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I Am a Hero [2015] I Am Mother [2019] I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House [2016]
I Drink Your Blood [1971] I Remember You [2017] I Spit on Your Grave [1978]
I Spit on Your Grave [2010] I Spit on Your Grave 2 [2013] I Still See You [2018]
I Think We're Alone Now [2018] I Trapped the Devil [2019] I Walked with a Zombie [1943]
I, Frankenstein [2014] I, Robot [2004] I.T. [2016]
I'll Take Your Dead [2018] The Iceman Tapes [1992-2003] Ichi the Killer [2001]
Identity [2003] Immortal [2004] Immortals [2011]
Impetigore [2019] The Impossible [2012] An Impossible Project [2020]

I Drink Your Blood [1971]

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After a bunch of wacko, demon worshiping hippies assault a girl and beat up an old man, a kid gives them meat pies injected with rabid blood. Time to party! Disregard that it's unlikely one can get rabies from eating it or that everyone becomes full blown lunatics within hours, the point is, if gives us an excuse for a totally bizarre and goofy non-stop gore fest. I'm not sure if we're witnessing inept filmmaking or the film was like this be design but it sure was fun to behold. No blood drinking but it is quite gruesome and a great example of 70's exploitation horror.

The Impossible [2012]

aka Lo imposible

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A biographical, survive-against-the-odds film about a family who were at the Orchid Resort in Thailand when the Boxing Day Tsunami hit. This is a great film for its type with fantastic acting, especially a teenage Tom Holland who supplied his role with far more depth than you'd expect. I don't normally like survival films and watched this one because of my curiosity over the event. Said event was short and sweet and the rest of the film dragged out the anguish and misery far too much for me but, if you like this type of film, it's one you'll quite likely enjoy.

I Am a Hero [2015]

aka Ai amu a hiro


A failing manga artist and a schoolgirl find themselves in a fight for survival when a zombie-type virus breaks out. Extremely exciting tour de force of action, mayhem, gore and bloodshed amidst some extremely likable characters with some real emotions. Although overly long, with a protracted climax, it certainly was never dull with exceptional pacing keeping one's attention firmly glued to the screen. They also managed to play it very seriously but without taking themselves seriously giving us a slightly bemused feel to the excessive artistic bloodshed. Super!

Impetigore [2019]

aka Perempuan Tanah Jahanam


An attack by a mysterious stranger prompts a girl to seek out the village of her birth, only to find it's inhabitants live under a terrible curse ...and it may be her fault. Likable characters and an titillating premise had me locked it for quite awhile. But then it proceeded to bore me with a story that was bland and dragged out unnecessarily. The climax and subsequent final scene struck me as silly and contrived ...might be a cultural thing. I see a lot of Asian films but few have such concise and clearly written subtitles as this one. Kudos for that. Mildly interesting.

I, Robot [2004]


In the year 2035, robots are a part of society. A detective, with a huge mistrust of robots, is called to the apparent suicide of a robotic scientist. His investigation may prove his mistrust is not without reason. Very well made and exciting high tech sci fi with great action (the robotic attack in the tunnel is awesome), super likable characters (including a robot named Sonny), a well reasoned story that makes sense and a cat. Very little to fault here and a whole bunch of fun!

The Iceman Tapes [1992-2003]

Richard Kuklinsky is known as quite possibly the most prolific mafia hit man in history with possibly well over 100 murders under his belt. The Iceman Tapes is a YouTube video compilation of the HBO shows - Conversations with a Killer, Secrets of a Mafia Hitman, and The Iceman and the Psychiatrist. The first two are mostly historical info with much of it being repetitive. The last part, centering around his psychology, is the prize with one of the most horrific interviews of evil that I've ever seen. This guy is just plain scary.

I Think We're Alone Now [2018]

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After everyone in the world appears to have simply dropped dead, a librarian takes it upon himself to bury the bodies and clean up the town. When a girl suddenly shows up, his world changes. A very personal and painfully slow character study of a man who wants to be alone and a woman who slowly withdraws him from his shell. Also has a strange and unexplained twist. Acting was excellent but I would have enjoyed this more if their relationship was more interesting and less pathetic. As it is, I couldn't wait for it to get over with.

Identity [2003]


The story revolves around a group of people trapped in a desert motel that start dying off one by one. Both the viewer and the character's in the film come to the same conclusion - this doesn't make any sense. And that's when the twist is revealed. Absolutely brilliant!! Well written with fully fleshed-out characters and exceptional acting. One of my all-time favorite, profoundly twisted films.

I, Frankenstein [2014]


200 years after Frankenstein created him, the creature is caught in the middle of an ancient war between good and evil. If I had walked into a room with this on, I probably would have asked if it was an Underworld movie. Same gothic lighting and color palette, gargoyles vs demons instead of vampires vs lycans, Michael, the half-breed, is now Adam, Frankenstein's creation and even Viktor is in it ...except he's now the head demon, Naberius. It was entertaining enough, and the FX were impressive, but absolutely nothing that stands out above all the rest.

I Remember You [2017]

aka Eg man big

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3 people travel to a remote location to renovate a house that has not been lived in for 60 years. Also, a man deals with his missing son. The acting was great, nice, haunting atmosphere, and the story held my interest despite the slow pacing that was making me antsy. The missing child story was great but I had some real problems with the other. When we discover the nature of their relationship, the idea they went willingly into isolation together is ludicrous. I'd be able to forgive that if the payoff was worth it but the whole thing just fell flat.

I Spit on Your Grave [1978]

aka Day of the Woman

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A rather vile and disgusting exploitative revenge movie which focuses on a woman being attacked and raped for about 45 minutes and then on her brutal acts of revenge. Even though this film is the inspiration, it's not nearly as imaginative as the 2010 reboot. Watch that one instead.

I Spit on Your Grave [2010]

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Reboot of the '78 film featuring a woman who exacts her revenge in the most heinous ways on her attackers. Everyone was offended by the original when it came out with many places banning it. That original is quite tame compared to this one and it's certainly not for the faint of heart or easily offended. The assault and rape may go on for 40 mins before she is left for dead but she certainly makes them pay for every minute as her revenge is visceral, brutal and mercilessly unrelenting. This is some shockingly strong stuff. Sarah Butler is fantastic!

I Spit on Your Grave 2 [2013]

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The second film, after the 2010 reboot, is actually pretty good ...just very cringing to watch. It has the usual overly extended torture and rape of a girl, this time kidnapped and brought to Bulgaria, and then, thought to be dead, she exacts her revenge in phenomenally disgusting and violent ways. Fun for the whole family. Enjoy!

I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House [2016]


A extremely neurotic nurse moves into the home of an elderly horror novelist who's fading away ...but not fast enough. I believe I've actually found the slowest movie in existence. A 15 min short story in a 90 min package, the snapshot you see here is one of the most exciting moments in the entire film. That's not a joke! Every single scene and conversation was dragged out beyond reason and common sense. Waiting for this to get over with was sheer torture, I was near weeping. The ending was expected providing no reason to sit through this misery. This was just awful!

I'll Take Your Dead [2018]

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A strange film about a man who gets rid of bodies delivered to him by gang members ...and one that happens to still be alive. Excellent character study of a daughter surrounded by death, a man who's clueless when it comes to his daughter and a woman gang banger becoming the driving force towards destruction. Somewhat simple but compelling with excellent acting. Without giving anything away, the movie seemed to unexpectedly change genres which I found jarring ...don't know if that helped or hurt the film. Interesting and above average.

I Walked with a Zombie [1943]

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What I expected was a hocky voodoo zombie movie and what I got was a very mature tragic love story. A plantation owner, in the West Indies, hires a nurse to care for his wife who is basically catatonic. The owner and nurse fall for each other. In fact, she's fallen so hard that she'll do anything to cure his wife as her gift to him ...even drag her off to voodoo rituals. It is somewhat too melodramatic for my tastes but that's to be expected for the time period and, overall, it had me hooked from start to finish. Not bad!

I Am Mother [2019]


After an extinction event, a girl is raised by a robot in a re-population facility. All is going well until another human shows up. This extremely intelligent, mature, well written sci fi deals with its subject matter realistically and poignantly. The viewer is placed squarely in the position of the girl, who in her naivety, constantly tries to separate out the truth among the lies and subterfuge, from both 'mother' and the new human, that simply does not stop, leaving us off balance and unsettled right up to the satisfying and logical climax. Fascinating!

I Trapped the Devil [2019]

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A man and his wife unexpectedly drop in for a visit with his brother on Xmas. Little did they know he's got the devil locked up in the basement. Taking the idea of The Howling Man and running with it, I can see why this isn't popular. Put 'devil' in the title and everyone's looking for a demonic fright fest. This ain't that. It's a dark, unsettling, atmospheric, psychological study of paranoia that asks the question, is that really the devil in the basement or has the brother gone full tilt bozo? Fine, understated acting, smart, logical writing, extremely suspenseful. I loved it!

I.T. [2016]

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A temp, proving his worth as an I.T. specialist, is hired permanently by the owner of the company. The tech then proceeds to integrate himself into all aspects of the owner's life. This is a typical stalker movie with nothing new and no surprises and it ends exactly as you'd expect. Pierce Brosnan did a good job and it had a few intense moments but, overall, it was just casually entertaining, at best.

Immortal [2004]

aka Immortel (ad vitam)


The God, Horus, inhabits the body of an escaped prisoner with the intention of impregnating an alien woman now on earth. This rather strange storyline matches the surreal nature of this mixed real action and computer animated film. Although I felt the dialogue really could have shown some improvement (but then, that may be a result of translating it from French), the film was quite fascinating with some awesome eye candy that had sort of an art deco / steampunk look to it. Very cool!

I Still See You [2018]

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An experiment gone awry killing thousands. The ghosts of those killed becomes a part of the lives of the living, even though they cannot interact ...or can they? I found this fascinating. The premise is quite unique (I knew nothing about the book). It's slow paced and isn't heavy on freights but the story was complex with quite a few minor twists and turns and had me fully engaged throughout. Once again, if you're going to analyze it to death, you won't like it. Just enjoy the ride, it's a good one.

Ichi the Killer [2001]

aka Koroshiya 1

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A timid man, with some substantial killing talents, is manipulated into wiping out an organized gang led by a torturous sociopath. My, what a disappointment. I've heard about this film for years, seen it in top 10 lists all over the place and I liked the prequel. But it's basically just an extreme sadomasochistic, misogynistic, gore fest (although quite inventive), interrupted by extended scenes of Ichi being tortured by his fractured psyche, making it silly and sad at the same time ...not to mention being over 2 hours long. Just didn't work that well for me.

Immortals [2011]


Story of a slave, Theseus, who gains the Eribis Bow and becomes the leader of his people in a war against the cruel and ruthless King Hyperion, who wishes to use the bow to release the Titans. Well planned out and executed story full of colorful characters that are quite easy to like (or hate), awesome warfare, action and spec fx and Mickey Rourke is very impressive playing one of the most evil psychopaths on film. Excellent entertainment and I would suggest seeing it in 3D if you have the opportunity. Very impressive!

An Impossible Project [2020]

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Dr. Florian Kaps bought Polaroid's last factory before they closed around the same time Steve Jobs was announcing the introduction of the iPhone. Why? To save the analog technology. This documentary uses this event to celebrate the fact that humans are analog and becoming a digital world may not be what's best for us. As a nerd who embraces new tech, I grew up in a analog world. When I read books, I read 'books!' I've never used a kindle. This doc highlights these disappearing treasures and the fight to keep them in a very entertaining way. Must see!

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