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The Devil's Rejects [2005] Devil's Revenge [2019] The Devil's Rock [2011]

Delirium [2015]

aka The Haunting of Emily

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One of hundreds of micro-budget horror offerings found on Screambox, this one, about a girl returning home after a year not knowing where she's been, isn't all that bad. Despite it lacking a cohesive structure, due to bad editing, and having too many closeups, the photography was excellent with a couple choice traveling single shots. The story took two completely unexpected twists taking the film in entirely different directions. Even with its faults, it held my attention throughout and if you're a micro-budget horror enthusiast, I'd suggest checking it out.

Despicable Me [2010]


Master thief, Mr. Gru, has a diabolical scheme to use 3 orphan girls to steal the moon. He didn't count on them stealing his heart. This delightfully fun and entertaining movie is well-written, quite humorous, very touching and full of minions that are a riot. Some of the characters were the type we've seen in other films as incredibly annoying, irritating and unlikable but they were expertly treated here with finesse and charm to make them truly likable, despite their evil intents. Add fantastic action and animation and you have a great film for the whole family.

Despicable Me 2 [2013]


Gru, our villain from the first film and now father to 3 adopted girls, has gone from trying to steal the moon to making jams and jellies when he is called upon to help the Anti-Villain League fight another super villain. Then there's his minions. Rather than just a series of gags and pratfalls (which the film has plenty of both) the characters are fully developed with rich and believable personalities that are a delight and, at times, quite touching. Even the minions have their own personalities and they're all side-splitting funny. Supreme entertainment for everyone.

The Decline [2020]

aka Jusqu'au declin


A difference of opinion between the members of a survivalist training camp, over the accidental death of one of their members, leads to a fight for survival ...and that's pretty much it with no real surprises. Nothing of note happens for the first 40 mins, causing me to nearly turn it off, but when things did get going, the brisk pace continued nicely. What they excelled at was more than a couple sudden surprising and shocking moments I didn't see coming that had me jumpin'. The characters were likable and behaved as you'd expect. Good, just pretty formulaic.

The Devil's Doorway [2018]

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A priest, and his protege with a camera, are sent to investigate a bleeding statue in a home for woman of disrepute run by nuns. First off, this found footage film isn't bad with excellent acting all around and a few really choice moments. That being said, it doesn't really offer us anything new, the personae and sensibilities of the characters were overplayed making them a bit more caricature than real, and everything seemed to staged for it to feel spontaneous. A found footage film with an incongruous orchestral soundtrack didn't really help it any either. Ok, though.

The Devil's Rock [2011]

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On the eve of D-Day, two British soldiers sneak onshore one of the Channel Islands to disable a German 88m gun. What they find is far more dangerous. For a film that is basically nothing more than dialogue for 80 mins, it's actually rather compelling. The acting was good, it was well written and carried a sense of foreboding throughout. The demon was rather horrific and presented well. I can't say that I really liked it but I didn't dislike it. For director Paul Champion's debut effort, it's not bad ...especially considering the lack of budget for much beyond the basics.

Decoding the Weather Machine (Nova) [2018]

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Extremely well made and informative, 2 hour episode of Nova that clearly defines how our climate works, how it affects the weather, how we have affected the climate, and what must be done to fix it. I know the deniers are not going to bother watching this for fear of becoming informed, but for everyone else, you owe it to yourself - and especially your children - to watch this and understand what's going on in our world before it becomes a problem we can't fix. You can watch it for free on PBS and Kanopy (if you have a library card).

Desert Saints [2002]

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An indie gem, Donald Sutherland gives an excellent performance as a ruthless hit man trying to finish one last job. He enlists a girl to help with the intention of killing her afterwards but this girl isn't his usual accomplice. The acting (besides Sutherland) is not the best I've seen and it's obviously low-budget but it moves along at a nice steady pace, develops the characters nicely, has an interesting twist and a great final scene. I really found it to be quite entertaining for a feature I found in an 8-pack Action Movie DVD set.

The Descent [2005]

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If you're claustrophobic, this movie is not for you. 6 girls go cave exploring in a cave that one of the girls knows is not the cave they're supposed to be exploring, i.e., the map is no good. After getting trapped by a cave-in, they find out they're not alone. Gripping performances, terrifying creatures, serious betrayal among friends and a truly uneasy atmosphere makes for a very tense and violent excursion that'll make your skin crawl. Outstanding!

The Descent 2 [2009]

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Exactly what you would expect. A group of people go into the caves in search of the missing girls from the first movie and run into much of the same problems. It maintained that same level of intense claustrophobia and the creatures were just as mean ...although there is one scene that is so infuriatingly contrived (like, yeah ...we didn't see that coming) that angered me and I almost turned it off.

The Devil's Advocate [1997]


Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves, and Charlize Theron all give stellar performances in this creepy and intense supernatural legal thriller about how much a lawyer is willing to give up to win. His roots? His wife? His soul? Despite it's length and slow pace, every scene is riveting with the consistantly insidious nature of the story leading to an explosive climax. Great film!

The Devil Inside [2012]


Pseudo-Documentary on exorcism where a girl tries to find out if her mother - who slaughtered 3 people during an exorcism 2 decades earlier - is really possessed by demons or just insane. It had it's moments, and the performance by Suzan Crowley as the possessed mother is disturbingly believable, but there's really nothing much new going on here beyond that and the ending will make you want to throw things. As Bill Paxton would say, "What the hell were you thinking?"

Devil's Pass [2013]

aka The Dyatlov Pass Incident

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This "found footage" film features 5 students going to the Ural Mountains to film a documentary in an attempt to find out what happened to 9 hikers in 1959. The first half of the film was basically The Blair Witch Project in the Urals with a bunch of basically irritating people. However, they find a door in the mountains. From that point on this movie was a roller coaster ride with events you couldn't possibly see coming. Bravo!

Death Race [2008]


I'm a big fan of Roger Corman's campy Death Race 2000 and I heard he was involved with this one so my expectations were up ...and they didn't disappoint. This one is far more serious and the only thing in common with the first is that it involves a race with a lot of death probably figured that out. Anyway, gritty characters and some of the best, high-octane, racing and crashing action I've seen. No real story to speak of but, who cares. Great escapist entertainment.

Death Race 2 [2010]


Far more character driven than Death Race, this one probably should have been named 'Death Race: The Beginning' or 'The Origin of Frankenstein' as it's obviously the beginnings of both and a prequel to the first film. In fact, if you've been thinking about watching the franchise, I'd watch this one first. Camera was shakier in this one making it harder to follow the action but the story and characters were a perfect fit in context and it's quite a satisfying thrill ride. I loved it!

Deathsport [1978]

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1000 years from now, there is Deathsport! Terrible ratings, but... this is a 70's, ultra-low budget, Roger Corman production so one should expect simplistic story lines, cheesy acting, inane dialogue, contrived action scenes (featuring lots of explosions), matte paintings that look like paintings and spec fx you can create in your garage. Oh... and boobs! Knowing exactly what to expect, I thought this movie was really quite fun.

Death Race 3: Inferno [2013]


This one is a sequel to Death Race 2 but still a prequel to Death Race. However, rather than taking place on Terminal Island, Frankenstein is shipped over to the Kalahari in Africa for a desert race. The overall production quality is noticeably less in this one ...contrived action sequences, shallow characterizations, hardly any attention paid to the other drivers, etc. The ending was good and it was still a lot of fun ...just not as much fun as the previous entries.

Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy [2018]


In the future, Death Race is outlawed and 138 sq miles of factory is now walled off as a prison community called The Sprawl where Frankenstein reigns and runs the race anyway. My, how far we have fallen. There's only one race of any mention and not directed well ...all the crashes were delivered in slo mo to maximize the effects and they kept pausing to play out these silly drama scenes, which killed the energy. The rest of the film was a lot of muscle flexing, sex peddling, more sex peddling, a stupid affair, and tons of unnecessary and obnoxious language. Blah!

Death Race 2000 [1975]

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The Corman classic of the '70's, which spawned a modern day franchise, is still just as much fun to watch today as it was back then ...if you like campy humor. The characters (or should I say stereotypical caricatures) are played to perfection, the humor is precise and there's some really good racing action for its time going on here as well as a ton of quotable lines. Will always be a favorite.

Death Race 2050 [2017]


Basically a remake of Death Race 2000, everything that made the former film one of the best B-movies ever made is painfully absent from this sequel. The cars are silly and looked like a child designed them. The characters are obnoxious and outrageously over-the-top with no appeal or chemistry. The dialogue was inane and vulgar without a single good line in the film. The race itself was so poorly presented, it looked completely fake with no sense of speed, action, danger, or excitement. What a disappointment and what a total mess!!

Deathgasm [2015]

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Four misfit metal heads and their death metal band unwittingly release the King of Demons by playing an ancient song called the Black Hymn. This is a gore fest with much of its roots firmly planted in films like Evil Dead 2 and Dead Alive. Also, like the aforementioned examples, funny as hell (pardon the pun). The characters are likable, the story is weird, the action is violent, goofy and insane and I had a smile on my face the entire time. If you like laugh-out-loud gore fests, check this out.

Den of Thieves [2018]


An elite police unit is pitted against an elite gang of thieves. I pretty much spent the first half of the film waiting for the second half while I sat through the disintegrating marriage of the main cop that had no relevance or resolution within the story and simply served to provide 20 minutes of padding in a film that's lengthy to begin with. The second half rocks! The tension of the main heist and a shootout that's very similar, but not quite as good as Heat. Great twist ending. Despite the distracting subplots, good stuff!

Death Wish [2018]


Based on the 70's, Charles Bronson film, a man's wife is killed and his daughter placed in a coma during a home invasion. When the police appear to be helpless, he takes matters into his own hands. An incredibly well-paced, entertaining thriller which is exactly the type of movie that the public would love and Rotten Tomatoes would hate as they can't just watch a movie for fun without ripping it apart. It felt logical, nothing was forced, Bruce Willis was great, as usual, and it didn't try to copy or outdo the original or take itself too seriously. It was fun!

The Death of Stalin [2017]

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A satirical look at the events that take place directly after the death of Stalin. The film was interesting in that it's quite an accurate depiction of the events at that time presented in a humorous way that exemplifies the passions and lack of intelligence among most of the individuals involved. Is it good? I guess it depends on your sense of balance between historical realism and comic parody. I found it too dry with the funniest moments already in the trailer but that's just me. Steve Buscemi's performance as Khrushchev was brilliant.

Desierto [2015]


A fellow, who has spent way too much time in the sun, and his dog take great glee in killing illegal immigrants coming into the US from Mexico. This was a pretty good cat and mouse game in the high desert. The guy has a high powered, scoped rifle and the smartest dog I've ever seen in a movie and the others have ...well, nothing. I really liked that they kept the movie very honest and real instead of being stylish and action packed. This made the film all the more genuine in its intensity. Good stuff!

The Devil's Rejects [2005]

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The police raid the house from the first film. Baby and Otis get away and team up with Captain Spaulding for a pathologically sadistic road trip with a cop in pursuit who is just as psychopathic as they are. This is an incredibly savage and violent film that is as visceral as it is relentless. The first film showed us the horrors at home. This one shows us that, even on the run, the horrors can be even worse. And yet the three rejects and the cop are really fun to watch ...if you can stand the bloodshed.

Death Tube: Broadcast Murder Show [2010]

aka Satsujin Douga Site

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The idea of a website that pops up rarely for about a week presenting live online videos of people being slaughtered if they don't successfully complete a game, is ripe for some great torture porn. Unfortunately, the film was made with an ultra-low budget by amateur filmmakers; facts that are blatant in every frame. There's no imagination, the games are dumb, the acting is over-exaggerated, the sets are unfinished rooms, and the bear suit villains could have been creepy if played right but they were just silly.

Demonic [2015]

The police investigate a mass slaughter in a house where a mass slaughter took place 25 years before. We witness the events as told by the sole survivor. Very smart and very creepy, everyone demonstrated a high level of intelligence, which is a plus in my book, and their actions were logical, albeit misguided. Lots of jump scares (I usually regard as cheap tricks) that were extremely effective. Super twist ending that changes everything. Beyond the twist, no new ground here but it's good!

Dementia 13 [1963]

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After the death of her husband, a woman tries to con her mother-in-law into believing in the ghost of a young girl who died 7 years ago so that she can work her way into the old ladies will. But something far more sinister is going on. Produced by Roger Corman and Written / Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, this is an interesting thriller, more for it's nostalgic sense than anything else. It's certainly not a mystery as everything plays out exactly as expected. At the time, I would imagine it was considered a rather grisly affair, though. Not bad.

The Dentist [1996]

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A prominent dentist begins to lose his mind when we sees his wife cavorting with the pool man and proceeds to take it out on his patients. Corbin Bernsen always makes a good psycho and he was the highlight of the film. However, the script didn't really give him much to work with nor did it provide any personality, banter, humor or wit to anyone else making the whole film rather flat and lifeless. The cringe worthy scenes were quite often hampered by bad make-up presenting them more as freakishly grotesque than realistic. Not a great effort.

Depraved [2019]

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This film is simply a modern day retelling of Frankenstein ...and not a particularly good one. The characters were flat and behaved completely unlike scientists ...even mad ones. The dialogue was ok but strange like there was something wrong with it. The first hour was spent training the new creation and not much more happens after that until the climax making this whole thing slow and ponderous. Attempts at empathy and emotions came off as silly and clumsy rather than moving. Overall, it felt entirely unreal and unauthentic with no surprises.

Desolate [2018]

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Fertile land has gone barren and those who live there fight for survival. A simple plan by 4 brothers to steal enough money to get out turns into a chaotic mess far greater than they could have imagined. This is a surprisingly good, low-budget film that is seriously not getting the praise it should. Having a real Blood Simple / No Country for Old Men vibe to it, they never tried to create something beyond their means or ability. The characters were honest, the acting is excellent, photography is awesome and the ever evolving story line was quite smart and entertaining.

Devil's Revenge [2019]

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A archaeologist sees hallucinations and those he comes in contact with are dying by hideous means ...which adds nothing to the story. He must go back and destroy the relic that caused the curse ...and takes his whole family with him. The plot holes are as big as the caves they explore in this goofy, low-budget film. The monsters are guys dressed up in demon costumes trying to look scary. Jeri Ryan treats her role with all seriousness and is actually good. William Shatner is laughably over-the-top. It's certainly not boring and I didn't hate it.

The Deaths of Ian Stone [2007]


Story about a guy who is killed everyday and when he wakes up, he's in a new reality. I was really diggin' this film. It had me thoroughly intrigued and waiting to see what would happen next. And then finally the secrets behind what's going on are revealed. That's when you're left with "Oh ...OK. That's sort of a let down". Still pretty entertaining.

The Devil's Candy [2015]

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An artist begins to paint demonic visions after he and his family move into a new country house. Also, the obviously psychopathic previous occupant is coming home. The characters are depicted flawlessly as intelligent people behaving exactly as you'd expect as their world is collapsing around them. The events and pacing are intensely unnerving as you're dragged, kicking and screaming through their personal terrors to the brutal end. Awesome performances all around, especially Pruitt Taylor Vince at his best ...or worst, depending on your point of view.

Detention [2019]

aka Fanxiao

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The White Terror period of 1962 Taiwan, where one can be put to death for reading the wrong book of even thinking a anti-regime thought, provides the backdrop for this story about... well... I don't know. With excellent acting and some choice nightmarish moments, it was all very compelling and interesting with an obviously earnest attempt to tell a allegorical tale of the jealousy, betrayal and the lose of freedom within a fascist society but, honestly... I am totally clueless as to what was going on from one minute to the next. Sorry but I just don't get it.

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