Short Films - September 2019

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The World's Most Aggressive Telemarketer (3:26) [2019]

The title pretty much says it all. Very funny!

Strange Beasts (4:56) [2017]


Presented as an infomercial on a new augmented corneal implant that allows you to create virtual pets ...and perhaps more.

The Job (19:59) [2016]


An ultimately bizarre film about two injured, has-been professional cyclists who have a job peddling a stationary bicycle with wires attached to a wall. Even though they are instructed to just do their job and don't ask questions, one of them simply must know what's going on.

Ayuda (11:34) [2018]


If you get hired to do a job, perhaps you should stick to the job and leave your curiosity at home.

Zerogon (3:53) [2015]


A humorous and entertaining CG episode of a spiderman, on an alien landscape, rushing over to investigate a meteorite impact.

Uncanny Valley (9:00) [2015]


Is this the future of virtual reality?

Night Maere (3:45) [2017]


I have seen and reviewed a few films featuring sleep paralysis (Dead Awake, Shadow People, Mara, Be Afraid) which were all mediocre at best. At less than 4 mins, this little independent gem is more terrifying than any of them. Oh! Guess what? It has a bathtub scene!

Ark (7:34) [2017]

aka Arka


The world has been decimated by a virus and the last remaining humans are on arks. This extremely well-made animation short features a man on one of those arks who believes he may be infected. Includes a twist ending you won't see coming earning a spot on Doc's Profoundly Twisted List

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