand how much of a trap guilt can become.

The Pretty Thing (4:28) [2018]

A girl finds that she can't lock the door to her cabin. As she frets over this, while texting a friend in the next room, she begins to believe that something has already gotten in.

Interview with a Time Traveler (9:47) [2014]


Depicts a rather interesting conversation with the titular character leading up to a bit of a surprise at the end.

Shatterday (22:45) [1985]


Based on a short story by Harlan Ellison, directed by Wes Craven and starring Bruce Willis, this premiere episode of the 80's era Twilight Zone is about a man who accidentally calls his own home and he answers. What follows is a rather interesting battle of dominance and will.

Distortion (14:32) [2017]


A girl passes out at a rave party. When she wakes up, she finds that everyone appears to have changed into blood thirsty monsters.

Bed Bug (4:01) [2014]

I've heard of motels having a problem with bed bugs but, Holy Crap!!

Alfred J Hemlock (14:08) [2017]


A woman, abandoned by her boyfriend and forced to walk down a dark alley, is confronted by a strange entity known as Alfred J Hemlock who attempts to convince her that life is meaningless.

Trivia Night (12:25) [2015]


A woman randomly called by a game show is told that she must answer three trivia questions if her life depended on it.

Avulsion (10:09) [2017]


The grisly and brutal services of this madam, who charges by the hour, allows her clientele to get away with murder most heinous.

Coatmaker (4:05) [2018]


Late at night, a tailor quickly learns that perhaps he should have acquired his tailoring manikins from a different source.

The Mistress Mind (2:52) [2017]


In the second episode of the Crypt TV mini-shorts series, The Look-See, a woman's failure to accept the end of an adulterous affair leads to trouble.
Episode 1
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

The Father's Hug (3:26) [2017]


The third episode of the Crypt TV mini-shorts series, The Look-See, features a father who's unable to let go the loss of his daughter.
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 4
Episode 5

Vexed (12:59) [2016]


Nick is never scared by anything he's seen in a horror movie. Perhaps something a little closer to home might spook him.

The Moonlight Man (2:42) [2016]


Who's the Moonlight Man and what's in the trunk?

The Secret Number (13:37) [2012]


A professor, confined to a psychiatric facility, is thoroughly convinced there's a whole integer 'bleem' between 3 and 4 ...and he may be right.

Night Call (23:41) [1964]


A invalid, elderly woman begins receiving phone calls in the middle of the night. At first, she believes it's a prank but the source of the calls turns out to be far more insidious.

Touched by a Demon (1:40) [2018]


A delightfully disturbing little vignette about a woman who thinks something may be wrong with her partner.

Fever Dream (1:00) [2018]

Ever had one of those dreams where you wake up and feel like you're still in a dream?

Blackwood (10:52) [2018]


A mic boom operator is recording ambient sounds in the forest when she hears something inexplicable.

Night Shift (3:46) [2017]

Episode 1 of the Crypt TV mini-short series "Hospice" features a young nurse, new on the job, starting off the night shift with a patient dying. Turns out, that's just the beginning of an eventful evening.

Stay Dead (0:17) [2015]


The shortest film in the library, so far, shows you don't need 2 hours of screen time to scare the daylights out of someone. Update: Here's a film that's even shorter - Savor.

Agatha (1:47) [2017]


Trying to take a nice relaxing bath in the comfort of your home and a malicious entity shows up. Don't you just hate that?

The Halls (3:14) [2018]


Nope, nope, nope ...time to move!

The Lonesome Thing (2:06) [2017]


In an attempt to evict the mysterious entity living in his closet, a man begins to ponder that there may be nothing in the closet to evict.

Bar Talk (7:46) [2013]


A newcomer to the bar strikes up a conversation with one of the regulars who couldn't care less. The regular could never have fathomed how this conversation was going to end.

#YoureDead (5:07) [2017]


An entity has hacked into users chat rooms and is forcing them to kill themselves in various ways.

The Interrogation (5:02) [2016]

A humorous homemade film about a very serious interrogation concerning the theft of a water bottle and a briefcase.

Scratch (14:46) [2016]


A neglected and mentally disturbed housewife becomes distressed over the intrusion of a doppleganger ...only to discover perhaps that's a good thing.

Good Business (4:13) [2017]


Selling weapons to the native inhabitants of a newly occupied planet is good business ...albeit a risky one.

Glimpse (4:23) [2019]


Not quite sure what you're seeing? Well then, put your glasses on.

Latch (3:56) [2017]


Why do parents insist on telling their kids there's nothing in the closet? They should know better by now.

Savor (0:15) [2016]


Just when I thought that Stay Dead would be the shortest film in the library, this cute little jump scare showed up.

Man Eaters (3:00) [2018]


This ones got a bit of everything - thrills, chills, action and a good dose of comedy - as we watch a pair of girls argue over a potential male prospect in a club.

Jaime (4:35) [2018]

Using a photograph of Jaime, a boy goes through some sort of blood ritual to conjure up ...something.

Seagrass (2:55) [2019]

A young woman takes it upon herself to go down to the beach and clean up some of the litter. That's not all she finds.

Heartless (12:24) [2018]

This amusing little gorefest combines the inspiration of "A Tell-Tale Heart", by Edgar Allen Poe, and the complications of being seriously disrespected by your corporate peers. How do you like your coffee? No known links to this film at this time.

Mysterious Man (3:55) [2018]


In the fourth episode of the Crypt TV mini-shorts series, The Look-See, a police woman, cleaning up after the death of 13 students in a school, has a series of strange encounters.
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 5

The Backwards Watch (4:23) [2018]


In the fifth episode, and season 1 finale, of the Crypt TV mini-shorts series, The Look-See, a previous victim of the Look-See, now in the hospital, receives some unlikely visitors.
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

Red Skies (8:04) [2016]


A very creepy film about a man who's boxing up all his belongings for a move. When a storm strikes, the man notices the skies are glowing red ...and there's something skittering around among his boxes.

Don't Look Away (9:21) [2016]


A young woman, who's house sitting at her boyfriend's residence while he's away on a trip, becomes convinced there's someone or something in the house.

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