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Welcome to my MST3K site. As a huge fan of the show, I thought it would be nice to have a listing of all the episodes along with links to where those episodes were being shown so that I wouldn't have to go looking for them. I then found no reason not to share them with you.

Every regular episode of MST3K shown on TV has been included ...more than 200 of them. This includes the episodes shown locally on KTMA, the Comedy Channel / Comedy Central, the SyFy Channel, Netflix and MST3K's own streaming service, Gizmoplex. The episodes are listed in Season order and I've included an alphabetical index for all feature episodes and shorts. Below you will also find a button to select a random episode, if you can't decide what to watch, or you can drop by one of the streaming 24/7 sites. PlutoTV has a 24/7 MST3K Channel. If you wish to chat with others while watching, you can head over to Shout's Twitch 24/7 MST3K Channel. They are free!

I'll do my best to keep the links updated with the best quality free links from authorized streaming sites. If not available on authorized sites, I'll try to find other free links. And, if all I can find are subscription links, so be it. Just keep in mind it's just me amusing myself so I'll do the best I can to keep updated links. If you discover any bad links or you have other questions, comment, etc., feel free to send me a note. Enjoy your visit!

Listings by Season

Alphabetical Listings of All Episodes and Shorts

Latest News

June 19, 2024 - ShoutTV now requires that you register to use their site. Since my intention is to provide stream buttons that you can just click and watch, if possible, I'll be removing ShoutTV buttons over the course of time through my usual auditing schedule.

November 28, 2023 - Joel sent out a letter to us MSTies stating that the CrowdFunding effort for a Season 14 did not reach its goal. So, at this time, there will be no Season 14. However, he stated that they will continue knocking their heads together to come up with some way to bring us more episodes in the future if possible. Go by the Fund Raiser Page to see how much they did raise.

September 13, 2023 - My MST3K journey has finally come to an end. That sounds far more ominous than it should. Anyway, I've made a statement that you've may interesting right here.

August 4, 2023 - MST3K has opened their own Official MST3K TikTok Channel. Loaded with lots of goodies. Check it out.

For important dates and events in the MST3K universe, drop by the Satellite News.

Gizmoplex Activity

Any breaking news going on at Gizmoplex will be listed here.

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