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The Quake [2018] Quarantine [2008] Quarantine 2: Terminal [2011]
The Quatermass Xperiment [1955] The Queen of Black Magic [2019] Queen of Spades [2021]
The Quick and the Dead [1995]
The Quiet Earth [1985] A Quiet Place [2018] A Quiet Place Part II [2021]

Queen of Spades [2021]

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Using the Bloody Mary, Candyman, conjuring-someone-from-the-mirror premise, this one calls up an evil wench known as the Queen of Spades. Being as this had lousy ratings and a low budget, I wasn't expecting much. And, perhaps that's the reason I liked it better than I thought I would. It's not a well made film, the story is quite familiar, doesn't offer anything we haven't seen before and has plenty of weak points that one could nit pick over. But, I found myself hooked and, overall, generally entertained. Just don't expect anything and you might like it.

The Queen of Black Magic [2019]

aka Ratu Ilmu Hitam


Some folks return to the orphanage they grew up in as the head of the house is dying. Little did they know how eventful their visit would be. Full of some really intense visuals that'll knot your stomach and stick in your head, this is a great creepfest that, unfortunately, keep losing it's speed with a lot of slow paced extended scenes. But that's probably just me. Overall, good story, well written, excellent acting, no stupidity and crafted exceptionally well. Indonesian horror at it's gnarliest. Sam Raimi seen nodding his head in approval.

The Quatermass Xperiment [1955]

aka The Creeping Unknown


Dr. Quatermass' experiment is to send three men 1500 miles into space and back. Upon its return two of the men have disappeared and the third ain't feeling so good. Putting aside the overacting that you'd expect in a '50's thriller, this is really an engaging film that's sort of a cross between The Fly and The Blob. Using people's reactions and the aftermath of a situation rather than try to create cheesy effects was a nice touch and when they did use effects, they were done fairly well ...especially considering they're nearly 70 years old on a low budget.

The Quiet Earth [1985]

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A man wakes up to find that everyone else has disappeared. This interesting, New Zealand film, follows this man's personal journey, as well as the few others he meets, making it a fairly good and enjoyable character study. It's also quite dated in the respect that we've seen so many variations on the story by now that are so much better, this is sort of bland. I can understand it's cult following and some are going to love this film. I found it good, and the reason they're alone was unique, it just wasn't particularly my cup of tea.

The Quake [2018]

aka Skjelvet

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Our hero from The Wave is back. This time, wracked with guilt believing he could have saved more. After reviewing some notes from a former colleague, he now believes that Oslo is in store for a monster quake. Once again, the film focuses on its characters, especially on his psychological dilemma of believing something's coming or, perhaps, he's just seeing disasters in everything based on his previous trauma. The quake itself is short and sweet but the heroics afterwards are extremely acrophobic. Fairly good entertainment.

A Quiet Place [2018]


A deeply personal and excruciatingly tense story of a family struggling to survive in a farm house surrounded by savagely violent creatures who attack at the slightest sound. Even when the family is going about their highly practiced daily routine, the tension never goes away ...the childbirth scene is the most nerve wracking I've ever seen. I had a couple logic problems with it but, no matter. This is good stuff and I thought the ironic ending was quite unique.

A Quiet Place Part II [2021]


After an intense opening, depicting the initial day of the invasion, this film picks up just after the events of the first film as they realize they must move on. Maintaining a level of anxiety from start to finish, it rarely lets you relax and catch your breath. Sometimes diverting into separate story lines, the masterful editing would bring all of them together into coordinated and extreme climaxes only to start over and do it again. The acting was stellar, especially Millicent Simmonds who really stole the show. A top notch thriller I will not soon forget. Awesome!

Quarantine [2008]


Read my review on the Spanish film, [REC]. Except for a few minor variations, this is practically a direct American copy. But a really good copy, nonetheless. [REC] was incredibly spontaneous and realistic. With so many familiar faces in this one, it had more the feel of a dramatization for the first hour or so but after the chaos kicked in, it was just as effective. If you're unfamiliar and you want to see the best version, I would still recommend [REC] in Spanish with English subtitles but this one is certainly a worthy substitute.

Quarantine 2: Terminal [2011]


While the situation in the L.A. apartment building is unfolding in the first film, a flight is departing LAX. It's not long before we find out someone's infected and an emergency landing leaves the passengers quarantined in a baggage terminal. This was an exciting and worthy entry in the series. Not as strong as the first film or the excellent [REC] franchise but certainly better than the ratings it's getting. The people behaved normally, albeit they were more a caricature than character, but not a whole lot of stupid going on. Pluses for that.

The Quick and the Dead [1995]


$123,000 is up for grabs to the last person standing in a gunfighter contest in a small, lawless town. An entertaining western that I thought would be far more entertaining. Once the premise is set, the end of the contest is obvious and inevitable so it just becomes a matter of what happens in between. In this case, not a whole lot. It was fun watching all the big names that show up in this film back when they were much younger ...DiCaprio was 21. Overall, an excellent example of exactly what you'd expect and nothing more.

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