Dr Nostromo's Trivia Night
Next game is Saturday, Oct. 9, 6:00pm Pacific / 9:00pm Eastern / Sunday, Oct. 10, 1:00am UTC

This is the official page for Dr Nostromo's Trivia Night at WireClub. Trivia Nights are held on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 6:00pm Pacific time. You must be registered with WireClub (it's free and painless) and the games will be held in my chatroom known as Dr Nostromo's Pub.

Leaders - Trivia Night #2 - September 11, 2021

Top 5 players for each game

Game #1 Joshua1701 [47] BraydenSkiResort [33] xmolly2000x [15] Steve AKA Bop [3] Fre2BeMe00 [2]
Game #2 Steve AKA Bop [25] BraydenSkiResort [23] Joshua1701 [21] Dad59jjj [16] Fre2BeMe00 [13]
Game #3 Arlyse [28] Lisas_lite [25] BraveSirRobin [23] BraydenSkiResort [21] Dad59jjj/wandaer [19]
Game #4 BraydenSkiResort [13] Dad59jjj [12] Arlyse [12] Fre2BeMe00 [11] wandaer [8]
Event Leaders Joshua1701 [80] Arlyse [48] Dad59jjj [48] Fre2BeMe00 [41] xmolly2000x [36]

And our Event Champion is...

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General Rules

These are the general rules that will apply to all games unless a specific game states otherwise.

Each trivia night event will consist of 4 subjects (known as games) with 30 questions in each game.
Game specific rules will be posted below on this page.
They will also be posted in the chat room before each game.

Each question will be displayed for 20 seconds. At the end of this time period, I will post an followed by the answer.

All players that post a correct response within that time scores! This means you don't have to be the fastest typist and the first one to answer. As long as your answer is there before the time period expires, you will score points.

Only the first response made by each player will be accepted. Subsequent responses will be ignored. If a question has more than one answer - like a name and title - the first response must contain both if you want points for both.

In most cases, misspelled answers are fine as long as it's recognizably clear that you knew the answer.

There may be a delay between questions as I tally everyone's score. Please be patient.

Players should exhibit good gamesmanship and be respectful. Disruptive players may be kicked without warning.

Games for October 9, 2021

Game #1 - To Be Announced

Game #2 - Name that Country

Looking for the name of a country. You will be told the continent the country belongs to along with 3 of its principal cities.

Name the country for 1 point. Name the capital of that country (which is not listed) for an extra 2 points.

Game #3 - General Trivia

You will receive general trivia questions from a variety of subjects.

Most are worth one point for a correct answer but some may have multiple answers for multiple points.

Game #4 - 70s Stars Picture Quiz

You will be shown a picture an actor/actress in a 70's movie screen shot along with the name of the film and exact year as a clue.

When the clue appears in chat, click 'Dr_Nostromo' just left of the clue. My profile will pop up showing the screen shot as my profile pic. If you leave my profile up, you'll still need to click my name with each clue to refresh the profile picture as it will not update automatically.

Name that star for 1 point.

Other Stuff

If you would like to be notified of trivia news, scheduled game times, and other trivia stuff, you can Send me an E-mail and I will put you on the notification list. Your E-mail is private and I promise it will not be abused.