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Hellraiser X: Judgment [2018] Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful [2020] Her [2013]
Herbert West: Re-Animator [2017] Here Alone [2016] Here Comes the Devil [2012]
Hereditary [2018] Hero [2002] Herschell Gordon Lewis: Godfather... [2010]

Hellbender [2021]

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A witch's coming-of-age story centered around a mother and daughter who live isolated in the woods. A slow burn that centers almost exclusively on the dynamics of their relationship; the teen daughter learning her powers and the mother trying desperately to curtail the destruction that may bring. Honestly portrayed, you fully understand each of their positions and the love they have for each other despite the coming apocalypse. Con: I know music's subjective but I'm glad it had subtitles and I had a mute button. Phew! I liked it quite a bit, though.

Halloween Party [2019]

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A meme begins to appear on computers asking people to confess their greatest fear ...or die by it. Proves that a shoestring budget should not be an excuse for making a bad film. Although starting out like some sort of Halloween prank, this film ended up going to some unexpected and extremely dark places. Expertly crafted and well paced, the low budget look of the film - including the understated acting and lack of in-your-face frights - gave it a realism that a lot of expensive films can't grasp. Had me thoroughly hooked from start to finish. Kudos!

He Never Died [2015]


An immortal, who is desperately attempting to have a normal, mundane life, finds himself the target of a gang. Time to clean up the mess. Henry Rollins is absolutely stellar as a guy who's really upset about being forced to care about anyone or anything while getting shot, stabbed, beaten and violently inconvenienced throughout. Bloody and brutal, the movie is full of sardonic wit that never really lets you take it too seriously and the story is logical, the characters are a joy to watch and the incredible pacing makes this film an extremely fun ride. Bingo!

Head [1968]


This film featuring The Monkees is quite an interesting view. Jumping willy nilly from song to vignette and loaded with social commentary, it is solidly a product of its time. What amazes me is even with graphic pictures of the Vietnam War, adult themes, sex and drug use references and a modicum of light violence, this film is rated G? Someone wasn't paying attention that day. Be that as it may, if you're looking for coherence, a story or a point, you won't find it here. What you will find is an amusing cultural and psychedelic snapshot of the 60's that's sorta fun.

Hardcore Henry [2015]

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Shown entirely from the viewpoint of our protagonist, this 'first person shooter' movie requires no plot summary as it's superfluous. Strictly a one-trick pony doing their absolute best to simulate a video game come to life that will probably simply irritate non-gamers and make FPS gamers want to go play rather than watch. Beside the constant assault on the senses, we have a lame story with silly, inane and obnoxious dialogue delivered by utterly unlikable people in an failed attempt to make it campy and funny. It's certainly not boring but only mildly enjoyable.

Hero [2002]

aka Ying xiong

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This is one of those films where I do not agree with the general consensus at all. Take out the fight scenes and this would have taken 10 mins. A conversation between an assassin and an emperor had to be interrupted every couple of lines to present us with a protracted, incredulous fight scene, like a visual aid, that defied all known laws of physics, like they have superpowers, making the fights just silly. And the story kept changing ...oh, we made that fight up. Here's the real fight. Oops, fooled you again. Ha, ha. Yeah, I'm lost. Beautifully photographed, though.

Hara-Kiri [1962]

aka Harakiri / Seppuku

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A Ronan requests the honor of killing themselves in another clan's court. But what is he really up to? This authentically historical movie is basically all dialogue (which is good as the fight scenes were badly choreographed) but it still had me fully engaged for the first half as the two main players parried philosophically through their respective stories. However, the second half was dragged out dismally slow in both content and story progression and, after all that, the final sequence is anti-climactic and rather pointless. For history and art film lovers.

The Heiress [2021]

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After the death of Nana, a woman, who has epilepsy issues, begins seeing ghosts ...and no one believes her. I'm not a big fan of the "someone experiences supernatural events and no one believes them" gimmick unless it's resolved quickly or the story progresses. But, in this case, they took that old horror trope and ran with it for over an hour; woman's haunted, no one believes her, the same repetitive unresolved arguments, repeat until we get to the climax ...which was only marginally explained or resolved. Nothing scary to speak of. Acting was good.

Hell House LLC [2015]

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A mockumentary surrounding a tragic event at a haunted house attraction that left several people dead. Told through a series of 'found footage' tapes, we witness the activities or our crew setting up the house for opening day. I found the crew to be rather obtuse and irritating at times but I held my judgment in hopes of a stupendous climax which they were going out of their way to promise ...as well as provide us with a few good scares in the process. Was the climax worth it? Sorta. It's hard to see what's happening but I was OK with it. Pretty good spookfest.

Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel [2018]

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8 years after the Hell Night incident depicted in the first movie, as well as a lot of disappearances, a film crew tries to unravel the mystery of what's going on at The Abaddon Hotel ...with predictable results. Things play out exactly as you'd expect with a whole lot of miscasting and bad acting that made me really want to turn it off a couple times but I stuck with it. No surprises or twist endings and nothing new to the story. The reason I gave a mediocre score as it did have some genuinely good creepy moments and a few jump scares that were quite shocking.

Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful [2020]

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A interesting biographical documentary on the work of photographer Helmut Newton who's work has been described from a unique vision of the female form to misogynistic trash ...and he couldn't care less. Kudos to this film for finding the perfect balance between biography and showing us a good deal of his art and vision, which I found intriguing and fascinating. Despite the sometimes risque subjects of his photos, everyone loved modeling for him stating that his wit, charm and vision never made them feel uncomfortable or vulgar. Remarkable artist.

Hellboy [2004]

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Details the origins of our demon hero Hellboy and his fight against Rasputin, who intends to open a portal to release horrific cosmic beings into the world. Unlike most, I'm not a big fan of Guillermo del Toro. However, his writing and direction shines in the Hellboy series. Ron Perlman's portrayal of the wisecracking 'Big Red', and his love for cats, is spot on and everyone else plays their characters to perfection. The action is exciting and kept on a humorous level, the creatures are appropriately slimy and the spec fx are eye boggling. Great stuff!

Hellboy II: The Golden Army [2008]


An elven prince is on a quest to find the pieces of a crown that will allow him to destroy mankind by controlling an indestructible army. This one didn't grab me as much as the first film ...or even the reboot. Visually it's just as stunning (there's a troll marketplace that puts the Cantina scene in Star Wars to shame) and the action is fine, although not as stunning as expected. There seems to be a lot of padding in this one with a lot of character interaction that does little to progress the story. The humor wasn't very witty, as well. It was good, just not great.

Haunt [2019]


A Halloween flier points a group of students towards an extreme haunted house that's far more extreme than they figured. No motive as to why this is happening but regardless, this is a pretty good slasher film. The character's were generally likable and intelligent, the antagonists were creepy and lethal, the kills were sufficiently gruesome, and a good deal of imagination went into this making one wonder what's next. Editing wasn't clean, injuries had little effect on people and the sound goes from whispers to blasting but, nevertheless, this was really quite fun!

Hangman [2017]

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A serial killer using the game of Hangman as his MO, calls out 2 detectives in particular; a detective who has recently lost his wife to a murder and a retired detective. The movie centers around these two detectives trying to stop the murders while also trying to figure out why the killer's focusing on them. All in all, this was a pretty standard hunt for a serial killer with nothing new or special. The acting was good and the story was fine but pretty run of the mill.

Hellraiser [1987]

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Frank opens the box and gives in to the ultimate experiences of pain and pleasure incurring the wrath of the Cenobites. With just a bit of blood, Frank is trying to come back ...and the Cenobites don't like that. With 10 movies in the franchise, and counting, this is still by far the best with Hellraiser II a close second. Main reason being Clive Barker (writer/director) established that this had little to do with hell and far more to do with the primal and grotesque instinct in some of us to experience it all, despite consequences worse than death. Brilliant film!

Hellraiser II: Hellbound [1988]

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Directly following the events in the first film, a doctor has an obsessive need to resurrect Julia and enter into the world of the Cenobites ...a place of horrors unimagined. Christy just wants to find her father. Not quite as good as the first but only because the first is more grounded in our reality. This one spends much of its time in another world that is somewhat cheap looking and lacking in authenticity but psychologically twisted enough to be quite surreal and disturbing. Gorier than the first one, by far.

Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth [1992]


Not as profoundly or psychologically horrific as the first two as this one centers around Pinhead's attempt to make the whole world suffer and a reporter's attempt to stop him. Unfortunately, it makes the blasphemous mistake of changing the Cenobites from extra-dimensional beings of extreme experience into simply demons from hell and sort of forgot the whole Hellraiser mythos. Still rather grisly and perverse in it's own special way with parts of it sliding a bit over into the silly side. Not bad, though.

Hellraiser IV: Bloodline [1996]


This is an odd one. In 2127, a direct descendant of the original puzzle box maker has now developed a space craft to trap Pinhead and friends and close the door to hell permanently. Several different time periods are covered and I liked how everything played out. It was also nice to get back to the roots of what the Cenobites were rather than just demons to run away from. Acting wasn't great but then the series has never been known for award winning performances. Yeah, I liked it.

Here Comes the Devil [2012]

aka Ahi va el diablo

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Two kids go missing on a family outing only to show up the next morning ...or is it really them? Nothing much happens in this film. It's certainly not scary or threatening and the characters are ho hum, at best. The biggest problem with this film, though, is that it's really only half a story stretched out over an hour and a half. What was going to happen was obvious and I was expecting to see what would happen next. Well, nothing ...the film ended.

Hackers [1995]

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A kid, trying to prove to his hacker friends that he's the real thing, breaks into a highly secure system and discovers an embezzlement worm and a virus to blame on the hackers. Being as this was made over 25 years ago, I expected it to be pretty dated technology-wise. But, by concentrating on the story and not mentioning tech that may give the time period away, it's not really that dated at all. Good acting, colorful characters, nice story, well-made film that was quite fun.

Hellraiser V: Inferno [2000]


This one centers around an incredibly smart but unethical policeman who discovers a puzzle box at a horrific crime scene. Of course, he opens it and encounters pretty much what you'd expect. Not a bad entry in the series ...although it may be somewhat confusing at the end. Just keep in mind that once someone opens the box, anything can happen. Some good scares and interesting twists and, as you can see from the picture here, a couple of really "fresh" new cenobites.

Hard Boiled [1992]

aka Lat sau san taam

John Woo's last Hong Kong film before coming to the states, he went balls out on this non-stop action, crime thriller involving 2 cops stuck right in the middle of a major drug war. Highlights include some of the most incredible stunts I've seen, a single shot traveling gun battle that goes on for nearly 5 minutes, electric performances by Chow Yun-Fat and Tony Leung, and, holy crap! What a body count!! Ranked #18 in Entertainment Weekly's "Top 50 Cult Films of All-Time" ...and well deserved.

The Hamiltons [2006]

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A real ho-hum vampire movie about a family that has a rare condition that forces them to drink blood and has to move around a lot because they keep killing women. And what's hiding out in the shed? I think this films biggest problem is the characters are not particularly likable and not even the twist ending could save this film. Skip this one and go for the sequel instead. It's much better and you won't miss anything by not seeing this one first.

Hellraiser VI: Hellseeker [2002]


The first time I saw this, I thought it was a rather lame addition to the Hellraiser universe. Upon revisiting it, my opinion has changed dramatically. I think my dislike of it the first time around was because it's basically one nightmare sequence after another without rhyme or reason. But on the second viewing, I've realized that once you know that the box has already been opened, it makes far more sense and the ending was appropriate. Not bad but it will probably need two viewings to get it and you probably won't want to sit through it twice.

Hannibal [2001]

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Ten years after the Buffalo Bill case, Clarice is struggling to save her career with the FBI when she gets a lead on Hannibal. Let the cat & mouse game begin. Julianne Moore is a fine actress but I simply could not see her as Clarice Starling. As such, attempting to fully connect the previous events to the current ones was just distracting. Luckily, the film isn't really about Clarice. It's about Lecter and his exploits which drives the story and that was just plain fun. More a psycho's playtime than a police procedural, it's good.

Hannibal Rising [2007]

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A somewhat long-winded but excellent character study of Hannibal's life from a child during the war in Lithuania (and the horrible events he experienced) and his hunt for all the men responsible for said horrific events. The acting was exceptional from everyone and, even though we can clearly see the man he was to become, I found myself rooting for him anyway. Good start to the series.

Happy Hunting [2017]

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An alcoholic, on his way to Mexico, stops in a small border town and finds himself the prey in a hunt. This movie is so flat, there's few adjectives to describe it. It's not thrilling or suspenseful. No tension. No humor. No witty or quotable dialogue. Neither the film nor anyone in it has any personality. It's not terrible but there's really nothing about it that's worth mentioning. And, after all that, the ending was a huge let down. And RT gave it 100%?? I don't get it. I don't think they were watching the same movie. You want to see a film like this, go watch Desierto.

Hellgate [2011]

aka Shadows

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After losing his wife and son in an auto accident, a man wakes up after 5 weeks in a coma, from said accident, and finds that he can now see dead people and malicious demons / dwarves / nasty little red things. The beginning caught my interest, prompting me to see where this goes, and the pacing was good, increasingly nightmarish scenarios leading to a climax. However, that climax was mediocre at best and rather silly rendering the whole film rather ho hum. Heavy reliance on the demon dwarves and little else got old.

Haunter [2013]


A unique but somewhat ho-hum ghost story about a girl, who is dead, trying to prevent a serial killer, who is now also dead, from killing anyone else. The film was ok, the acting was good, the characters likable and the time warp aspect of the film kept my interest but ultimately, it was largely flat, uneventful and predictable.

The Haunting [1963]

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The definitive ghost story. I first saw this film when I was 10 years old and it terrified me. Directing wizard Robert Wise manages to use sound, atmosphere, and the actor's performances (especially Julie Harris) without using any violence - and not even the appearance of a ghost - to scare the crap out of you. Arguably, one of the best and most frightening ghost stories ever put to film. Absolute classic!

Happy Birthday to Me [1981]


A group of college friends, known as the Top 10, are disappearing one by one. This film was a typical, and well above average, '80's psycho slasher movie that was quite enjoyable. The movie took a few twists and turns and just when you think you know what's going on, they twist it again. Although I found the end somewhat sad, and, despite it's obvious low budget and cheap gags, I was thoroughly entertained throughout. Brought back memories of the drive-in.

The Head Hunter [2018]

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A medieval warrior, driven by vengeance for the death of his daughter, serves his kingdom by hunting demons, chopping off their heads and hanging them on his wall. The film is almost completely a study of the hunter, how he lives, how he prepares for his hunts, how he makes and uses potions to heal himself, etc., as well as his powerful emotional drive to succeed above all else. The demons are killed elsewhere and the heads brought home so we don't see the fights save the last one. Authentic, realistic and well worth a watch even without much action.

A Hard Day [2014]

aka Kkeut-kka-ji-gan-da

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Internal affairs is raiding the desk of a corrupt cop as he's going to his mother's funeral. On the way, he hits and kills someone and decides to put the body in the trunk. Things go downhill from there. This South Korean gem is the most fun I've had watching a movie lately without it being a Marvel film. The story is intricately woven into a bizarre series of events that range from the outlandish to the deadly serious with so many sudden shifts, you can barely keep up. Pure enjoyment and one of the best views of the year!

Headshot [2016]

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After 2 months in a coma from a bullet to the head, a man wakes up with amnesia and a bunch of thugs are out to kill him. The relationship that develops between said victim and the doctor is splendidly nurtured and Sunny Pang is stellar as "Lee", one of the most colorful mob bosses I've seen is some time. The last half of the movie was one long-winded fight scene after another, some ridiculously over-the-top, at times, but overall, great, exciting, escapist entertainment.

Haunt [2014]


One family moves into a house where another family was slaughtered. They throw in a talk-to-the-dead radio to try and make it more interesting but was ultimately unnecessary. Even the watchable growing relationship with the eldest son and the girl next door couldn't save this ponderously slow, frustrating story that had to throw in something spooky once in a while just to remind us it's a horror movie. And making us really care about the characters just made the ending that much more depressing. What a dud!

He Knows You're Alone [1980]


A psycho killer stalks a bride-to-be. Wow, this movie has everything ...a girl walking down sidewalks, a wedding dress sizing, surprise party, jogging, amusement park rides, long, contemplative scenes of exploration, Tom Hanks! Then they had to be rude and interrupt this excitement with an occasional killing and cops being morons. But seriously folks, this is a very lame clone of Halloween with a similar musical theme and a budget so low, they couldn't even afford to give our stalker a mask.

Hereditary [2018]

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The family matriarch, who was heavily into the occult, passes away causing a subtle slow burn of destruction within the family. The performances were amazing all around and it's rare to see a film that reaches this level of psychological destruction through guilt and grief. Conjure something up that's best left alone and you've got a terrifying ride. Despite how well constructed and effective this film is, though, it is about a half hour too long and in the end, I didn't feel completely satisfied. Not sure why.

Happy Death Day [2017]


A sorority sister must relive the day of her death over and over again until she can figure out who's killing her and stop it from happening. I don't believe that this film would have been very successful if it wasn't for the super performance of Jessica Rothe as the victim in this black comedic tragedy. They present her as someone you should hate but you can't because she's just so damn likable. No excessive scares, violence, or gore, this film was just plain fun from start to finish. Great entertainment!

Hellboy [2019]


Hellboy must stop the resurrection of the witch Nimue the Blood Queen before she lays waste to the world. This can't compare to the Guillermo del Toro / Ron Perlman, Hellboy we all know and love. But, it's not bad. In fact, it's damn good. The CGI has it's weak moments and it gets a bit cheesy in places but the characters are likable, the dialogue had a certain wit to it that kept me amused throughout and the Lovecraftian creatures lying waste to London in the climax were awesome! It's not the original but it's still good fun. Just don't try to compare it to something else.

Headshot [2011]

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A Thai film featuring a character study of a cop who becomes a convict who becomes an assassin who gets shot in the head, and now sees the world upside-down, and who is now running from a past that wants to kill him. This is not an action thriller but rather a solid drama with some action in it. I was interested enough with the main character to enjoy the view but overall, it's slow and, at times, rather redundant. The upside-down world that he envisions because of his head injury is just a draw ...they don't really do much with it.

Her [2013]


In the near future, a man and a new self-aware operating system fall in love. I was getting increasingly frustrated about an hour into it as it seemed to be spending far too much time on the physical and sexual aspect of this bizarre relationship. But once it got past that, it become an extremely personal, emotional, and philosophical view of true love and demonstrated clearly that a relationship with an OS can be just as wonderful and complicated as one with a human being. Quite a thought provoking film.

Here Alone [2016]

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They shot for heart rending but ended up with an ultra boring story of 3 people trying to survive in the wild as a virus turns the earth's population into zombies. But can they survive each other? I guess the message here is, even in a fight for survival, a stupid teenager's hormones trumps all ..I think. It's hard to figure out what would motivate anyone to do what they did. I just don't get it.

Heat [1995]

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Super elite theft ring (led by Robert DeNiro) vs. the Major Crime Unit (led by Al Pacino) in one of the finest crime thrillers of all time. The pacing is perfect, the characters are as exciting to watch as the action, every scene is perfectly placed to provide the ultimate realism and complexity it needs, and what is regarded by many as the best bank heist and shootout put on film ...ever! Few films are as exciting and finely constructed as this one. Go watch it! ...and if you've already seen it, go watch it again!!

Happy Death Day 2U [2019]


Just when our hero from the first film thinks it's safe to live a normal life, it starts all over again. However, rather than be redundant, they created a very different and plausible story line - including how this all got started - making this film unique from the first one while traveling through familiar territory at the same time. The comedy level is fantastic involving far more people in this one. It did seem they overdid the obstacles and interference in this one making it feel like they were forcing them on you but no matter. This movie is just plain fun.

Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore [2010]


H.G. Lewis began making nudie cutie movies in the late '50's and later went on to create the over-the-top gore sub-genre. This excellent and extensive documentary chronicles his rise to prominence as a man who makes terrible movies that became classics. As one person noted when asked whether Lewis' films were good or bad, they said, "There are good movies, there are bad movies, and then there are Hershell Gordon Lewis movies". Be forewarned ...this documentary (and trailer) are just as gory as his films.

Hellraiser VII: Deader [2005]


A reporter goes to Romania to investigate a group called the Deaders as their leader appears to be able to bring his subjects back to life after killing them. During her investigation, she opens a puzzle box and... well... a bunch of stuff happens. And that's the problem. The film is such that you're supposed to understand what's happening but it's inadequately explained so, in the end, you're left going, "Huh?". It had it's moments but it's a pretty weak entry in the franchise. Even Pinhead was sans good lines in this one.

Hellraiser VIII: Hellworld [2005]


A boy kills himself playing a game called Hellworld, based on the Hellraiser movies, as he took it a bit too seriously. 2 years later, 5 of his friends and fellow players get a private invitation to a Hellworld party where nothing is as it seems. This is not even a Hellraiser movie until about the last 2 minutes. Rather it just pretends to be one making the whole thing, and the characters in it, totally ridiculous. It would be nice if they stopped turning external stories into Hellraiser stories and actually tried to make a real Hellraiser movie again.

Hellraiser IX: Revelations [2011]

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Going back to it's roots, a friend attempts to bring back someone (who opened the box) from the Cenobites by bringing him bodies to devour. The make-up was excellent but that's to be expected since the make-up artist wrote it. Everything else is an abomination to the whole Hellraiser franchise. The acting, writing, directing are deplorable. And to bring in someone else to play as iconic a character as Pinhead, you better make sure they're up to the task. This one couldn't deliver a proper Pinhead line if his life depended on it.

Hellraiser X: Judgment [2018]

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While hunting down a serial killer, a detective unwittingly crosses paths with the Cenobites. At last, a good Hellraiser movie! First I should point out that the cringe meter runs very high on this one so you've been warned. Gary J. Tunnicliffe, the make-up artist in many of the previous films, is the engine behind this one. Writer, director, make-up artist and actor as The Auditor, Gary did an excellent job of taking the Hellraiser mythos in a slightly new direction, giving us a decent Pinhead, and a good surprise ending. It's simple but acted well and effective. Bravo!

Hellraiser [2022]


A slightly adjusted re-imaging of the Hellraiser mythos giving the puzzle box a more intricate and important role in how to deal with the cenobites. First the cons: Although it's not slow or dull, it really didn't need over 2 hours to tell this story. Also, it's annoyingly dark ...even watching it in a dark room, it was difficult to see. It is the best film since Hellbound, though. Jamie Clayton did an excellent job as the new Pinhead and the other cenobites were appropriately gnarly. The new puzzle box ideas worked really well and certainly opens it up to future story ideas.

He's Out There [2018]

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An unimaginative, uninspired and hopelessly contrived 'cabin in the woods' film about a woman and her two daughters under siege by a psycho who wears a silly mask for no reason. It's really hard to have a lot of sympathy for the victims in a film in which the writer decided the psycho was twice as smart as said victims ..who aren't very smart to begin with. How do you foil a psycho like that? Simple! Suddenly, for no reason except to end the story, make the psycho twice as stupid as the victims! No scares ...just a whole lot of frustration and disappointment.

Hamburger Hill [1987]

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In mid May, 1969, U.S. forces, in Vietnam, stormed the infamous Hill 937 eleven times in 10 days. Not because it had military or strategic value - in fact, we left it abandoned 2 weeks later - but because that's where the enemy was. This brutally honest depiction of that event may only be surpassed by Saving Private Ryan in its truthful depiction of warfare and certainly the most realistic film of the Vietnam era. Many familiar faces made their debut in this film and the relationships that develop between characters makes this film as emotional as it is historically informative.

Hearts and Minds [1974]


The quintessential documentary on the Vietnam War talks about how it got started and why it continued for so long. Mostly deals with the experiences and thoughts of civilians, soldiers and leaders clearly displaying the polarizing extremes of opinion towards all aspects of the war. Incredibly informative and, at times, extremely painful, all you'll ever need to know about this tragic period in history is right here. Watch it!

Herbert West: Re-Animator [2017]

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A doctor goes mad trying to come up with a formula to bring his daughter back to life. Instead he begins to break down the boundaries between reality and ...somewhere else. When it started, I thought that it was going to be really hokey. But the more I watched the more I realized that this film was sacrificing a comprehensible story for a vision that is hauntingly fantastic and surrealistically disturbing and beautiful. Besides November, this is the most bizarre film I've seen this year. What a fascinating vision!

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