The Official TBK Gaming Group Site

We are a small group of relaxed, laid back, retired postal workers who enjoy playing games. We're in the Pacific time zone and we normally get together online once or twice a week for about 3 to 5 hours and we play a variety of games, mostly board and card games I've developed using the Vassal game engine, with "To Be King" as our flagship fantasy adventure game that I've spent the last 30 years working on. We don't play TBK all the time as it takes a few game sessions to finish but we'll run an exciting campaign once in a while. But, we have plenty of other games as you'll note below. This is a private group and most of the games we play stay within the group and are not publicly distributed.

Our group all uses a common DropBox so that all members have access to the complete library and the files are always up-to-date with the latest versions. We also use Ventrilo v3.1 for communications as it's simple, crisp and practically trouble free.

We are currently accepting new members, for a limited time, as we're starting to get tired of each other and we could use some new victims. If you believe you'd fit in nicely and would like to join us, Drop me a note. In the meantime, here's some screen shots of some of the games we play and a video tutorial on how to play Sleuth, my latest development. I'll be making more tutorial videos later.

Dr. Nostromo's Home Page

Sleuth is a classic card game where players use interrogation and their deductive reasoning to find a missing gem. As it turns out, the guys in the group didn't particularly care for this game. So, I made a few modifications and placed it in the Vassal Module Library for public download. You can find it HERE

Here's a video tutorial on how to play Sleuth in the Vassal engine.

Risky Warfare

This is a take on the classic board game, Risk, with a few alterations. We currently have 15 map variations in our library and I'm working on a template module that will allow people to easily create their own modules of Risky Warfare using their own maps and cards. I'll probably make that one publicly available in the near future.


Trivial Wars

Inspired by Trivial Pursuit, and is set up to use most TP card decks, this is one of our favorites. It plays sorta kinda like TP with a little strategy, variety and a fair dose of levity. Over 50 types of trivia cards are represented and, not just TP but cards like "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader", "Movie Mania", "The Godfather Trivia", etc. I literally have thousands of trivia cards from over 50 different games and I usually mix up a box full of cards and pass them along to the other players. We haven't had a chance to play for a year due to Covid but we'll be vaxed soon so I can make some new boxes and hand them off. Other players don't need a super mixed box of cards just as long as they have some trivia cards of some type.



This is just a simple interface for the playing of Scattergories. If you're familiar with the game, this is played exactly the same way. The only difference is that I've created over 300 categories and when the deal button is clicked, it picks 12 at random as well as a letter. I know Vassal has a chess clock so I'm assuming I can place some sort of timer in future editions. We don't play this often ...usually if we aren't going to have much time for a day, we'll just throw this on for kicks and giggles.


Clue - Master Detective

Pretty much plays just like the classic game. No score sheets installed (have to keep track manually on your own) and it's certainly not as refined as Sleuth but it is perfectly playable and we've played it on several occasions.



Remember Waterworks? I threw this together one weekend as something to do. We've played it a couple time. Good time waster.

To Be King

This is the big one. I was inspired by a game named Talisman, as well as D&D, about 30 years ago, and I started making a variation of that type of game. Since then, it's sort of mutated and grew and taken on a life of its own becoming a beast that would not be appeased. I still continue to refine it but I finally have a fully playable version that I'm satisfied with and the group has spent many 3 to 5 day campaigns struggling To Be King. I'll soon be incorporating armies, as well.



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