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Jack Reacher [2012] Jack Reacher: Never Go Back [2016] The Jacket [2005]
Jacob's Ladder [1990] Jakob's Wife [2021] Jamaica Inn [1939]
Jason Bourne [2016] Jay Myself [2018] Jessabelle [2014]
Jigsaw [2017] John Dies at the End [2012] John Wick [2014]
John Wick: Chapter 2 [2017] John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum [2019] Jolt [2021]
Jonathan [2018]
Ju-On [2002] Ju-On 2 [2003] Ju-On 3: The Beginning of the End [2014]
Ju-On 4: The Final Curse [2015] Ju-On: Black Ghost [2009] Ju-On: White Ghost [2009]
Julia [2014] Jumanji [1995] Jumanji: The Next Level [2019]
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle [2017] Jungle Cruise [2021] The Junkman [1982]
Jupiter's Moon [2017] Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom [2018] Justice League [2017]

Jolt [2021]


A woman curtails her explosive violence by shocking herself. Then her new boyfriend gets killed. Now she's mad. Most of the film is played out in a somewhat farcical manner that really doesn't work well, especially with me not being fond of most of the characters. Some of the gags fell flat and silly and I really didn't care much. The last half hour really picked up with some very well choreographed fight scenes and a twist ending. Ultimately, the whole jolt thing was just a gimmick to keep it from being a familiar, run-of-the-mill 'girl gets revenge' film.

Jakob's Wife [2021]


An obsequious minster's wife is bitten by a vampire and the dynamics of their relationship sorta change. This is not so much a horror or thriller as it is a simple human drama played quite charismatically by Larry Fessenden and Barbara Crampton as they try to understand the fundamentals of their change in status. Through skillful directing, it's played with all seriousness but the whole comes off as rather goofy. No surprises and there's nothing new here. It's just an amusing, and sometimes messy, slice of life story with vampires. I liked it!

Jungle Cruise [2021]


A doctor hires a conman to take her up the Amazon in an attempt to find a magical flower, that will cure all ills, while being pursued by a villainous German Officer in a submarine. This is a typical Disney fantasy adventure, including the cookie cutter caricatures and the familiar adventure story. But the characters were delightfully portrayed with excellent banter while never being silly. The action was exciting and very colorful with excellent choreography making for a joyful experience. Unless you kids scare easy, this is great fun for the whole family.

The Junkman [1982]


Someone wants to kill a famous stunt driver before the premiere of his latest movie. Featuring cheesy acting, deplorably, inane dialogue, horrendous editing, and a soundtrack that made me cringe (although, I suppose, that's a matter of taste), this simplistic story is simply an excuse for lots of stunts and a record breaking number of car wrecks. Although there were some good ones, most of the wrecks were basically one person slams on the brakes and everyone else rear-ends them. Not very imaginative. I certainly wasn't bored. Marginally fun.

Julia [2014]


A variation of the I Spit on Your Grave story where a girl suffers a horrific assault and then gets revenge. There were parts of this film I liked and other parts that simply made me angry ...almost to the point of turning it off. Getting revenge on those that wronged you is what we, as viewers, are waiting for. Committing heinous acts on those that had nothing to do with the actual crime (even if they are misogynistic dicks) simply lessens our sympathy and questions the film's message. The last kill in the film has me completely perplexed. Why?? Very flawed.

Jumanji [1995]


Jumanji is a board game that creates chaos upon chaos until the game is finished. This was a rather entertaining light comedy thriller adventure utilizing some incredibly imaginative ideas. Lost in a jungle for 26 years, a lion in the bedroom, monkeys roaming around town ...along with a herd of wild beasts, spiders, and a relentless hunter are some of the characters making up this humorous troop of insanity. My wife and I enjoyed it quite a bit and it fits in well with the sequel released in 2017.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle [2017]


Four high school students are teleported into a computer game and must save Jumanji without getting killed. An exciting, humorous, action-packed adventure with the featuring of its characters as its strongest point. They're endearing, hilarious, and they make sure you never forget that they are normal students trying to deal with personae completely unlike themselves while having to tolerate the personalities of each other. Some of the jokes and situations are laugh-out-loud hysterical. My wife and I enjoyed this immensely.

Jumanji: The Next Level [2019]


Our heroes return to save Jumanji once again - this time to retrieve a powerful jewel stolen by an evil leader - along with a few extras and some interesting variations. Although not as character centered as the previous film, with this one having far fewer LOL moments, it's not for lack of excitement and adventure. The characters are colorful, likable and humorous, the spec fx are great, the story plays out nicely and the addition of a couple of new character, and a horse, worked quite well. If you don't mind a couple of bad words, this is one for the whole family.

Jay Myself [2018]

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In 1966, world renowned photographer, Jay Maisel bought an old, 6-story, building (previously a bank) in Manhattan. Over the next 48 years, he filled its 35,000 sq. ft. with stuff ...not because he's a hoarder, but because he sees vision and beauty in everything. Now he's selling his building and has only a few months to clean it out. As a colorful character with a unique world vision, Jay's simply a delight to get to know. The treasures, the people, the family, even the movers, held my interest firmly throughout and left me with a smile on my face.

Jamaica Inn [1939]


The Jamaica Inn is a headquarters for pirates who draw ships into the shore during storms and raid them. It was difficult to enjoy this film as the characters - especially Charles Laughton - were stereotypically over-the-top, obnoxious, and pretty unlikable. In fact, the whole film has a rather rushed, chaotic quality about it. Not a bad movie, just nerve wracking.

Jonathan [2018]


An extremely unique story of two brothers, John and Jonathan, living inside of one body. Each lives half a day and they record videos for each other to keep each other up-to-date. This appears to work rather well until one falls in love. Then things get complicated. Another very slow film that could have been told in an hour but at least in this one, Ansel Elgort's impressive performance made for a very compelling character and the fact that, as a viewer, we mostly only experience the world as Jonathan made for a interesting journey.

Jack Reacher [2012]


Although criticized for not looking all at like the Jack Reacher character portrayed in the books, even the author admits that Tom Cruise did a good job. And it's a good movie about a veteran sniper that's being framed for killing 5 people with Jack gathering evidence to show his guilt. But what he finds isn't what he's expecting. Tense, smart and full of action with a few good one-liners, this is quite exciting entertainment.

Ju-On [2002]


The original, Japanese version of The Grudge ...a story in which the ghosts of a violent and gruesome family murder, haunt and kill all those who enter the house. Scary and disturbing with some intensely frightening imagery. Same director went on to make an arguably even more frightening version in the U.S.

Ju-On 2 [2003]


This has nothing in common with the U.S. version of The Grudge 2. As a sequel to Ju-On, it lacks the impact of the first film (probably because it's not new) but still a very worthy addition to the series with some really disturbing creep-out moments.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back [2016]


Jack makes friends online with a girl in the military. When she gets framed, Jack sets out to uncover a government conspiracy. Similar in style and action as the first film but not as well developed ...hence, not as memorable. Still a good film, though. Better luck next time.

Jacob's Ladder [1990]


After being subjected to an experimental drug while in the Vietnam War, a man's life begins to disintegrate as he sees hallucinations of demons. I remember when this came out I was told don't bother. But recently, I've been told it's a movie I should see. Well, I shouldn't have bothered as this film is hopeless. Although interesting, nothing is resolved as we jump around aimlessly wrapped up in his hallucinations. And the twist ending? I saw it coming and was hoping that wasn't it. It was ...how depressing. Acting was great!

John Wick [2014]


This is what happens when you go to the home of a retired hitman, one of the best in the world, steal his '69 Mustang and kill his dog. Incredibly lethal, high-action thrill ride with an explosive body count. The story is good, the characters are just a bit over-the-top and very fun to watch, the action choreography is unlike anything I've seen before, and it never lets you take a breath. It's painfully obvious that the role of John Wick was made exclusively for Keanu Reeves. What a wild ride!

John Wick: Chapter 2 [2017]


After cleaning up his mess in the first film and retiring again, John is forced back into the business of killing people in order to fulfill a marker. Everything that made the first movie work so well is still here. On top of all the action and gun play is a story line that is increasingly hostile to John literally turning his world into a fight for survival no matter where he goes. Obviously set up for a sequel with a, "How's he going to get out of this mess?" ending.

Jason Bourne [2016]


Nicky Parsons draws Bourne out of hiding after nearly 10 years when she finds information about his father ...not to mention a variety of new nefarious government projects. The chase begins once again. This is the only Bourne film that was not scripted by Tony Gilroy. As such, the story is simpler and it does seem to be a bit lacking in the depth of the characters and the finer details of the chase but it is most certainly a Bourne film making it quite exciting and fun to watch.

Ju-On: The Beginning of the End [2014]

aka Ju-on: Owari no hajimari


In the third installment to the Ju-On franchise, there really isn't anything new. This one centers around Toshio's teacher and gets somewhat convoluted and incomprehensible. I can tell they're really trying to bring something fresh to the party but...

Ju-On: The Final Curse [2015]

aka Ju-on: Za fainaru


The sister of the teacher in Ju-on: The Beginning of the End is now involved and she thinks she can finally put an end to the whole affair. Relying more on jump scares than the atmospheric creepiness of the early films, this does have a few good ones. Still, we've all become far to used to all this by now.

Ju-On: Black Ghost [2009]

aka Ju-on: Kuroi shojo


One of many follow-ups to the Ju-On movies, this one follows a cursed patient in a hospital and all the usual hauntings that surround her. Exactly what you'd expect with no new ground broken.

Ju-On: White Ghost [2009]

aka Ju-On: Shiroi rojo / Ju-On: Old Lady in White


A companion film to Ju-On: Black Ghost, this one was pretty good. The cursed old lady is quite nightmarish and I had a feeling of dark dread throughout the film. Best of the Ju-on mythos after Ju-On 2, imo.

Jessabelle [2014]

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A woman returns to her estranged father's home after an accident and strange things begin to happen. The trailer is terrifying but the film is terrifyingly slow ...they doled out tiny little bits of information, along with a few scary bits, so they could stretch it out for 90 minutes. Secondly, the sound would whisper so you had to crank the volume all the way up ...just in time for them to slam you with noise that'll blow out your windows. I guess they were afraid you'd fall asleep. In the end, you realize that everything they've had to endure was futile. Oh, boy!

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum [2019]


With a $14mil open contract over his head, John is trying to stay alive, if only to respect the memory of his wife, by running and killing... well, everyone! Full throttle action that is both hypnotic and exhausting. After all the movie fight sequences I've seen, I'm still impressed at the amazing choreography that's as much a dance as it is hyper-violent. Halle Berry was an awesome addition and the constant nods to other films was a delight. My one complaint, shorten the fight sequences a bit. As amazing as they are, they can become quite overwhelming. Good stuff, though.

Jupiter's Moon [2017]

aka Jupiter holdja

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A Syrian refugee gets shot while crossing the border but, instead of dying, he begins to levitate. The photographic skills utilized in this uniquely visionary film is extraordinary. There's a full car chase that is filmed, in one cut, in real time, from a camera on the bumper of the chasing car. I've never seen anything like it. The characters were wonderful, sincere, and logical. The relationship of the disgraced doctor towards the refugee, going from profit-seeking to actually caring, was wonderful. A great cinematic experience despite the overly ambiguous ending.

Jigsaw [2017]

aka Saw 8: Jigsaw

Jigsaw is back! The Saw franchise is my favorite horror series so I was excitedly awaiting this latest episode in what I hope to be a revival of the series. My only concern was, "Don't screw it up!!". They didn't. The movie may not appeal as much to those who aren't Saw fans ...in fact, a few of the movies can be viewed as weak individually. But for us Saw fanatics, we rate each film by how well it fits into the grand design. This one fits very well with plenty of guessing before the usual twisted ending. Bravo!

Justice League [2017]


Six DC superheros get together to save the world from Steppenwolf and the power of the Mother Boxes. Lots of exciting stuff with a lot of humorous banter between our superheroes, which is a nice change from the previous 'too serious' DC films. Effects and action were top notch, as usual. Didn't convert me from being primarily a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan (it tended to be somewhat to formulaic to me and somewhat forgettable) but great, super fun, nonetheless.

The Jacket [2005]


An ex-Gulf War vet is committed to an institution for the criminally insane when he's falsely convicted of killing a cop. When the doctor subjects him to illegal experiments, the vet can go places outside his current reality and it affects everyone. This was quite a surprising and intriguing little gem. The story was complex with many interlocking parts but presented in a smooth, easy to assemble manner. Characters reacted to strange things more like real people would, rather than the stereotypical, "It's all in your head" manner, which was refreshing.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom [2018]


Isla Nublar Island, home of the dinosaurs of Jurassic World, has become volcanic and a tycoon finances a mission to capture and save 11 species. Unfortunately, those doing the job have plans of their own. I found this to be a great film within the Jurassic series. It has a story that's more complex than the usual "dinosaurs are loose" which seems to permeate most of the others and that the dinosaurs are not nearly as dangerous as human greed. Of course, once they are loose, things get pretty intense. Great escapist entertainment!

John Dies at the End [2012]


A bunch of young people take a drug called Soy Sauce and the boundaries between realities become somewhat fuzzy. This was a truly entertaining roller coaster ride through the eccentric, and very elastic, imagination of the creator of Phantasm. Basically a comic, and cosmic, Lovecraft gone out of control, don't try to make sense of it as that might make your brain melt. Sharp, witty dialogue and totally wacky without being ridiculous (even though the scenarios are ludicrous), it's a movie where you're cheering them on and you don't even know why.

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