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Z [2019] Zeitgeist [2007] Zeitgeist: Addendum [2008]
Zeitgeist: Moving Forward [2011] Zombeavers [2014]

Z [2019]


Brandon Christensen's 2nd feature film for Shudder is about an 8-year-old boy's imaginary friend named Z ...and he has plans. Like Brandon's 1st film, Still/Born, it's more a psychological thriller than horror with the emphasis on what's it's doing to the people around the horrific events rather than the events themselves. Although there is a couple of scenes that were so completely out-of-the-blue shocking they made me gasp, it's a creepy slow burn whose effectiveness will mostly depend on the viewer's taste. Still, very well made and not bad.

Zeitgeist [2007]

WARNING: Trailer has scenes that may be disturbing.


A documentary discussing aspects of religion, 9/11, financial institutions and political control. This is not a film I would simply suggest everyone seeing. This is a film that everyone absolutely MUST see! I've always been mistrustful of the system, the government, the media, although it's difficult to pinpoint why in particular. I've just always known something is wrong with it. This movie filled in a lot of those blanks with information - whether you buy it or not - that provides a huge feast for thought. You really must see this.

Zombeavers [2014]


Industrial waste turns beavers into zombie monsters who then proceed to terrorize a lake community. The simple premise of zombie beavers tells you this is intended to be campy, fun, farcical and not to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, unlike good campy features, like Sharknado or Slither, this one fails miserably by delving deeply into sex and toilet humor, sophomoric behavior, and making all it's characters as unlikable as possible. It got better but some good moments in the last 20 min does not a good movie make.

Zeitgeist: Addendum [2008]


Like the first film, everyone should see this. This film focuses on the fact that the world cannot survive on a monetary-based system, that we have the ability to give a high quality of life to everyone on the planet and we really need to consider changing our focus to a resource and technology based system. After all, throughout time, humans have not progressed because of money, politicians, or religion but rather we have progressed through technology and we have the ability to make it available to everyone. So, why don't we?

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward [2011]


Zeitgeist showed us the truth behind the failing system of politics, religion, and money. Addendum gave us a detailed examination of how the monetary system works and why it's no longer viable. This film offers us practical, logical and sustainable solutions to turn the earth into a paradise for every human being. It thoroughly explains why the market-monetary economy is collapsing and, if we don't change to a resource based economy, we're doomed. You owe it to yourself, your family and the future of the earth to watch this series.

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