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Do you find yourself going to the movies alone because you can't find someone who's as much of a movie fanatic as you are? ...especially in the area of psychotronic, escapist entertainment? Wouldn't it be nice to have a place to go to watch movies with like-minded movie lovers? Especially when we're supposed to be isolating.

I have a Venrilo chat server which I usually use with my gamers group for playing "To Be King", "Risky Warfare", "Trivial Wars", and "Clue: Master Edition", among others, but when I'm not using it for gaming, I'll quite often just hang out in there to see if someone shows up. If I'm there, I'll list the server info below.

Also, below is a list of films I intend to see sometime in the near future with each title showing the streaming services it's currently running on. If any of them catches your interest, or you have something else in mind, let's have a movie party and bug each other throughout the film (spoken as a true MST3K fan). My entire Sundays and holidays (if I don't have anything else going on) is devoted to watching films ...a mini-marathon, if you will.

Feel free to drop in to talk movies, watch a movie together, or if you have any questions about our gaming group, I'll be glad to answer them. With only 3 people in our group right now, we could use a couple new players. Catch you there.

The Ventrilo Chat Room is Currently Closed
Saturday: I have to go shopping. I'll open up when I get back.

Current Planned Viewing List
(Click a title for more info)

Doctor Sleep [2019] (Director's Cut) (Internet Archive) The Valley of Gwangi [1969] (Internet Archive) Slaughter High [1985] (Tubi/Roku/Plex)
(Incident in a) Ghostland [2018] (Shudder) Blood from Stone [2020] (Prime/Roku/Tubi) Stray Dolls [2019] (Prime/Vudu/Hoopla)
Death Race [2008] (Peacock) Shrew's Nest [2014] (Shudder) Awake [2019] (Netflix/Hoopla)
Living Doll [1990] (YouTube) Satanic Panic [2019] (Shudder/Hoopla) Death Race: Beyond Anarchy [2018] (Netflix)
Last Ones Out [2015] (Shudder) Rogue One (Star Wars) [2016] (Disney) Death Race 2000 [1975] (Tubi/Kanopy/PopcornFlix)
MST3K: The Final Sacrifice (See link) Love, Antosha [2019] (Tubi/IMDb/Vudu/Kanopy) Porno [2019] (Shudder/Hoopla)
The Devil's Rock [2011] (Tubi)

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