Short Films - October - December 2019

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The World Over (17:31) [2018]


An expectant mother-to-be finds a mysterious key in the basement which leads to the discovery of parallel worlds ...with destructive results.

Cauchemar capitonne (9:04) [2016]


Taking a page out of the French extreme horror manual, this intense, Canadian film is about an inherently evil chair with an impressive level of potential destruction.

Sight (7:52) [2012]


What will dating be like when we have total access through ocular implants?

Tethers (3:33) [2016]


A short alien invasion film featuring the most savage, brutal and terrifying alien creatures I've ever seen!

Sundays (14:50) [2015]


This artistically fascinating film features the emotional and philosophical ponderings of a man in a surreal, dystopian, post-apocalyptic world caused by a massive solar flare.

Los Angeles 1991 (10:19) [2015]


A poignant look at vengeance, racism, hatred, and guns, all coming together in a small convenience store with brutal results.

Chainlink (5:58) [2019]

Are you a killer? Do killers deserve to die? Are you the one to kill them? Predictable but very well played.

The Night Delivery (15:30) [2017]


Three men attempt to burgle a house under the guise of being pizza delivery men. What they find is far bigger than what they expected.

Tears of Steel (12:13) [2012]


Forty years into a war between man and machine, a group of scientists attempt to alter an event in the past in hopes of preventing the war from beginning.

The Butterfly Effect (3:06) [2012]


A very funny, slapstick animation of a guy performing the simple task of going to the corner store to get some milk and how the simple actions of a butterfly turns his morning into absolute chaos.

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