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Welcome to my one-line movie review site. Technically, most of the reviews are more than one line but the point is, they're short. I began listing the movies that I've seen, since January of 2017, providing you with a short paragraph to give you some idea of what I thought of that film. Considering I'm in my mid-60s and have been a fanatical movie viewer since I was a kid, I figure my opinion ought to be worth something. As of this writing, there's now well over 1150 reviews. If you'd like to get right to it, here's the links. Below the links is some site information you may find of interest.

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Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet [2021] 8/10 - 7/23/21
The Banishing [2020] 5/10 - 7/23/21
Zombie [1979] 3/10 - 7/21/21
Tokyo Ghoul: 'S' [2019] 2/10 - 7/21/21
Siccin [2014] 7/10 - 7/20/21
Black Widow [2021] 8/10 - 7/19/21
The Unhealer [2020] 5/10 - 7/18/21
Cold Hell [2017] 6/10 - 7/18/21
The Cat o' Nine Tails [1971] 5/10 - 7/17/21
Blithe Spirit [2020] 5/10 - 7/17/21
Hara-Kiri [1962] 5/10 - 7/14/21
Psycho Goreman [2020] 2/10 - 7/12/21
Vacancy [2007] 7/10 - 7/11/21
Fast & Furious 6 [2013] 8/10 - 7/10/21
Livid (The Blood of the Ballerinas) [2011] 6/10 - 7/9/21
The Heiress [2021] 3/10 - 7/8/21
Bad Times at the El Royale [2018] 8/10 - 7/7/21
Lucky [2020] 6/10 - 7/6/21
Future World [2018] 3/10 - 7/6/21
Blade of the Immortal [2017] 7/10 - 7/5/21

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Each of the site listings has a Trailer button (if available) and an IMDb link and rating, as well as my own personal rating banner. My personal rating is, quite often, far different from the usual reviewers and critics. I'm not highly critical and I'm easily entertained so consider me a reviewer for the average movie enthusiast with a love for escapist entertainment. I usually only give bad reviews to movies that break my cardinal rules: Don't bore me, don't make me endure unlikable characters, and don't make smart people do stupid or illogical things just to advance a storyline.

I've had people meniton that my site is very "vintage" fact, I've had some tell me it sucks. But I, for one, like simple. I tend to get tired of the in-your-face advertising and page layouts that can be so confusing they require a roadmap ...not to meniton all the informtion they're collecting on your visit. This site is completely safe - no ads, no cookies, no collection of visitor information, easy to navigate and the "Random Movie Recommendation" button is the only java script on the site. If you send me an E-Mail, for whatever reason, your address will remain private and not be abused.

If you want to talk movies or invite me to a movie party, I'm game. Just send me a note. Also, I have a Ventilo chat server so we can bug each other and riff the film like MST3K, if you like.

Enjoy your visit!

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July 18, 2021 - The site now contains 1,300+ movie reviews. Yeehaw!

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