Dr Nostromo's Trivia Night

(Courtesy of Creative Steve. Thanx!)

Trivia Night #26 - April 1, 2023 @ 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern
It's an April Fools / Trivia Night / Birthday Party all wrapped up into one exciting evening!

This is the official page for Dr Nostromo's Trivia Night at WireClub. Trivia Nights will be announced a week or two ahead of time but will always be played on a Saturday @ 5:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm Eastern. To play, you must be registered with WireClub (it's free and painless) and the games will be held in my chatroom known as Dr Nostromo's Pub. Go here to see my WireClub Trivia Blog.

If you would like to be notified of trivia news, scheduled game times, and other trivia stuff, you can Send me an E-mail and I will put you on the notification list. Your E-mail is private and I promise it will not be abused.

Here's some other trivia shows going on at WireClub.

Leaders - Trivia Night #25 - February 18, 2023

Top 5 players for each game

Game #1 BraydenSR [25] Joshua1701 [23] Super Villain II [19] Steve AKA Bop [19] Lunare [18]
Game #2 Lunare [26] beingvel [25] Joshua1701 [25] BraydenSR [23] xmolly2000x [15]
Game #3 Joshua1701 [17] BraydenSR [15] Lunare [12] xmolly2000x [10] beingvel [8]
Game #4 Joshua1701 [16] BraydenSR [14] Super Villain II [12] Lunare [10] Steve AKA Bop [10]
Event Leaders BraydenSR [77] Lunare [66] Steve AKA Bop [49] beingvel [45] xmolly2000x [41]

And our Event Champion is...

(Courtesy of Creative Steve. Thanx!)

General Rules

These are the general rules that will apply to all games unless a specific game states otherwise.

Each trivia night event will consist of 4 subjects (known as games) with 20 questions in each game.
Game specific rules are posted below. They will also be posted in the chat room before each game.

Questions will be displayed for specific time period, as established by each game.
During this time, you'll want to type your answer into the send box but DO NOT POST IT!
At the end of the time period, you will see the message "Post Your Answers". You should then immediately send your response.
There will be roughly a 5 second delay before I post the answer which will be displayed as an along with the answer.
All players who post the correct answer between the "Post Your Answers" message and the answer will score.
Due to lag, and at my discretion, I may accept responses after I've posted the answer if the responses come in immediately afterwards.

If you post your answer before the "Post Your Answers" message, you will still score but you may have just given the correct answer to others.

In most cases, misspelled, abbreviated, and/or last name only answers are fine as long as it's recognizably clear that the player knew the answer. 'Close Enough' is pretty common. However, if part of your answer is wrong, it's all wrong. For example: if the answer is Roger Moore and you just enter Moore, that's correct. But if you answer Robert Moore, that is incorrect as his name is Roger, not Robert.

Only your first responses are accepted. Posting multiple guesses or attempts to change an answer will be ignored.

There may be a delay between questions as I tally everyone's score. Please be patient.

Players should exhibit good gamesmanship and be respectful. There are other players, besides myself, that have hosting privileges and disruptive players may be kicked without warning. So, please be nice and have fun.

Games for Trivia Night #26 - April 1, 2023

Game #1 - Classic Music Trivia

Questions will be a random assortment of classic music trivia.

Questions may have multiple answers. Players get a point for each correct answer. Total of 34 points possible.

Time per question will range from 25 to 40 seconds based on the number of possible answers.

Game #2 - General Trivia

Questions will come from a wide variety of subjects.

Correct answers are worth a point. Some questions have multiple answers for multiple points. Total of 31 points possible.

You will have 25 seconds per question. Extra time will be added for bonus questions.

Game #3 -- 1956 Movies

You'll be given a one-line summary of a film released in 1956 to celebrate the year of my birth

Guess the title of the film for a point. Total of 20 points possible.

You will have 25 seconds per question.

Game #4 - Specialized Trivia

Questions will specifically apply to one of the 4 subjects that will be announced at game time. Each subject has 5 questions.

Correct answers are worth a point. Total of 20 points possible.

You will have 25 seconds per question. Extra time will be added for bonus questions.

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