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Grabbers [2012] The Gracefield Incident [2017] Grave Encounters [2011]
Grave Encounters 2 [2012] The Gravedancers [2006] The Graves [2009]
The Great Wall [2016] Great White [2021] The Greatest Showman [2017]
Green Room [2015] Green Zone [2010] Greenland [2020]
Greta [2018] Greyhound [2020] Gridlocked [2015]
Groundhog Day [1993] The Grudge [2004] The Grudge 2 [2006]
The Grudge 3 [2009] Guardians of the Galaxy [2014] Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 [2017]
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 [2023]
Guardians of the Tomb [2018] The Guest [2014] The Guilty [2018]
Guilty Conscience [1985] Gunpowder Milkshake [2021] Gwen [2018]

Gunpowder Milkshake [2021]


A professional assassin for a crime organization kills the wrong person and now everyone wants her dead just as she's trying to save an 8-year-old girl ...excuse me ...8 3/4-years-old girl. Highly stylized and colorfully surreal, this action thriller is a mix of mostly good and some bad. There's quite a few scenes of too much talking ala Tarantino but the action sequences are exceptionally well choreographed ala Matthew Vaughn by way of John Wick ...although slo-mo is terribly overused. Karen Gillan and the rest were awesome and overall, enormously good fun.

Gridlocked [2015]

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A police training and storage facility becomes the target of a siege. In that, it's exciting, action packed, bloody mayhem with good dialog and some familiar faces all doing a good job despite the story not being original in any way. The film is presented as an actor who's forced by court to ride-along with a disgraced cop and although a lot of time and energy is devoted to this plot line, it has nothing to do with what transpires save a few jokes and an inexperienced guy wrapped up in the middle of this mess. Weird but the siege is great and worth watching.

Groundhog Day [1993]

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The wife and I finally watched this but for those dozen or so people out there who still hasn't seen it... Bill Murray expertly plays an arrogant, egocentric weatherman inexplicably forced to relive Groundhog Day over and over again in a small PA. town. Delightfully amusing, the story is handled with finesse and intelligence making it very realistic in it's depiction of a man transitioning from confusion, to terror, to acceptance, to not caring, to suicide, to love, all while experiencing a personal growth that turns him into the man he should be. Well done!!

Great White [2021]

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A plane charter service takes a couple of passengers to... well... they end up in a life raft being pursued by a couple sharks. Both the people and the sharks did not behave like intelligent people or normal sharks making this quite unrealistic. Between the lame attacks we have these periods of filler material including finger pointing, self reflection, and sentimental, "It's not your fault" moments. He's scared of water. She's pregnant. He's been bitten before. Blah, blah, blah Considering the enormous number of shark films, why was this contrived mess even made.

Greenland [2020]


The earth is being pummeled by hundreds of pieces of a comet and the big one is still coming. Unlike epic theatrical spec fx extravaganzas like 2012, this one is actually quite light on the spec fx as it chose to focus on the realism of how people would react to such a catastrophe and one family's attempt to survive amidst total chaos and overwhelming odds. In this, they did a great job ratcheting up the tension and emotional angst without being condescending and sentimental. The ending seemed a bit too optimistic to me but otherwise, good job!

Greyhound [2020]


Written for the screen and starring Tom Hanks, this is a relatively bloodless but realistic depiction of the Battle of the North Atlantic in the early period of WWII. The threat of the German U-Boat Wolf Packs on the Allied convoys is constant throughout nearly every moment of this film presented in a highly authentic, militaristic way that leaves the viewer breathless. Great action sequences and Hanks, as always, delivers as the first time leader of the convoy's defenses while suffering his own doubts and moral dilemmas. Excellent war film!

The Grudge [2004]


Many don't agree but I don't think the U.S. version blew it on this one. Just as disturbing as the original Japanese Ju-On with more state-of-the-art imagery that will give you nightmares. Giving the original Ju-On director a bigger budget went a long way towards developing an excellent re-make, imo.

The Grudge 2 [2006]


After our female lead from The Grudge ends up in the hospital, her sister flies over to Japan from the states and runs into much the same problems. Quite a let down after the first one but not particularly bad. Full of nightmarish imagery, if you have an interest in seeing where the story goes, it's definitely worth a watch.

The Grudge 3 [2009]


Taking place in Chicago, I think this film's connection to the events in Japan was only necessary in that it allowed the film to be made in the U.S. Had some pretty good moments but, overall, the story is kind of outrageous, above and beyond the theme of the franchise, and it ultimately falls flat.

Guardians of the Tomb [2018]

aka 7 Guardians of the Tomb

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Your basic modern day D&D style adventure with a party looking for the main girl's brother and an elixir that is said to grant immortality. The highlight of this film is that they were continually pursued by millions of intelligent spiders making it rather creepy for those arachnophobes among us myself. Beyond that, the characters were pretty shallow, the scenarios were unimaginative and it was pretty much exactly what you would expect without any thrills or surprises. The ending scene was stupid. Mildly entertaining.

Grabbers [2012]

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A meteorite, containing tentacled creatures, crashes just off the coast of the small fisherman's community Aran Island, Ireland and it begins to feed. However, it doesn't like alcohol. Let the party begin. This was an highly humorous and entertaining film with some great characters and creature affects that are both incredibly grotesque and, somehow, funny. The hatchlings are a riot. I don't recall any real laugh-out-load moments but overall, great popcorn movie that maintains a great level of humor right up to the 'that's not good' ending.

The Great Wall [2016]


The title is misleading as the film is actually about the Chinese at war with an army of alien lizard-like monsters and the Great Wall is really just one of the settings. Be that as it may, this is a highly stylized and surrealistically colorful fantasy full of action, adventure, excitement and awesome warfare that's well worth a bag of popcorn AND a hot dog ...even though there really isn't much of a story to speak of. Just strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

Guardians of the Galaxy [2014]

A mercenary, two bounty hunters, an assassin, and a total psycho team up to save the universe from a super villain with an infinity stone. My wife and I had a marvelously wonderful time watching this film. The action is ...well, it's Marvel at their best. The characters are wholly original, supremely colorful and funny as hell. Best fun I've had watching an MCU film since Thor: Ragnarok. Rocket Racoon: "Oohhhh, yeahhh!"

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 [2017]

The guardians meet Ego, Star-Lord's dad, and they find out he's a planet. Then things get weird. It amazes me that they can continue to come up with original, exciting stories and back it up with an amazing amount of excitement, action, humor and charismatic characters that you can't hate no matter how bad they are. Baby Groot is a riot and three story lines converging into a super climax is amazing.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 [2023]

The High Evolutionary, who attempts to create perfect worlds and then destroy them, is now after one of his early creations, Rocket Raccoon. Although far darker than the other films, the story (which includes Rocket's origin) is exciting, action packed, loaded with spec fx and the usual humor and dynamic personalities we've come to expect. But the 80s soundtrack of the earlier films, that had become an integral part of their universe, was replaced with stuff that did not make the film feel right at all they removed its heart. As they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The Graves [2009]

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In Unity, tourists are directed to a ghost town called Skull City Mine ...which will be the last stop on their trip. The first half of the film was goofy, messy, and morbidly delightful with Bill Moseley portraying an excellent psycho. It felt much like a Hills Have Eyes clone. The second half, however, was quite a let down. Tony Todd's performance was as excellent as ever but the film lost it's charm and the injured girl going from being ok to barely being able to stand up from one scene to the next was really trying my patience.

The Gracefield Incident [2017]

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Three couples, staying at a cabin in the woods, find themselves under siege by aliens. This is a totally ridiculous movie. Half of it takes place in the woods where they do little more than look lost and scared. Nobody makes a single intelligent decision, and the dialogue appears to actually support that the principals involved are total morons ...including the director! Even the aliens are stupid. I knew what was going to happen but I never dreamed they could make the ending that hokie (palm smacking forehead).

The Gravedancers [2006]


Three friends become haunted when they dance upon the graves of some seriously demented people. The idea of becoming cursed by dancing on a grave was a bit silly ...I've danced on a grave myself and I'm ok. Be that as it may, the movie had a good run with the idea with some good scares, nice pacing and overall, very well made. The last half hour got pretty chaotic and somewhat cheesy and I thought the paranormal investigators were miscast but still a good deal of fun.

The Greatest Showman [2017]


Musical featuring the biography of P.T. Barnum. I wouldn't normally go to a musical but my wife wanted to see it and far be it from me to pass up a chance to go to the theater. I was supremely surprised how much I enjoyed this film. The music, characters, choreography are brilliant filling the screen with so much excitement, passion, emotion, and just plain fun that P.T. himself would have been profoundly proud. Never been much of one for musicals but of those I've seen, this is the best!

Green Room [2015]

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A traveling punk band gets a gig at a white supremacist camp. After they witness a murder, they barricade themselves in the green room and the stand off begins. This is a pretty intense ride as things never stop escalating and culminating in a very satisfying climax. Exceptional performances all around ...especially Patrick Stewart who is brilliant, as the owner of the camp and unquestioned leader of the white supremacists, underplaying his role with a terrifying malevolence. Good, edge-of-your-seat thriller!

Grave Encounters [2011]

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A paranormal investigation show called 'Grave Encounters' decides to do an episode in an abandoned asylum overnight. There are a few movies that use this premise ...some reviewed here (Perdidos, Sanatorium, etc.) but this was one of the first and probably the most terrorizing. There are actually very few jump scares and overt freights. The terror comes from the building itself and the pathetic, out-of-their-depth efforts of so-called 'ghost hunters' as they try to deal with activity that defies logic. Realistic and horrifically well made.

Grave Encounters 2 [2012]

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A film student obsesses to find out if the original Grave Encounters was real or fake. Once he's convinced it's real, he grabs some friends and heads off to the old asylum. Whereas the first film used subtlety and suspense to keep you unnerved until the chaos begins, this one hits you early, hard, and repeatedly throughout ...which makes one sort of immune to the scares after awhile. However, despite it's faults, and it's somewhat weird ending, it's still quite a startling thrill ride.

The Guest [2014]


A stranger introduces himself to the Peterson's explaining that he was with their son when he was killed in combat. They invite this unassuming and seemingly harmless soldier to stay for a few days ...not knowing he's a militarily created psychopath. The pacing was pitch perfect in this insidious nightmare of first, unknowingly being protected by a monster and then being confronted by it full force. Stand out performances for both Dan Stevens and Maika Monroe. Magnificent thriller.

The Guilty [2018]

aka Den skyldige

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An emergency services operator receives a call from a woman who is being kidnapped. The film is focused entirely on our operator (played to perfection by Jakob Cedergren) who's personal demons adds to the issues at hand. This isolation to one subject is also the film's flaw in that it doesn't seem like anyone else is doing anything as we don't see anything else going on. As such, it manages be both quite dull and extremely disturbing in equal measures. Good, tense drama but it really needed more energy. Also includes an excellent twist.

Green Zone [2010]


A specialist crew is sent out to capture cache's of WMD's that never seem to be there. Everything about this movie - Matt Damon, Paul Greengrass directing, the concept, the settings, etc. - should work quite while. But for some reason, it doesn't quite hit the spot. Not bad but the story is convoluted, and I question the motivation of half the people in the film. It had it's exciting moments but overall, not very satisfying.

Gwen [2018]


A historical slice of life in mid-19th century Wales where a mother and two daughters are desperately trying to hold on to the family farm in the midst of the industrial revolution. This Gothic, atmospheric tale has hypnotically beautiful photography, outstanding performances by everyone, and its authentically spot-on. But, boy it bleak with no happy endings. Witnessing one calamity after another is almost overwhelming but it certainly stays honest to its subject matter in ways which very few other films have. Just be ready for it and bring a hanky.

Guilty Conscience [1985]


Made for TV movie written by the team that brought us Columbo, this was an interesting character study of a high-profile lawyer who wishes to murder his wife and spends his time going over various scenarios in his head trying to come up with the perfect murder. But, as they say, the best laid plans... The three primary actors were great and all the different possibilities of what could happen and what does happen makes for some very entertaining twists.

Greta [2018]


A young woman, performing the good deed of returning a purse she found on the subway, becomes the victim of a middle aged psychotic stalker. The 'setup' went on for about 30 minutes and was rather dull and uninteresting ...I almost turned it off. The 'stalking' part was disturbing, suspenseful, tense and scary. Isabelle Huppert did a fine job as the badass psycho. The last 40 minutes was contrived and silly with one terrible decision after another leaving me shaking my head in wonder at how badly they screwed this up. Did they change writers?

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