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Welcome to my one-line movie review site. Technically, most of the reviews are more than one line but the point is, they're short. I began listing the movies that I've seen, since January of 2017, providing you with a short paragraph to give you some idea of what I thought of that film. As of this writing, there's nearly 1000. If you'd like to get right to it, here's the links. Below the links is some site information you may find of interest.

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Last updated Oct 16, 2019

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Each of the site listings have the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings, as well as my own personal rating. My personal rating is, quite often, far different from the usual reviewers and critics. I'm not highly critical and I'm easily entertained so consider me a reviewer for the average movie enthusiast with a love for escapist entertainment. I usually only give bad reviews to movies that break my cardinal rules: Don't bore me, don't make me endure unlikable characters, and don't make smart people do stupid things just to advance a storyline.

Clicking the IMDb rating button will take you directly to the movie's IMDb page. The "Trailer" button will take you to a trailer and I've also provided direct links to numerous streaming sources where you can view the film immediately, if available, for free or by subscription. (I do not provide 'Pay Per View' links). The Streaming Sources page will show you what sources I monitor. I'll do my best to keep them as up-to-date as possible ...just keep in mind that I run this site by myself. Even so, I think you'll find that I provide more accurate streaming links from more US and Canadian sources that any other site on the Internet. If you find a bad link let me know. I'll get it updated ASAP.

This site is completely safe - no ads, no cookies, the only java script is the "Random Movie Recommendation" button, which just picks a random location on the site, and if you send me an E-Mail, for whatever reason, your address will remain private and not be abused.

If you have a movie recommendation or you'd like to submit a movie review, drop by the Submission Page. If you're not sure what to watch tonight, try my random movie recommendations of which there are nearly 1000 films ...and growing nearly every day.

Now, some people have been put off by the fact the site has no search engine. But, actually it does ...and better than many of the major sites. For an explanation, go to the Alphabetical Listings Page. Enjoy your visit!

Latest News

10/16/19 - I'm guessing that Lionsgate has acquired Tribeca Shortlist because, when you go there, you get a big Lionsgate website. So, I'd say it's safe to assume that the Tribeca links on this site are no longer any good. I will remove them over time during my usual reviews and updates.

10/1/19 - Beginning today, you'll begin seeing a button for Netflix Global for many of the films. Clicking this link will take you to Flixwatch and you'll see a list of all the countries that movie is being broadcast on Netflix. If you have a Netflix account, you should be able to watch the film in one of those other countries via a VPN. Without going into details about what that is, look it up. I personally use ibVPN as a browser extension and I'm quite happy with it.

Also, the MLB playoffs officially start today and it's the one sporting event that both my wife and myself watch. So, you may see a reduction in the number of new reviews for the month of October as we watch the boys play.

09/23/19 - Exactly one month after being selected for jury duty, the trail is over (guilty of 2nd degree murder, if you're interested). So, I can finally get back to watching some films and doing quicker updates on the site. Also, I've found that some of the Sling links have had their URL links adjusted and, once again, I'll fix these links as I run across them during my daily reviews and updates. If a Sling link doesn't work, it will take you to a /404 page. Just change the /404 in the URL to /search and try searching the movie title to see if it's really there or not.

09/10/19 - Cinemax (in particular MaxGO) has adjusted their URL addressing a bit making most of their links on this site invalid. The links will take you to the MaxGO home page so you may still find the film if you run a search while you're there. I'll fix these links as I run across them during my daily reviews and updates.

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