Movie Party Planned Viewing List

Do you find yourself going to the movies alone because you can't find someone who's as much of a movie fanatic as you are? ...especially in the area of psychotronic, escapist entertainment? Wouldn't it be nice to have a place to go to watch movies with like-minded movie lovers? Well, maybe you can.

I've decided to start a little experiment where I'll post the films I intend to see sometime in the near future and, if any of them strike you as interesting, drop me a note. I have a Ventrilo chat server so, at a desiginated time, we can meet online, go to the streaming service for the movie of our choice and bug each other throughout the film.

I plan on devoting my entire Sundays and holidays (if I don't have anything else going on) to watching films so, if your Sundays or holidays are free and you feel like catching a film or two with a fellow movie lover, here you go. (Click a title for more info)

Current Planned Viewing List

Tigers Are Not Afraid [2017] (Shudder) Greyhound [2020] (Internet Archive)
The Whisperer in Darkness [2011] (YouTube) MST3K: Hobgoblins (Tubi/Shout/YouTube) Along Came the Devil 2 [2019] (Roku/Vudu)
Crypto [2019] (Hulu) Daniel Isn't Real [2019] (Shudder/Hoopla/Kanopy) The Chase [2017] (Netflix)
Shaan (aka The Pride) [1980] (Prime) Mayhem [2017] (Shudder/Hoopla) When the Wind Blows [1986] (Tubi)
7 Days to Vegas [2019] (Prime/Roku/Tubi/Hoopla/Plex) Kuso [2017] (Shudder) Re-Animator [1985] (Shudder/Tubi)
All the Creatures Were Stirring [2018] (Shudder/Hoopla) Bride of Re-Animator [1990] (Shudder/Prime/Tubi/Kanopy) Vanilla Sky [2001] (Tubi/Plex/Pluto/PopcornFlix)
MST3K: The Touch of Satan (Tubi/Shout/YouTube/Internet Archive) The War Game [1966] (Internet Archive)

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