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Oasis of the Zombies [1982] Oblivion [2013] Ocean's Eight [2018]
Occupation [2018] The Odd Couple [1968] The Odd Couple II [1998]
Odd Thomas [2013] Old [2021] The Old Guard [2020]
The Old Man & the Gun [2018] Old People [2022] Olympus Has Fallen [2013]
Once Upon a Time in the West [1968] One Cut of the Dead [2017] One Dark Night [1982]
One Missed Call [2003] One Missed Call 2 [2005] One Missed Call 3: Final [2006]
The Onion Movie [2008] Open Desert [2013] Open Your Eyes [1997]
Operation Napoleon [2023]
Operation Red Sea [2018] Ouija: Origin of Evil [2016] Ouija Board [2004]
Our House [2018] Out of Blue [2018] Outbreak [1995]
The Outer Wild [2018] The Outlaws [2017] The Outpost [2020]
Overdrive [2017] Overlord [2018] The Oxford Murders [2008]

Operation Napoleon [2023]


A crashed WWII Nazi airplane is found in a melting glacier and some will kill to get what's inside it. The makers of this film ought to write a book on pacing as it was pitch perfect; never rushed and it didn't lag. Lots of suspense, some good, easy-to-see, action sequences and a bit of sardonic humor round out an exciting view. The acting is fine, although the characters aren't deeply developed but it's not really that type of movie anyway. The story's familiar but well handled and, overall, my wife and I really enjoyed it. Wide open ending, obviously set up for a sequel.

The Old Man & the Gun [2018]


A slightly fictionalized biopic of Forrest Tucker, a polite and gentlemanly fellow who robbed banks in the early 80's along with his two associates who became known as the Over-the-Hill gang. This film has no violence or action, no anger, hate, screaming and nothing particularly dramatic ...there's nothing sensational about the film at all. It's mostly conversations that are personal, relaxed, intimate and full of humor - much like having lunch with friends over coffee - with complex and extremely lovable people that my wife and I found a pure delight. Really fun film.

Old People [2022]


Old people become sort of the zombie apocalypse for no apparent reason ...and judging by the behavior of the folks in peril in this film, the elderly revolution will be a major success. This is a great example of having a good idea but not knowing how to execute it without people being monstrously stupid and irrational. "There may be dangerous people outside wanting to get in. I'll grab a flashlight and open the door!" No! Grab a frying pan and go for it! And then we have a jealousy sub-plot?? I got so angry, I no longer cared. I'm amazed I made it to the end.

Operation Red Sea [2018]

aka Hong hai xing dong

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Wow! This was exciting!! Chinese film loosely based on a rescue mission during the Yemen civil war (in this case, the country is Yewaire) in 2015. But, that really doesn't matter because once things get going, the warfare is non-stop and the little bits of drama it does have do more to get in the way then actually presenting us with a story to get serious about. The action, however, is stylish, sometimes brutally realistic, and intensely exciting including some choice gags that elicited a "Whoa!" out of me a few times. High tech warfare at it's best. Great entertainment.

The Onion Movie [2008]


Much like the 70's compilation films Groove Tube and Kentucky Fried Movie, this film makes fun of everything ...often, quite tastelessly. The biting satire is usually spot-on and occasionally LOL funny and the ending was a riot. Unfortunately, these gems of inspiration are scattered among a lot of dull, drawn out vignettes that come off as flat and lifeless and the film uses far too much profanity as a way of getting a laugh instead of actually saying or doing something funny. The overall effect is drab with a light sprinkling of brilliance. For a select audience.

Old [2021]


A varied group of people are given an opportunity to visit a 'secret' beach while vacationing at a resort. Once left there, they begin growing old. This is a creepy and tense film that had me thoroughly hooked throughout. M. Night Shyamalan, who usually underwhelms me, took a lot of effort in answering, "How would people behave in that situation?" As a result, I really saw no fault in everyone's behavior making the overall result grim and unpleasant, but in a good way. The ending was mediocre but not terrible. Overall, a well made film that I really enjoyed.

Oasis of the Zombies [1982]

aka La tumba de los muertos vivientes

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$6mil is buried in an oasis populated by the living dead. The definition of no-budget, 80's schlock film, this one is so bad, it's actually bemusing. The soundtrack is awful, no one's actions or dialogue makes any sense, the zombie makeup looks like paper mache ...including one that looks like an incredibly shocked Ms. Pinky (if you know what I mean ...and I think you do). Never wanted to turn if off, though. If you do want to see it (and why wouldn't you?) I would suggest finding a good copy of it. The Plex one is great. Tubi's copy, not so good.

Once Upon a Time in the West [1968]

aka C'era una volta il West

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A new bride coming home to her husband's ranch for the first time finds her family has been slaughtered and the land is a chunk of desert ...and now, someone wants her dead. This masterpiece, created by Sergio Leone - the man who can squeeze every drop of drama possible out of a scene ...and them some - rivals his other masterwork, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Fully formed characters, a grand story, and a cinematic feast for the eyes, all told with a minimum of dialogue, great showdowns, and humor. Who knew Henry Fonda could be this evil. The best!

Olympus Has Fallen [2013]


The White House has been taken by a hostile force and it's up to a disgraced Secret Service agent to save the world from nuclear obliteration. Wow! This was intense. The first in the "Has Fallen" series of films, I finally got around to watching it. The assault on the White House was masterfully done. Realistically, I don't see how an evasion force could pull this off without anyone knowing about it but, be that as it may, films don't get much more edge-of-your-seat exciting than this. Recalling visions of Die Hard, this was a phenomenally well made action thriller.

The Outlaws [2017]

aka Beomjoidosi


Based on true events in Seoul, S. Korea, in 2004, a small police unit tries to maintain peace among the city's various gangs when a ruthless trio of assassins from China threatens to take over everything. Very well made police procedural with compelling characters and a story that moves along at an excellent steady pace. Nothing really special stands it above other films in the genre but very entertaining, nonetheless, with some finely designed, gritty fight scenes. Interesting to see a movie of it's type with nary a gun to be seen ...not even one.

The Outpost [2020]


The true story of what took place at Camp Keating, a U.S. military outpost in Northern Afghanistan surrounded by hills. Rather than presented as a cohesive story, this is simply depicted as a series of events, and a study of the personnel, leading up to an overwhelming attack by the Taliban on October 3, 2009. Going for authenticity, some soldiers were played by the real soldiers who were there and the rest were played by actors that looked practically identical. Without being overly brutal, this was a realistic depiction of warfare in a seemingly impossible situation.

One Dark Night [1982]

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A psychic, who sucks the life force out of others to power his telekinesis, dies and is placed in a mausoleum. A jealous and vindictive girl and her two buddies force another girl through an initiation to join their little group ...by spending the night in the same mausoleum. Bad dialogue, bad directing and bad acting (except Meg Tilly who did an excellent job despite the material) accentuate this non-imaginative typical teenage thriller (using the term loosely) that provides nothing of interest for over an hour. When things did get started, it improved. Good makeup!

The Old Guard [2020]


A small group of immortals, who've been saving lives for hundreds of years, are set up by a Pharma CEO just when a new immortal shows up. Well chosen actors for the parts, especially Charlize Theron, who's good in anything, and KiKi Layne as the new recruit. Overall, the story is a familiar one that plays itself out as you'd expect but the personal scenes worked well and the action is original and very tightly choreographed. Completely open ending for a sequel and it would certainly serve well as a pilot for a series. We'll see. Really good fun!

Our House [2018]


Attempting to create a machine that can send electricity wirelessly, an inventor inadvertently energizes spirits ...and some aren't too friendly. This film could easily be broadcast as a TV movie - bloodless, light on scares and language, no real violence to speak of. It is well put together and well performed, though. A bit on the slow side, it managed to keep me engaged and the climax was pretty good. Kate Moyer, who plays the young girl, has got a great career in front of her ...very impressive!

One Cut of the Dead [2017]

aka Kamera wo tomeruna!


A goofy, Japanese, gimmick film that had its ups and downs. The first 37 mins is a single shot short film of a crew making a zombie movie when real zombies show up. Then the film jumps back in time and we see this crew preparing to present the aforementioned film live on TV. Now we get to watch the slapstick antics of the crew trying to pull this off. Technically, this was all phenomenally well choreographed and fun to watch ...especially the opening film which was very entertaining. What follows really depends on your sense of humor.

Ouija: Origin of Evil [2016]


The original Ouija was a pretty lame film so I wasn't expecting much. Well, this prequel turned out to be quite a surprise. The events build slowly enough to keep you on edge but not so slowly that you'll fall asleep. Insidious and creepy, that little girl was really fun to watch and her speech about what it's like to be strangled is priceless. Contains some really horrific imagery, as well. Good job! I've quickly become a huge fan of director, Mike Flanagan.

Oblivion [2013]


The year is 2077. After an alien war, the moon has been destroyed and earth is in shambles. The human population has migrated to Titan and all that's left is a couple, Jack and Victoria, left behind to protect the hydro rigs that are sucking up all the ocean's water. This is a cool movie with lots of great techie space craft action, a complex story, fully developed characters, awe inspiring visuals and quite a few surprises. If you like sci fi, don't miss this one.

Overlord [2018]


Ordered to take out a radio tower before the Normandy invasion, a small group of U.S. soldiers discover horrors well beyond what they were expecting. The film took its sweet time getting to the jest of the problem and I was getting extremely impatient waiting for something significant to happen. Once it did, though, things took off on a frantic pace that didn't let up. Good characterizations, good war action, excellent graphics and seriously demented spec fx and a very high level of tension made this a very entertaining roller coaster ride.

One Missed Call [2003]

aka Chakushin ari

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Take a Ring, add a little Grudge, throw in a few cell phones and you have one creepy-ass movie. People are getting messages on their cell phones, from their cell phones, chronicling their own death in a day or two. Despite being somewhat long winded, the characters anxiety and eerie atmosphere kept me totally engrossed. Although I found the last 5 minutes to be somewhat perplexing, the payoff is startling. Great spooks!

Ouija Board [2004]

aka Bunshinsaba / Witch Board


Three girls are using a form of Ouija to curse some bullying students and one of them becomes possessed. The editing in this film is terrible with some scenes way too long, some way too short, some cut to scenes that made no sense for quite some time. This frustrating pacing, along with an unoriginal story and equally unoriginal scares, made the whole experience feel flat and amateurish.

The Oxford Murders [2008]


A series of deaths appear to be linked to some sort of mathematical sequence of symbols compelling a professor and student to obsessively unravel the mystery. This is a pretty good murder mystery with lots of twists and no final solution until the very end showing that every assumption made has been wrong. John Hurt and Elijah Wood put in excellent performances. My only real issue is that there seemed to be a lot of unnecessary stuff in the film that had no impact on the story or resolution. Overall, light and intriguing entertainment.

Out of Blue [2018]


Superb writing and excellent acting highlight this otherwise dull and long winded murder investigation. Lead Det. Mike Hoolihan (Patricia Clarkson) is quite a compelling character who can intimately read people and crime scenes like a book while being equally inept at reading herself. In fact, all the characters draw and hold the viewers attention throughout. But, in the end, it was a completely actionless, tenseless, suspenseless, drawn out investigation with unsatisfying conclusions that left me wondering what else I could have done with my time.

The Odd Couple [1968]

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Two divorcees, one with an extreme case of OCD and the other, a total slob, try to make a go of living together with the expected results. This classic comedy by one of the best comedic playwrights of the 60's & 70's, Neil Simon, still holds up today as an exercise in sharp wit and outrageous scenarios that come off as very real and very funny. IMO, no other version, including the TV series, came close to this original version.

The Odd Couple II [1998]

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Felix and Oscar team up again, after not seeing each other for 17 years, to go to a wedding between Oscar's son and Felix's Daughter. As soon as they hit the road together, everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. The original Odd Couple is a comedy classic and I didn't expect this to be on the same level ...and it wasn't. However, it was amusing and entertaining with a few laugh-out-loud moments. And it was good to see Felix and Oscar back together again.

Open Desert [2013]

SPOILER WARNING: The trailer is literally the ENTIRE movie in 2 1/2 mins.

A vacation for a lawyer and his girl friend in Morocco gets interrupted by business forcing the girl to tour on her own. She decides to wing it with a rugged stranger and they end up stuck in the desert. The photography is wonderful but the pace was somewhat slow and it seems that no one can speak in full sentences ...I get tired of people saying, "Why are you asking?", instead of just answering a damn question. Not a bad movie ...it just wasn't very exciting or memorable.

Open Your Eyes [1997]

aka Abre los ojos

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The tragic and emotional journey of a playboy whose face becomes badly disfigured in an accident caused by a jealous lover and a game changing twist ending that earned it a spot on my Profoundly Twisted List. The story was excellent with a lot of odd and strange events that become clear in the end. However, it is long-winded and the acting, although very good, didn't reach the emotional level required for such a story and, as such, the characters came off as a bit cliche and melodramatic. Pretty good film, though, and well worth a watch.

One Missed Call 2 [2005]

aka Chakushin ari 2

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More people getting phone calls from their own phone in the future depicting their death and their puny efforts to stop it. The first half moved along at a steady, creepy pace setting up what promised to be an explosive second half. Unfortunately, they failed to deliver on that promise as the story got more confusing by the minute, the pacing become frustratingly bad and, in the end, I was totally perplexed and disappointed. Perhaps another viewing would minimize my confusion but it's not worth seeing again.

One Missed Call 3: Final [2006]

aka Chakushin ari Final

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The final film in the trilogy of people getting phone calls depicting their future demise ...and we can all be thankful. Turning the whole idea into a gimmick while abandoning the anxiety of the original film the whole thing ended up silly and outlandish. It was, at least, somewhat entertaining until the last half hour when they decided to extend the length for every scene by pandering to our emotions when the conclusion was obvious. This only served to annoy, irritate and frustrate me beyond reason. Even the kills were dull or completely off screen. Blah!

Overdrive [2017]

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Two brothers, who specialize in stealing multi-million dollar cars, steal from the wrong person and now must steal from another to stay alive. This came off as a sort of clone between The Fast and the Furious (with only about 25% of the stunts) and an episode of Leverage (without as much humor). It did have a very good twisted story line that went in a completely different direction than expected and overall, although there's nothing special here, I found it somewhat enjoyable.

Occupation [2018]


Aliens occupy the Earth so now we go to war. This film is as generic as they come with absolutely nothing original. The action was weak, the aliens looked silly, the story provided nothing new, the characters were shallow with their attempts at emotional scenes falling completely flat and the spec fx were nothing more than a lot of explosions, rays out of the guns and an occasional vague glimpse of the alien's aircraft and spaceships. It's not really a bad movie, it's just that I don't really have anything good to say about it.

Ocean's Eight [2018]


Debbie Ocean is released from prison after 5 years where she's had plenty of time to plan her next super heist. The characters are extremely enjoyable, the story was good and, overall, my wife and I enjoyed the film fine. However, for a movie of this type, it had sparse good wit and banter. Also, the heist went nearly perfect in that there was hardly any need to adapt to a major unforeseen problem or an adversarial antagonist trying to bring them down making the heist somewhat bland and lacking suspense.

Odd Thomas [2013]

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Not only can Odd see dead people, he can also see Bodaches, creatures that feed on tragedy and death, and they're swarming all over his town. Can he stop impending doom? Books and movies are different mediums and I never judge a movie based on how accurately it reproduces a novel. The point is, did they get the essence of the novel right. In this case, an emphatic YES! The late Anton Yelchin IS Odd Thomas exactly as I pictured him. The story was serious, yet light and amusing and the ending brought tears to my eyes. Excellent adaptation!

The Outer Wild [2018]

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In a post-apocalyptic world, under a red sun, a girl, who is supposed to hold the cure, escapes from a compound and journeys to some place to find an answer? I think? That's the problem with this film in that everything is so vague. Nobody simply answers a question or talks normally in this film ...it's like they find it necessary to be mysterious, to hold secrets. It's frustrating as hell as a viewer as I don't quite know for sure what anybody's talking about or what anyone wants. Even the vague ending left me going, "I don't get it".

Outbreak [1995]


A monkey, smuggled into the US, is the host for an extremely deadly virus ...and it gets loose. Whereas Contagion was a dry and somewhat clinical look at a virus outbreak (making it all the more terrifying), this film is more on the action side of that 'what if' scenario. Regardless, it's still more terrifying than most so-called horror films. This one throws in a covert military bio-weapon slant, as well. Lots of pretty good action and extremely tense and suspenseful. Good movie!

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