Profoundly Twisted Films

Profoundly twisted films. Now... what does that mean? Almost every story, book, film, etc., has some sort of twist at the end making the climax worth while and worth getting to. But I'm talking profoundly twisted! I don't mean, "I never would have guessed it was them", or, "I didn't see that coming". I'm talking about a twist that is so profound, it completely changes your perception of every thing you've seen so far essentially making it a completly different film from what you thought. Such twists are actually quire rare and hard to pull off. But when such a twist is effectively executed, it can make for a extremely entertaining experience. After all, when it comes to movies, we all liked being fooled.

Here's is my list (so far) of Profoundly Twisted Film. Care to suggest one or two films that aren't on the list, let me know. I'll be glad to check them out.

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Archive [2020]
ARQ [2016]
Arrival [2016]
The Assistant [2022]
Better Watch Out [2016]
Charade [1963]
Come True [2020]
Criminal Activities [2015]
Cypher [2002]
Delirium [2015]
Demonic [2015]
Devil's Pass [2013]
Domain [2017]
Eli [2019]
Every Time I Die [2019]
Fight Club [1999]
Final Destination 5 [2011]
Franklyn [2008]
Games [1967]
Get Out [2017]
Ghost Stories [2017]
Identity [2003]
In Darkness [2018]
Jigsaw [2017]
Memento [2000]
Memoirs of a Murderer [2017]
Open Your Eyes [1997]
The Other [1972]
The Others [2001]
The Perfection [2018]
The Prestige [2006]
Primal Fear [1996]
Psycho [1960]
Saw [2004]
Saw II [2005]
Saw III [2006]
Saw IV [2007]
Searching [2018]
Shutter Island [2010]
The Sixth Sense [1999]
The Standoff at Sparrow Creek [2018]
The Super [2017]
Ten Little Indians [1965]
The Usual Suspects [1995]
Volition [2019]

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