Failing the 20 Minute Test

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The films on this page may be incredibly bad or extremely good. I have no opinion one way or the other as I did not see the entire film and I won't review a film that I have not seen from start to finish. Being on this list simply means that after viewing the first 20 minutes of the film, (or sometimes 30 or even 40), I had absolutely no interest in what happens next. Since I'm getting old and life is short, time to move on to the next movie. So, for what it's worth, here's my list of films that just didn't grab me well enough for me to want to hang on.
Arkansas [2020] Between Worlds [2018]
A Bluebird in My Heart [2018] The Burnt Orange Heresy [2019]
Christmas Presence (2018) The Clown at Midnight [1998] Days of Glory [2006]
Dead Genesis [2010] Disappearance at Clifton Hill [2019] Dogs Don't Wear Pants [2019]
Extra Ordinary [2019] The Green Inferno [2013] Habit [1995]
The Highwaymen [2019] The House on Pine Street [2015] It Stains the Sands Red [2016]
Knuckleball [2018] Laddaland [2011] The Loft [2014]
The Marshes [2018] The Monster Project [2017] Murder! [1930]
The Myth [2005] Okja [2017] Parents [1989]
The Myth [2005] Queen of Earth [2015] Resolution [2012]
Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis [2005] Sarkar [2005] Society [1989]
Super [2010] Tenebrae [1982] Trivisa [2016]
Victoria (2015) Wild Things [1998] The Wretched [2019]

Movie Review Home Page   ||  Alphabetical Movie List