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Tiger House [2015] Tigerland [2000] Tigers Are Not Afraid [2017]
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To Catch a Killer [2023]
To Live and Die in L.A. [1985] Tokyo Ghoul [2017] Tokyo Ghoul: 'S' [2019]
Tokyo Gore Police [2008] Tomb Raider [2018] Tombstone [1993]
The Tomorrow War [2021] Toolbox Murders [2004] Top Secret! [1984]
The Tortured [2010] The Touch of Her Flesh [1967] The Tourist [2010]
Tourist Trap [1979] The Town [2010] The Town That Dreaded Sundown [2014]
The Toxic Avenger [1984] Traffik [2018] Tragedy Girls [2017]
Train to Busan [2016] Traitor [2008] Transit [2012]
Trapped [2002] Tread [2020] Tremors [1990]
Tremors II: Aftershocks [1996] Triangle [2009] Trick 'r Treat [2007]
The Trip [2010] The Trip to Italy [2014] Triple Frontier [2019]
Triple Threat [2019] Trollhunter [2010] Trouble Every Day [2001]
True Story [2015] Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain [2018] Truth or Dare [2018]

To Catch a Killer [2023]


A beat cop, with a troubled past, and an FBI man hunter, embroiled in a political war, must find a sniper who killed 29 people during New Years Eve celebrations. Shailene Woodley & Ben Mendelsohn are fantastic in this tense, extremely well-written drama. Not so much a crime thriller but more a dark, deeply personal character study with spot-on dialog and characterizations that deal on a psychological level that not many other films achieve. Occasionally projecting a vibe similar to Se7en, this was an excellent watch I would highly recommend.

Tina [2021]


An extensive and incredibly personal biography of Tina Turner's meteoric rise from adversity and abuse to one of the biggest names in the music business. Unfortunately, it spends most of its time discussing her horrible relationship with Ike providing very sparse room in its 2+ hour presentation for little else. It's really going to depend on what you want out of it. If you're there for the personal success over adversity story, this is it in spades and you'll love it. If you're interested more in the music side of her career, skip it. Besides a few live clips, there's little here.

Tombstone [1993]


Except for the time sequence of some events and minor changes among the characters involved, this is an historically accurate account of the events within the Earp family, and Wyatt's friend, Doc Holliday, in Tombstone, before, during and after the O.K. Corral shootout. It's very exciting with fantastic pacing, great gunfights and lots of colorful characters. The dynamics of the relationships with the principals really sold the fact that they were brothers and Val Kilmer as the ailing Doc Holliday was awesome. Both great historical and fun entertainment.

Tremors [1990]


The tiny desert town of Perfection is attacked by huge, disgusting sand worms. When I first saw the trailer for this film, I thought, "Oh, I want to see that!" Over 30 years later, I finally got around to it ...and it was worth the wait. The creatures were slimy, gnarly, gross and sufficiently terrifying enough to have carried the movie on their own to certain extent. But what makes this movie shine is fully formed, supremely likable and colorful characters full of personality, wit and humor that never lets you take it seriously despite the goop. Supreme entertainment.

Tremors II: Aftershocks [1996]


A fun follow-up to Tremors, this one has Earl reluctantly hired to kill a new bunch of graboid worms in Mexico that soon develop into something else. Obviously lacking the budget of the original starring only a few characters (including a new partner that was a terrible substitute for Kevin Bacon) and the story is really simple and straight forward. But the witty and campy attitude of the whole affair as well as a good twist on the creatures, active pacing and a good dose of creature gore, made for a zany and humorous good time. Grab the popcorn and some bon-bons!

Till Death [2021]

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A man handcuffs himself to his wife and then blows his brains out ...and the rest of the film made just about as much sense. The characters in this film weren't particularly likable so I really didn't care about any of them. Practically every moment of the film was driven by bad decisions and silly choices making it all very contrived and the setup was terribly implausible. As a result, as I said, it didn't make a whole lot of sense. Had a few tense moments but, overall, I'd rather have spent time watching something else. And you should, too.

The Tomorrow War [2021]


Soldiers from 30 years in the future show up to tell us they need our help in a war with an alien race ...and we are losing. Everything about this film works on so many levels. The characters are great, the events are logical and smart, the action is exciting and they even take a moment to explain a couple of common plot holes that appear in practically every time travel film. But the monsters are the real star. Extremely few creatures have graced the screen with this level of raw, savage brutality that literally makes one's eyes bug out in terror. Simply awesome!

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain [2018]

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This informative and enlightening documentary on blockchain technology is something everyone should see. I would like to stress, however, that it is not an explanation as to how blockchain and cryptocurrency works, but rather it's impact and feasibility in today's world. Showing us both the pros and cons of blockchain technology, I felt it presented it in a very unbiased manner and piques ones interest to look further. For example: who would you like to control all aspects of your wealth ...a bank or you? Now you can ...but is that what you should do? Watch it!

The Trip [2010]

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Two friends go on a road trip to review a number of restaurants throughout England. Although presented as a fiction, there's no writing credits as it's nearly all improvised by our two leads, Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon, playing themselves making this simply a vehicle to give them a reason to travel together and just let them go. Playing the polar opposites of the happy family man vs someone in full mid-life crisis with both having a fondness for superb food, impressions, and poetry, there friendship is heartfelt, amusing and, sometimes, LOL hilarious.

The Trip to Italy [2014]

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Our two explorers and food critics travel through Italy for a week. Neither my wife nor I liked this one quite as much as the first film. They seemed to annoy each other far more often (as well as just being annoying at times) and the role change to their opposites from the first film was a mistake. I know they were trying to mix things up but what worked in the first film felt awkward in this one. However, it was still fun, and funny, we spend time with more people, the photography is gorgeous and all that luscious cuisine food was making me salivate like a hungry stray.

Tokyo Gore Police [2008]

aka Tokyo zankoku keisatsu

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Film centers around Ruka, as a member of the privatized Tokyo police force and star Engineer hunter. Engineers sprout weapons when wounded. The title pretty much says is all ...gore, gore, fountains of blood that spew like fire hoses, and more gore. Oh, did I mention gore? Terribly goofy and totally insane, it can't be taken seriously for a second. Incredibly creative and imaginative, the make up is fantastic. However, the photography, direction and editing made it all come off as really sloppy ...besides the gore. Good fun, though!

Tokyo Ghoul [2017]

aka Tokyo guru


After receiving organs from a ghoul, a young man finds himself stuck in the middle between ghouls and humans. Easily 40 mins too long (especially considering it took nearly and hour and a half for our protagonist to stop being a wuss and fight back), it was still an entertaining film. The characters were likable and you cared about them. The fight scenes were fine and the spec fx were good ...although I expected something more out of them. It did get lost, at times, in its moral philosophy but overall, not a bad watch.

Tokyo Ghoul: 'S' [2019]

aka Tokyo guru 'S'


A ghoul, known as a Gourmet for his discerning tastes, causes problems. The opening promises a bloody good ride to come. Then someone switched channels over to a supremely lengthy melodrama with extended scenes of sappy sentimen-
tality and dime store philosophizing to the point of despair. Our protagonist is, once again, a milquetoast wimp throughout most of the film ...apparently learning nothing from the first film. Even though they're mutants, they don't use there abilities till the end of a dismally slow, badly choreographed, 30 min climax.

Traffik [2018]


A real estate friend lets a couple use a gorgeous home, in the hills of El Dorado County, California, for a weekend getaway. On the way, a minor altercation at a gas station turns into an all out siege. I really wanted to like this film but there's just nothing new here ...and what there is isn't particularly good. They spent far too much time pandering to our emotions and forcing the personal lives of the protagonists down our throat with hugs and giggles and personal stuff that wasn't really necessary leaving little room for some good thrills. Marginally entertaining.

Tigers Are Not Afraid [2017]

aka Vuelven


Estella, who's mother has gone missing, is given three wishes as she joins a group of orphans on the run after the killing of a gang member. Taking place almost exclusively amongst the orphans, this is a very poignant and heartfelt story of devastation, loss, friendship and bravery, with supernatural overtones ...as well as being careful what you wish for. The kids were fantastic in their roles making their characters fully believable, making the circumstances all the more tragic. Overall, not my usual type of movie but extremely well made and worth the watch.

Tread [2020]

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On June 4, 2004, Marvin Heemeyer used a steel armored bulldozer to lay waste to several properties in the Colorado town of Grandy ...because he was angry and God told him it was the right thing to do. An extremely well structured documentary that starts by showing you what a great guy he was and the things the town did to bring him down making us sympathize. But as the story unfolds, it's apparent that he's sliding into obsession and paranoia over a 13 year period culminating in a devastating act of vengeance over perceived wrongs. Great human study!

The Toxic Avenger [1984]

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A dysfunctional nerd, who works in a health club as a mop boy, gets exposed to nuclear toxic waste and is transformed into a grotesque monster who goes on to become a hero. Totally campy, silly, gross, and, at times, downright stupid, it's entertaining simply because it's so utterly without shame. Over-the-top, outrageous performances by everyone. The fast food restaurant scene was wonderfully goofy. I can't say I liked the movie but, try as I might, I just can't say that I hated it, either.

Time Lapse [2014]

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An apartment manager and his two roommates investigate an apartment where it seems the occupant has disappeared. Inside they find a machine that takes photographs of their living room 24 hours into the future. I had trouble wrapping my head around this one in a logical sense but that's the point. Does the camera really show the future or is everyone planning their actions to insure they duplicate the photo? Excellent twisted ending leaving you wondering if they really could have changed things or are future events, once photographed, immutable?

Traitor [2008]

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Great movie except...**SPOILER ALERT** Why would a super intelligent guy who's managed to get deep under cover with one of the world's more dangerous terrorist cells suddenly decide to go see his sister when he knows she's being watched. That's just stupid and makes absolutely no sense. If it wasn't for this bit of idiocy, I would have rated this film much higher.

Tiger House [2015]

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A girl sneaks into her boyfriend's house on a night when the house is invaded by thieves. Now it's up to her to save the day. Pretty much what you'd think. Some of the scenarios dragged on a bit too long going from tense suspense to 'get on with it'. The girl's behavior was fickle ...first she's fighting, then she's acting like she's helpless. Far too many moments where she hides 'just in the nick of time'. That gimmick got old. And others did illogical things, as well. It was ok for what it was despite the occasional lack of logic.

Tomb Raider [2018]


Laura goes to a remote island to find her dad and raid a tomb. A very well-made film of mediocrity. There's nothing in the dialogue that's engrossing, absolutely no humor, the action, although well done (if you don't mind the super shaky camera work) is cliche and quite often contrived with nothing original. Most of the best stunts are in the trailer, including the 'leaping the abyss' gag 3 times. Story is very old with no surprises. Acting is competent but doesn't stand out. Overall, fun day at the movies if you go to the bargain matinee. Otherwise, you're paying too much.

Train to Busan [2016]

aka Busanhaeng

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A work-driven funds manager is forced to take his daughter, by train, to Busan to drop her off at her mom's when the zombie apocalypse breaks out. Zombie movies are a dime a dozen, these days. So, it's amazing that we still get some that stand out above the rest. Case in point, this film. It presents a hopeless and horrifying onslaught of the undead in the claustrophobic confines of a train, with really no where to go, and a realistic portrayal of what may be necessary to survive. Filled with action and emotion, it'll make your cheer and it'll break your heart.

The Touch of Her Flesh [1967]


A B&W sexploitation film about a guy who, in a panic after seeing his wife with another man, gets hit by a car. Afterwards, he becomes deranged and kills strippers and hookers. This entire story makes up about 15 minutes of the film. The rest is various women stripping. It's so low budget that it was filmed without sound and the music/dialogue was dubbed in later. Regardless, it did have an surreal and crudely artistic look about it and I actually found it enjoyable to a certain degree. Certainly wasn't boring.

The Tourist [2010]


British Intelligence is following a woman who they think will lead them to an illusive international criminal. When she befriends a tourist on a train, everyone, including a gangster, believes it's him. Chaos ensues. This is a rather light thriller appropriate for even young teens ...as long as there's no objection to a couple naughty words. I think they spent far too much time on the budding romance and the serious parts didn't really strike me as serious enough to illicit much danger. It was fun, though, with a clever ending.

True Story [2015]


Biopic about a man accused of killing his entire family and a disgraced reporter chronicling the trial for a book. This is an intense emotionally powerful journey into the minds of the accused and the accursed. Both James Franco's performance, going from the misunderstood innocent man to a pathologically narcissistic manipulator, and Jonah Hill, as the trusting reporter who is metaphorically taken for a ride, are fantastic. And the scene with Felicity Jones giving the murderer a piece of her mind is emotionally powerful and absolutely priceless.

Truth or Dare [2018]


A game of truth or dare, started in the ruins of an old mission in Mexico, takes on some very serious proportions. After watching the trailer, the movie turned out to be exactly what I expected. However, the story progressed in a logical, intelligent manner, people were acting as you would expect, and they did a great job of shocking the viewer without any blatant violence ...nary a drop of blood to be seen. I thought the ending was hokey but, bad ratings be damned, this is a well made film, a lot of fun and I enjoyed it.

Tourist Trap [1979]

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5 young people stumble upon a small wax museum out in the middle of nowhere when they venture off the main highway ...a detour that becomes a fight for survival. Typical slasher film for the time period, with the usual campy cliches, bad acting and dialogue and terrible music, which was actually quite entertaining. It has a good twist that was a complete surprise, although, in retrospect, I should have seen it coming. Things slowed down after the reveal and the climax was rather ho hum but overall, a bit above average for it's genre and generally fun.

Triple Threat [2019]

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Taking place in SE Asia, it really doesn't matter what the plot is as it's just one action sequence after another involving guns, martial arts, threatening and a lot of machismo. The fights had fairly good choreography and were fun to watch. As far as the gun fights... massive amounts of firepower does make things exciting but it didn't appear that anyone could hit the side of a barn with a machine gun if it kicked them in the butt. I didn't quite understand people's motivations in some places but all in all, fun, exciting, fighting, shoot 'em up popcorn movie.

The Town [2010]


Reminiscent of one of my favorite films, Heat, we have a group of thieves committing bank and armored car robberies in Charlestown and some FBI guys trying to stop them. In that, it was great ...well depicted with exceptional characters, great action and a well told story. The problem for me was the main plot line of one of the thieves starting an intimate relationship with a hostage from the first bank robbery in the film. Try as I might, I just could not get by how ludicrous that is. Maybe I'm too logical but that makes no sense. Still a good movie, though.

Triple Frontier [2019]


5 ex-special forces buddies plan to raid a drug lord's residence in Brazil, killing him and taking his multi-million dollar fortune. The film is a great example of how quickly and badly things can go wrong amidst sudden irrational greed. The action was exceptionally good but the film is far more a struggle for survival and a study of the men and their constant conflict between their moral ambiguities and their personal demons. Although the ending was very sweet and noble, I felt it was really quite unrealistic. But, overall, good acting, good story, good film.

Tigerland [2000]


Sort of a Cool Hand Luke in boot camp, the story is about Private Bozz going through training before going to Vietnam in 1971 ...something of which he does not want to do. Performances, dialogue and direction are excellent. However, the story isn't really much more than a character study of life in boot camp and we only spend a half hour in a special training camp called Tigerland. Less of what's here and more of something else would have been nice.

Transit [2012]


Thieves stash $4 million from an armored car robbery on an SUV of a family going camping so they can get it through a road block. Getting it back should be easy enough, right? Wrong! Despite a couple of really blatantly stupid plot devices - like destroying an essential cell phone in frustration (Seriously?) and a muscle car being completely silent to pull off a stunt - this movie turned out to be an intense, high-action thriller that kept me engaged throughout. Excellent performances by Jim Caviezel and James Frain.

The Time Machine [2002]


After the tragic death of his fiance, a man builds a time machine to go back and stop her death. When he fails to save her, he travels to the future to find out why but accidentally shoots forward over 800 millennia. Based on the novel by H.G. Wells and quite similar to the 1960 version, this one had a few twists to mix things up that I felt worked pretty well and, although the ending left me a bit mystified, it turned out to be rather good entertainment.

Toolbox Murders [2004]


The tenants of an aging apartment building are being killed with various tools. It's really too bad that the first and second half of this movie were in the same film. The first half consists of two murders and about 45 min of watching the activities of a bunch of really uninteresting people. Then there's a bit of a twist in the plot and the second half turned out to be pretty good. So, the first half was the setup. Ok, but it would have been nice to make it more interesting. I was ready to turn it off.

Trick 'r Treat [2007]


Five interwoven stories taking place on Halloween in a town where they take All Hallows Eve very seriously. This Bryan Singer Produced movie was quite fun, done in a comic books style much like Creepshow. In fact, it's much closer to what you'd expect as a "Creepshow" sequel then either of the original sequels. Equal parts gore and humor make for a very entertaining ride and the way the stories were connected with each other was enjoyable, as well. Don't forget to follow the holiday rules! Never, ever forget!!

The Tortured [2010]


A psychopath tortures a young child and the parents want revenge. This is an extremely painful film to watch ...and I'm not just talking about the torture. First they shove the child abduction down our throat for over half an hour. Then we watch the contrived actions of characters that would only exist in a script as they wishy washy their way through some truly sadistic and tortuous activity that no normal person would partake in regardless of the circumstances. The ending "twist" was an obvious and complete non-surprise. Poorly written nonsense.

Triangle [2009]

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A group of friends go sailing, get caught in a freak storm and end up on a seemingly deserted ship. Then things get really weird. One of my favorite films, it's a masterwork of time line complexities that's really underappreciated by most on their first viewing due to justifiable confusion. But I've watched it at least 6 times and it's better with every viewing; I learn something new each time and, as complex as it is, I've yet to find a error in the story line. Brilliantly written and phenomenally well structured, this thriller is unlike any other. Here's a clue: Think Sisyphus.

Trouble Every Day [2001]

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Two doctors and their wives, sex, cannibalism, and a maid. Beyond that, I don't have a clue as to what is going on in this so-called sensual French art film. Excruciating slow, I sped through much of it as I didn't find extended scenes of making a bed or cleaning a bathroom or someone riding around in a taxi to be grand entertainment. There wasn't a single person in this film that acted like a normal human being. Oh, it must take place in another reality, right? Am I close? Yes? No? I give up!

Titicut Follies [1967]

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This documentary of life inside the Bridgewater State Hospital Massachusetts was banned to the general public until 1991. It's incredibly disturbing on many levels. Although it depicts a lot of abuse (more subtle than overt), I think it's the complete lack of respect given to the inmates by people who don't really have a clue on how to deal with their condition that was really upsetting. The absolute lack of narrative gives the viewer the choice of deciding the morality of all this ...or lack thereof. Bleak stuff.

Top Secret! [1984]


From the creators of Airplane comes a comedy with a similar style featuring an American rock artist who gets wrapped up in a war between East German fascists and the Resistance. Irreverent, silly, corny, and extremely punny, this film is just good fun. Val Kilmer's musical performances as the rock star with everybody dancing and Omar Sharif's performance as a crushed car are hilarious and priceless. Get some popcorn and laugh awhile.
Trapped [2002]


A wealthy couple's daughter is kidnapped in an elaborate plot that may not be as it seems. Joe (Kevin Bacon) terrorizing the mother (Charlize Theron) for most of the film makes your skin crawl and was becoming a bit too uncomfortable for a bit too long. But then things started to subtly change and twist leading to a climax that was absolute total chaos. Excellent performances by everyone, especially Charlize, Kevin and Courtney Love. Good stuff.

The Tingler [1959]

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A strangely unique and goofy creature feature, from the Horror Gimmick King, William Castle, about a doctor (played with all seriousness by Vincent Price) that believes extreme fear can manifest itself into a living creature that can crush your spine and only your screams can stop it. Also features one of the first, if not THE first, LSD trip onscreen. With such an original idea, you can't help but like it and, even with the cheesy creature effects, it's really quiet effective in what it's trying to do. Grab your date, get some popcorn and enjoy!

The Town That Dreaded Sundown [2014]

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In 2013, a copycat of the Phantom Killer (who terrorized the residents of Texarkana in 1946) is attempting to replicate the murders in the film The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976) based on those killings. Points for an original twist on a reboot. Otherwise, it's pretty much just a serial killer mystery. What sets it a step above average is the lead characters are thoroughly likable which, when you're not presenting anything original, is extremely important. Overall, well made and entertaining.

Trollhunter [2010]

aka Trolljegeren

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A Norwegian found footage film about a man whose job with the government is to control the troll population and a film crew of students coming along for the ride. This movie was quite interesting and enjoyable for the first half when the first troll is revealed. After that, however, the film just became redundant with a lot of riding around in the car with characters which weren't that interesting and the occasional troll hunt which got old pretty quickly for me. Impressive troll effects, ok film.

To Live and Die in L.A. [1985]


A Treasury agent will stop at nothing to bring down a master counterfeiter who killed his partner ...and his new partner is scared to death. This is a tense crime drama with a good story, great pacing, a shocking event that'll take the viewer completely be surprise and one of the best car chases ever filmed. It was also fun to watch William Petersen and Willem Dafoe in early roles before anyone knew them. Seems a bit dated today but still holds up well. Great, exciting entertainment.

Tragedy Girls [2017]

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Sadie and McKayla have become sadistic, psychopathic serial killers to gain followers online as the "Tragedy Girls" and they capture a real serial killer. Considering this film could easily have been a disaster, it's perfectly tuned for its title characters making them incredibly likable despite the slaughter ...as viewers, we cheer them on and hope they get away with it. Kudos for not wasting time on an origin story as to how they became uncaring executioners and just getting on with it. Great writing, acting, pacing, highly amusing and grossly entertaining.

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