Short Films - Auguat 2019

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Do Not (8:59) [2017]


A young man, who tends to ignore "Do Not..." signs, finds himself a party to a brutal demostration on his TV after it told him, "Do Not Watch".

A Tap At The Window (8:07) [2018]


Is that mysterious tapping at the window a cry for help or somebody that wants in?

Mira Mira (3:56) [2018]


It can be quite ironic how extreme vanity can become so ugly.

Lifelike (6:09) [2018]


A woman orders an andriod replicate of her lost love in hopes of findng closure. But her overall intentions may not be what you might expect.

One-Minute Time Machine (5:40) [2014]


A rather humorous account of the scenario that may develop when a nerd tries to pick up a beautiful woman using a one-minute time machine.

Over There (3:09) [2017]


Try to get in a bit of soccer practice with dad and an inter-dimentional rip in the space/time continuum shows up. Don't you just hate that?

Leviathan Ages (3:19) [2014]


I don't have a clue as to what's going on in this animated art piece but it sure is cool!

Seam (18:56) [2017]


At some point in the future, machines and humans are segregated but the machines are sending android bombs, that look just like normal people, into the human community ...and the androids may not even know they're not human. This is mostly the account of one that's being hunted. Awesome spec fx.

The Drawing (1:57) [2018]


I've seen some pretty impressive hyperrealistic drawings but this kid manages to draw one thats a bit too hyperrealistic.

Last Day of War (6:31) [2016]


Exquisite animation highlight this story of machines programmed to wake up and continue a war that wiped out humanity 20 years ago.

Stealing Time (17:28) [2011]


Here's your step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of a rival, effectively close a time loop and get away with it. But, what about the dogs?

The Gunfighter (8:49) [2014]


A wholly original and hysterically funny film about a gunfighter who walks into a bar. Also included in my Really Funny Stuff playlist.

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