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The Yellow Birds [2017] You're Next [2011] Yummy [2019]

Yummy [2019]


A bad zombie movie made by people with no imagination. They tried for campy, I guess, except all the attempts at humor (centered almost exclusively around sex drive, penises, boobs, and other blatant stereotypes) fell flat or came off as ridiculous. The scenarios were uninspired and contrived, the zombies were typical, the characters are absurd, attempts at human drama were unintentionally the funniest moments and, when they ran out of other ideas, they went waaayyy over-the-top to be disgusting, vile and gross. Music was a terrible match, as well.

The Yellow Birds [2017]


An extremely dark and emotionally devastating story of 3 soldiers that experience something horrific in a war somewhere in the Middle East and the inability to cope with normal life at home afterwards. I didn't think I was going to give this film a very high rating for a couple reasons. The inability to deal with home life is forced down our throats to the point of annoyance. Also, continually jumping around in the story's timeline was irritating. But the ending reveal brought it all together in a cohesive, albeit, painful resolution.

You're Next [2011]


4 siblings, and their SO's, gather at their parents home for their 35th Anniversary and everyone finds themselves under siege by a group of invaders with animal masks. This is one of the best home invasion movies short of Don't Breathe. The pacing is deliberately slow, at first, as we get to know just how dysfunctional this idyllic family is. Then with a shock out of nowhere, you're strapped in for a brutal and twisted ride you won't forget. The pefectly balanced undercurrent of tongue-in-cheek is just enough to keep you from taking this onslaught too seriously.

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