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Life [2017] Lightyear [2022] Lily Topples the World [2021]
The Lincoln Lawyer [2011] Line Walker [2016] Lion of the Desert [1980]
Little Evil [2017] The Little Shop of Horrors [1960] Livid (The Blood of the Ballerinas) [2011]
Living in the Future's Past [2018] Locker 13 [2014] Lockout [2012]
The Lodgers [2017] Loft [2010] Logan [2017]
London Has Fallen [2016] Lone Survivor [2013] The Long Good Friday [1980]
Look Away [2018] Looper [2012] Lost Bullet [2020]
Lost Bullet 2 [2022] The Lost City [2022] Lost Souls [1998]
Lou [2022] Love, Antosha [2019] The Lovebirds [2020]
Lovers and Liars [1998] Lucky [2020] Lucy and Desi [2022]
Lumberjack Man [2015] Lupin III: The First [2019] The Lure [2015]

The Last Victim [2021]

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Out in the middle of nowhere, New Mexico, a road-tripping couple and their dog cross paths with a sociopathic killer and his cohorts. Exceptional story telling, sharp dialogue and well-developed, genuinely honest and unique characters highlight this slow burn that takes nearly 2 hours. Regardless, I was so locked in, it never felt too long or slow. Acting was exceptional all around, especially Ali Larter who portrays a woman who has skills but is also prone to anxiety attacks creating an interesting dynamic. Ron Perlman and Ralph Ineson also rocked. Good stuff!

The Lost City [2022]


A romance author is kidnapped to help find treasure on a Pacific island and her book cover model goes to her rescue. This Romancing the Stone style adventure is played out just like all the other adventures of its type with nothing new and not nearly as good as most. The characters were likable enough, especially Brad Pitt who stole the show and, as a result, had way too small a part. The constant banter was mostly irritating and flat with the occasional sprinklings of a few genuinely funny lines. Overall, it was fun entertainment, few laughs, but nothing new.

Lucy and Desi [2022]


A tribute to the lives of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz from their childhood through their meeting, marriage, creating one of the biggest TV shows ever, to building a TV and motion picture empire and subsequently their divorce and aftermath. Well balanced between their body of work and their personal lives, this film did a great job of not wallowing on the negative, gossip inducing material that many biodocs rely on, but rather celebrate their incredible lives, even showing that, despite the divorce, they remained friends and partners to the very end. Great for fans!

Lightyear [2022]


Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear Interrupts a space mission to investigate a planet with life and subsequently maroons the whole crew. Now he must find a way to bring them back home. This was an incredibly entertaining film with delightful characters full of life, personality and humor, outstanding animation, enough seriousness to make the action tense and exciting while making us laugh out load at the same time. Nothing new or particularly original here but they're intention was just to entertain us and, in that respect, my wife and I had lots of fun watching this.

Life [2017]

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A space station for scientific research acquires a microscopic organism in a soil sample from Mars. Before they fully understand what they have, it suddenly gets real big and real hungry, real fast. Not wasting any time, the pacing is perfect and that, along with a malevolent, seemingly indestructible creature, makes for an unnerving and tense experience that doesn't let up. Some well known faces did a superb job with a good deal of character development amidst the chaos. Logical and scientifically accurate, this is a pretty horrific ride well worth seeing.

The Last Days on Mars [2013]

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For a film that I had never heard of until just recently, what a surprise. On their last day of a 6 month tour on Mars, a research team finds a bacterium that's real happy to have a nice warm host walk by after a multi-billion-year dry spell. Acting was excellent depicting real characters making realistic decisions. In fact, realism is central to this struggle for survival and I never once doubted it. Photography is amazing, the violence can be sudden and brutal and they really captured a true sense of panic and futility. It's been done before but this one did it real well.

Let the Right One In [2008]

aka Lat den ratte komma in

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A bullied, 12-year-old boy befriends the new girl next door, despite her being a vampire. You'd be hard pressed to find a more tragic, coming-of-age love story than this one. Centered nearly exclusively around Oskar and Eli, everyone else is just peripheral characters that serve to sculpt their relationship into something wonderful and dangerous. I really appreciated that the filmmakers were subtle with these external forces and didn't feel the need to shove the bullying or broken family issues down our throat. Great story incredibly well acted. Excellent film.

Lost Bullet [2020]

aka Balle perdue


A specialized mechanic, serving time for robbery, is offered a reprieve if he modifies police interceptors to catch the bad guys. He's soon framed for murder and must find a way to clear his name. This was an intense and enjoyable film with colorful characters that moves along at a very brisk pace. The action choreography was well crafted giving us some good car stunts and an incredible fight sequence inside a police station. Story is not particularly original and has no surprises but it's handled very nicely making this a tight and exiting thriller.

Lost Bullet 2 [2022]

aka Lost Bullet 2: Back for More / Balle perdue 2


Whereas the first film was more an investigation film with our protagonist trying to exonerate himself, this one uses a simple story of differing agendas as an excuse to fill the screen with fights, explosions and some incredible car chases / wrecks ...and that's OK. The action in this is stunning, accented by truly likable characters that keep the viewer engaged in their plight even if it's not entirely clear what that is. If you're looking for serious dramatic content you won't find it here but if you want non-stop, adrenaline-fueled escapism, this film has it in spades.

The Last Sharknado: It's About Time [2018]

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Not so much about battling the sharknadoes as it is a time travel film as our heroes hop around in time trying to find a solution to stopping the sharknadoes forever. As campy and low budget with cheap spec fx as any of the other films, it also has the same incredible level of imagination and a complete lack of concern to take anything seriously making it supremely entertaining. Coming up with one ridiculous scientific solution after another that makes no sense is exactly as it should be. Full of the usual cameos, inspired puns and LOL moments, it's a gas.

La pasajera [2021]

aka The Passenger


Van on a road trip encounters an alien being that turns them into savage, gooey people and it really doesn't matter. When they meet, the people involved immediately treat each other with contempt making them entirely unlikable. The film's progress is driven by the characters doing stupid things and irrational behavior without any rhyme or reason. First the van is out of gas, suddenly it has gas. A struggle is taking place in the van and the driver and passenger up front are unaware of it?? Some good gnarly moments but nothing we haven't seen better.

Lockout [2012]

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Taking a page out of the Escape From N.Y. handbook, a falsely accused killer is sent to a supermax prison, orbiting earth, to rescue the President's daughter from the wacko inmates. Cons: This film is dark, don't try to watch it in a lighted room. The setup, action, scenarios and conclusion are exactly what you'll expect. Pros: The dialog is great! Especially our hero, Guy Pearce, playing an overly arrogant jerk delivering his lines with humor and surgical precision that was a true delight. Acting works. Overall, good matinee entertainment worth a bag of popcorn.

Line Walker [2016]

aka Shi tu xing zhe

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There's an international drug ring, a lot of undercover cops and some solid action but that's the best I can do as far as a summary. Perhaps I'm losing something in translation but this film was really hard to follow but not for lack of trying. The actors did a great job, the action scenes were intense and well choreographed, the characters were likable and it seemed like there was a really important story going on here. I just wish I understood what it was. If you don't care much about groking the substance of this film and just want some stylish action, here you go.

Lily Topples the World [2021]


Lily Hevesh began publishing domino videos to YouTube when she was 9 years old and over a decade later, and with over 3.5 million subscribers, she's quickly becoming a empire. This biography was a wonderful example of the power of a hobby and the drive to take it as far as it'll go. As a self-proclaimed Domino Artist, she's created her own line of Toppling Dominoes and is developing the H5 Domino Community. Showing us several demos of her work as well as giving us a full picture of who Lily is has made this one of the best biodocs I've ever seen.

The Last Vermeer [2019]


A biopic centering on Han Van Meegeren who was put on trial for selling recently found Vermeer's to the Nazis and the surprising revelations the trial uncovers. If you're a frequent visitor, you probably know that I'm not a big fan of biographies. This is one of the exceptions. Handled with exquisite care, with outstanding acting (especially Guy Pierce & Claes Bang), this film provides just enough compelling drama to make it feel like a fictional story and it keeps one's full attention to the screen without ever sacrificing it's authenticity. Well made and fascinating.

Livid (The Blood of the Ballerinas) [2011]

aka Livide


A caregiver trainee learns that a patient in a coma has a fortune hidden somewhere in the house. Let's explore. Bordering on Gothic Vampirism, this film had a good story and a leisurely but steady pace. My real gripe was all the males in the film are completely retarded morons and/or obnoxious jerks, including our ring leader of the group. This was completely unnecessary and only served to distract from the overall feel of the film. Once past that, there's some effectively well constructed bloodshed and nightmare fuel going on here. Overall, very nice French horror.

Lucky [2020]


May has become the victim of a relentless attacker every night, who always disappears, and everyone around her just seems to take it for granted. Written and starring Brea Grant (who did a fantastic job), this psychologically twisted thriller was extremely intriguing and had me hooked from the start. Several different ending scenarios were playing out in my mind only to have them dismissed with a new twist. The initial premise played out a bit too long and I would imagine a lot of folks will hate how this ends but I was OK with it ...at least marginally. Not bad!

Lupin III: The First [2019]


Lupin III, world class thief, and several others seem to be after a diary that will lead them to a powerful weapon known as the Eclipse. Sensational animated action adventure with super colorful characters full of life and emotion, well designed action sequences, excellent writing and absolutely stellar animation that's colorful, incredibly imaginative and nearly photographic quality. I'm usually not a big one for animated films but this one was first rate. Watch it with the kids!

London Has Fallen [2016]


Practically every world leader heads to London to attend the funeral of the British Prime Minister and they find themselves under an attack orchestrated by a major weapons dealer. Mike Banning must, once again, save the president when they find themselves on the London streets with nowhere to go. As with the first film, the initial attack, and many of the action sequences, are violent, brutal, and extremely intense. Although panned by critics, I've found these films to be exactly what they intended ...a non-stop thrill ride, and done extremely well. Just enjoy the ride!

Loft [2010]

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A murdered woman is found in a loft shared by 5 men who use it to carry on clandestine affairs outside their marriages. Told almost exclusively in flashback as a way to determine who's responsible, we are subjected to enormously long segments of shallow, morally vacant, misogynistic men and confused, passive and emotionally dysfunctional women as they all psychologically and sexually torture each other as if this were normal. The longer I watched this, the more I hated everyone in it. Had an interesting twist but I really didn't care by then.

Love, Antosha [2019]

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An excellent biographical documentary of Anton Yelchin, a supreme talent who was taken from us at 27 via a incredibly freakish accident. Taking us from his childhood, the film goes into wonderful detail on his love for his parents, film, music, photography, friends. Because of his drive and desire to excel, he never missed a single day of work through 69 screen appearances despite growing up with cystic fibrosis. Regarded as one of the greatest young talents in the industry today, this film celebrates his life and his body of work with grace. Definitely worth a watch.

Last Ones Out [2015]

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A small group of people in Africa trying to get to a rescue point amidst a zombie outbreak. Typical zombie film with remarkably few zombies and a whole lot of wandering around in the wilderness - one of them appearing quite healthy right after an emergency operation - contemplating who can or can't be trusted while the writer desperately tries to come up with realistic scenarios to throw at them in a attempt to fill up 76 minutes with something of interest and then treating us with an ending that's so ludicrous, I almost threw a shoe at the TV. Pretty darn lame.

La Llorona [2019]

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This is not the Conjuring universe version but rather a Spanish production based 'very' loosely on the La Llorona legend. An aging General is absolved of war crimes and genocide in Guatemala. With his family home under siege by protesters, a mysterious woman is hired as a maid and things begin to fall apart. The acting and overall production quality is fantastic and it's far more a destructive personal family-in-crisis drama then horror. My only problem was the necessity to drag out every single scene way beyond its worth. It does lack needed energy.

Lake of Death [2019]

aka De dodes tjern

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No synopsis needed as this is a pretty typical 'haunted-cabin-in-the-woods' story with an initial setup, a climax, and (to keep the viewer's attention) the rest consisting of scene after scene of creepy activity with no rhyme, reason, or explanation. The climax comes right out of a romantic tragedy which, in this film, came off as rather lame ...and the final scene left me going, "Huh?". The characters held my attention as they were genuine, smart and likable. Too bad they weren't placed in a more compelling story. Mildly entertaining if you have no expectations.

The Lovebirds [2020]


Pretty much a slapstick comedy centered around a couple, dangling over the cliff edge of their relationship and ready to let go, suddenly find themselves the central focus of a murder. Trying to avoid the cops and the crooks, they're thrust into one bizarre situation after another making the whole thing rather humorous. Add to that the comfortable nature of banter you'd expect between two very likable people, who know each other well, and some colorful characters and LOL moments and you have one very entertaining film. My wife and I really enjoyed it.

The Lure [2015]

aka Corki Dancingu

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An incredibly bad, Polish horror?, comedy??, musical, about 2 mermaids who sing and dance at a nightclub. We have naked girls with no genitals. We have mermaids eating people. Tail amputation? Mermaid vaginas? Sea foam, what? Sea foam!! ...all done to some absolutely terrible music and dance. Since it got good ratings, I'm assuming this is a cultural thing but as for me?.. I would rather slit my wrists before sitting through this again. Geez, this was awful!

The Last Stand [2013]


There's a manhunt going on for a high profile drug lord who is expected to pass through a little town just north of the Mexican border and the sheriff is not about to let that happen. Maybe it's just because I like Arnold Schwarzenegger but I found this film to be just plain fun. Lots of action, a few good jokes, sociopathic villains, good shoot outs and more. All handled expertly by director Jee-woon Kim (I Saw the Devil, The Good the Bad the Weird). What's not to like?

The Lathe of Heaven [1980]

The first made-for-TV film by PBS is probably still the best film they ever produced ...and on practically no budget. Bruce Davidson gives an incredible performance as a man who dreams and everything changes, and how a dream specialist tries to manipulate him with dire consequences. Fantastic dialogue and a mind twisting storyline makes up for the nearly laughable special effects. Don't be misled by the 2002 remake ...which was just awful. Watch this one and watch it now!

Lone Survivor [2013]


Excellent real-life biopic of Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell, the sole survivor of a reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan. The strong personal and emotional interaction between friends and comrades is punctuated by gripping and intensely realistic scenes of warfare as the group struggles to survive against overwhelming odds. Very well made, brutally intense, heartfelt movie.

Last Action Hero [1993]


By the use of a magic ticket, a boy is able to enter a film featuring his favorite action hero. This is one of those films that most everyone has seen but I never have. I didn't like the kid much, I hated Lt. Dekker, and the film was way too long. However, I liked that half the time was spent with the characters in the movie and the other half spent in the real world ...and the problems that developed. They even had the action as over-the-top in the movie world and somewhat more realistic in the real world ...like busting a car window with your fist really hurts! Quite fun.

Looper [2012]


In 2044, men known as loopers would assassinate victims sent to them from 30 years in the future. This film focuses on one such looper who hesitates to kill his older self causing quite a bit of turmoil and chaos. This is quite an elaborate and complex story of time travel, conflicting goals, paradoxes and trying to figure out what's the right thing to do. Great action, super characters ...even in the slow parts, the dialogue and interaction between subjects kept my attention firmly glued to the screen. May take multiple viewings to fully grasp everything but worth the trouble.

Little Evil [2017]


A man begins to believe his new step-son is the Antichrist. Basically a parody of The Omen (they actually mention it in the film), this was somewhat entertaining with a few colorful characters. Although there were a couple of laugh-out-load moments, most of the humor was a bit flat and I believe the dialogue could have been far wittier than it was. Still good fun, though.

Level 16 [2018]


A group of girls, who have never seen the outside world, have spent their entire lives in an underground school to be trained to be the perfect virtuous woman to be adopted into an elite family. Two of the girls discover there's something far more sinister going on. This was an exceptionally well presented film with great acting and a completely believable story, even with the unlikely premise. It's also exceptionally slow. Luckily, in this case, I didn't let the slow pace get the better of me as it had me pretty much hooked from the start. It's good ...just be patient.

The Lodgers [2017]

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Twins, living in a dark, dilapidated mansion, have to lock themselves in their bedrooms at night so that undead things can come up through the floor after midnight ...I guess. Extremely dark, both visually and psychologically, exceedingly dull and depressing, contains a whole story around one character which, in the end, means absolutely nothing. No likable characters and an ending that left me shaking my head.

Land of the Dead [2005]


The world may be overrun with zombies but the class war between the elite and the unfortunate is worse than ever ...and the zombies are getting smarter. Romero continues to deliver in this non-stop action, zombie thrill ride with the usual amazing and disturbing make-up fx. Dennis Hopper's performance is manically twisted. Find the extra gruesome extended version for all the chuckles and giggles.

Logan [2017]


What a great swan song for the old and ailing Wolverine. Far more a drama than an action picture (although it is loaded with some awesome action) the relationships between Charles (Professor X), Laura (Logan's genetic daughter) and the reluctant Logan (who would rather everyone just left him alone), is complex, heartfelt and, at times, heartbreaking. Truly excellent entertainment!

The Librarian 1: Quest for the Spear [2004]

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TNT produced 3 Librarian TV movies before launching the series, which ran for 4 seasons. This first entry features a professional student - recruited to become the new "Librarian" - who's first assignment is to retrieve the Spear of Destiny and save the world. Characters are quite likable (Bob Newhart and Jane Curtin were great) and it was adventurous, entertaining, and often humorous. Good family viewing.

The Librarian 2: Return to King Solomon's Mines [2006]

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Second in the TNT series of movies before 'The Librarians' TV show. This one seemed to lack something but it's hard to say what. It just seemed sloppier than the first and felt like there was a lot of roaming around with not much to do but talk about each other. This exposition came into play later but is was still somewhat laborious. Overall, it was fun ...just not as lively.

The Lincoln Lawyer [2011]

I've seen few films that are not only just like the novel, but John Romano (screenplay) manages to capture the multitude of events in the book and masterly present them all in a comprehensible fashion without rushing it. Movie or book, take your pick. They're both a tense, complex, and insidious legal thriller you're not likely to forget. Matthew McConaughey "IS" the Lincoln Lawyer, heart and soul and the acting all around is fantastic.

Leviathan [1989]


While mining silver 3 miles deep in the ocean, a crew runs across a shipwreck called the Leviathan ...and it's still carrying something. This is a pretty typical '80's monster movie that isn't too bad ...it's just made badly. The crew are unprofessional idiots, the constantly changing mutant creature is filmed in extreme closeups, flash cuts and bad lighting so we never really got a good look at it, and, apparently, they think the audience will buy that it takes just a couple minutes to go up 3 miles without proper decompression. But hey... it wasn't boring.

Look Away [2018]

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A bullied and generally miserable girl finds her alter ego within mirrors. It's never quite clear whether the mirror Maria (aptly named, Airma) is a paranormal personification of Maria's stillborn identical twin or if Maria is mentally fracturing. Regardless, India Eisley (who is actually 25) does a convincing job of portraying both sides of the high school student's personalities. The film is intended to be a slow burn but I found myself waiting for something to happen quite often. Could have been faster, scarier, more dramatic but, overall, pretty good.

The Librarian 3: The Curse of the Judas Chalice [2008]

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Surprisingly good third movie in the Librarians series. Stana Katic as the leading lady was fantastic and I enjoyed the connection between Vlad Dracul the Impaler and Judas Iscariot in it's theological fantasy storyline. Great special effects and a few good laugh-out-loud moments. Looks like they finally got the formula right. Great entertainment and, except for a few scary moments and some minor adult themes, fairly safe for the whole family.

Lake Bodom [2016]

aka Bodom


Four teenagers, all with a different agenda (that aren't bright enough to figure out they're all lying to each other), go on a trip to Lake Bodom, a place where 4 teens were murdered in 1960. Revealing some of their lies fills up the first half hour. Then there's a good twist followed by a protracted half hour of dealing with car keys and more deceptions. Then the film discards all the previous events and becomes something else entirely digressing into a series of incredibly unlikely events right up to the preposterous ending. Phhhtt!

Leatherface [2017]

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A rather simple and sad story about how Jed, the most normal and likable kid of the insane family, is turned into leatherface through the influences of his family, a sadistic operator of an asylum, a vengeful and corrupt sheriff, as well as a few other things. Thus making the efforts of this good soul surrounded by vultures rather futile. There were also moments in the film that struck me as unnecessarily gross and disgusting. It's mildly entertaining and they didn't make it campy, which definitely would not have worked so, that's a plus.

Lovers and Liars [1998]

aka Criminal Desire

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An advertising agency is a front hiring models and then sending them to Europe as slaves. Also involves a kidnapping of an ultra-rich man's daughter. This is a ludicrously low budget movie filmed on video tape that comes off like a badly made episode of a soap opera. Michael York and David Carradine must have really been hurting for cash. Smart idea to gave this film two names - Lovers and Liars in '98 and then Criminal Desire in '05 - just in case you missed it the first time around. (grin)

The Lego Movie [2014]


In a Lego universe, a nondescript construction worker becomes the 'Special' and is tasked with saving the universe from Lord Business. This was suggested by a web site guest and I found it to be very amusing, brilliantly colorful and highly imaginative. I don't recall any laugh-out-loud moments but I had a lot of fun watching it. Great for the whole family. Thanx for the suggestion.

Lumberjack Man [2015]


A lumberjack monster is slaughtering folks in a bible camp. I absolutely hated everyone in this film within the first 10 minutes. The whole film was ludicrous and infantile and insulted my intelligence so completely that I was nearly shaking with anger when the credits rolled. Michael Madsen must have done this as a favor as I can't believe his career has actually sunk to this level. If you watch this, I guarantee afterwards you will say, "Should have taken Doc's advise and skipped this one". One of the worst and most insulting movies I've ever seen.

The Last Man on Earth [1964]

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Shout - Original B&W | TUBI - Colorized.
An immune survivor of a deadly virus may be the last man on earth. After seeing The Omega Man and I Am Legend, this first film adaption of the story 'I Am Legend' is nostalgic but rather lame and poorly made. What was interesting about it, though, was the creatures that walked the night were called vampires but, by modern day terms, they were clearly zombies, in a broad sense ...a monster that didn't become mainstream until Night of the Living Dead 4 years later.

Lion of the Desert [1980]

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A historical biopic about Italy's invasion of Libya in the 20's to 30's, centered around the Italian Gen. Rodolfo Graziani and the leader of the Libyan people, Omar Mukhtar. At 173 mins, it is excessively long winded and could have easily dropped a hour. Regardless, it is a compelling film that held my interest throughout. Although dated by today's standard, the warfare was well presented and, at times, quite brutal. Oliver Reed and Anthony Quinn were excellent and the human misery of warfare was captured well.

The Little Shop of Horrors [1960]

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What do you feed a giant plant that says, "Feed me"? Humans, of course! This Corman classic is outrageously silly with over-the-top characters and a very hungry plant. Despite the silliness of it - and Jack Nicholson's outlandish cameo - the movie has a certain charm that makes it an enjoyable watch with a few laugh-out-loud moments.

Locker 13 [2014]

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An anthology movie with 5 stories that are sort of what you'd expect from the '80's versions of The Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock Presents. The stories were good and there were a lot of recognizable faces. The endings to some of the stories were quite sudden and, as such, somewhat anti-climatic. I've seen plenty of anthology movies that were better but this was fine for an evening's entertainment.

Last Woman on Earth [1960]

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While a gambler, his wife and his lawyer are scuba diving in Puerto Rico, the atmosphere is inexplicably robbed of it's oxygen temporarily. They discover they are the only ones alive on the island. Unlike most of Corman's films at the time, the event is the only thing about this film that is sci fi. In fact, this is a rather interesting character study of the dynamics between the last woman, an overbearing husband and a sensitive but fatalistic friend that goes pretty much as expected. Overly melodramatic but not a bad film.

Living in the Future's Past [2018]

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A film talking about the past, present and future of the world with its central focus on energy, the essence of the universe. If you're looking for a philosophical discussion on the subject, this is the movie for you and on that note, it was pretty good. However, this film provides nothing in the way of hard data or, unlike Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, how to solve the problems it presents. Overall, it was just repetitive philosophy from talking heads for an hour and a half ...sort of like a big rendition of "Come Together". Photography was beautiful, though.

The Long Good Friday [1980]


After 10 years of peace, London's top mob boss is on the brink of legitimization when he finds himself under attack from unknown entities. This, oh, so very British, gangster movie is not an action film but rather an extremely engrossing drama among some very engaging characters as we witness the slow destruction of an empire. Bob Hoskins, Helen Mirren, and Derek Thompson put in excellent performances. In fact, there's not a bad performance to be found in this film. Even an extremely young Pierce Brosnan, who has no lines, is good. Well done.

Lost Souls [1998]

aka Nightworld: Lost Souls


A family with an autistic daughter moves to a new town. The father finds an old machine made by Thomas Edison in the house. Upon turning it on, strange things begin to happen. This is your blatantly typical made-for-TV supernatural mystery with nothing new or special and the mystery is so cliche that it was basically no mystery at all. It wasn't bad, though. Laura Harling was excellent as the autistic girl ...she didn't overplay it and you bought it completely throughout the film. Overall, fairly good.

Lou [2022]


Two women pursue a kidnapper - who's taken the daughter of one of the two women - through the forests of the Pacific Northwest. No other details are needed as, except for a minor twist, this plays out as expected with the usual dangers and obstacles. It also relies on people sustaining far more damage than realism would allow. However, the portrayal of deep, personal and emotional characters forces the viewer to effectively feel their plight, especially Allison Janney's as Lou, making this a exciting and fun trip through a rain forest. Overall, a pretty good movie.

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