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Natural Born Killers [1994] Necronomicon: Book of the Dead [1993] Nekrotronic [2018]
Network [1976] The New Mutants [2020] New Terminal Hotel [2010]
The Newton Boys [1998] Next of Kin [1982] Nezha Reborn [2021]
The Nice Guys [2016] The Night Comes for Us [2018] Night Drive [2022]
The Night Eats the World [2018] Night Gallery [1969] Night Hunter [2018]
Night in Paradise [2020] Night of the Living Dead [1968] Night Sweats [2019]
Night Watch [2004] The Night Watchmen [2017] Nightcrawler [2014]
The Nightmare (Dir: Rodney Ascher) [2015] The Nightmare (Dir: Akiz) [2015] Nightmare Castle [1965]
Nightmare Cinema [2018] No Escape [2015] No estamos solos [2016]
No Time to Die [2021] Nobody [2021] Nope [2022]
Noroi: The Curse [2005]
Nosferatu [1922] Nothing Left to Fear [2013] November [2017]
November Criminals [2017] Now You See Me 2 [2016] The Nun [2018]

Nope [2022]


The folks of Agua Dulce is under siege from a malevolent entity. I love Peele's films, but... wow! What a misfire! Easily 40 mins too long with sloppy, inconsistent pacing and editing, I didn't like the characters so I didn't care what happened to them (I was more concerned about the horses), attempts at subtle humor never landed, unnecessarily profane and although the climax was visually stunning, it wasn't really exciting and fell flat. And that side story about a psycho monkey went completely over my head ...why was it here? I don't get it. Pretty disappointing.

The Nice Guys [2016]


My wife and I really disliked this attempt at a humorous antagonistic buddy movie where they're trying to find a missing person. Nobody was the least bit likable, except Holly (Angourie Rice), who was superb. Although there were a few LOL moments, most attempts at humor were awkward, forced, mean-spirited, and just fell flat. I was ahead of what was going on more than once (which doesn't say much for our trained investigators) and other times I was confused as to what they were doing and why. Even the climax was meh and it was easily 20 mins too long.

Night Hunter [2018]

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After arresting a psychopath in a house full of captive girls, things continue to escalate. Is he psycho? Is he a mastermind who has them all fooled? Who's the accomplice and how many of them are there? Answering these questions is what this psychological thriller is all about with several twists and surprises along the way keeping me totally locked in for the duration. Everyone's performances is exceptional, especially Brendan Fletcher as the antagonist whose totally psychotic behavior was creeping me out in this tense, dark and creepy film. Nicely done!

Nezha Reborn [2021]

aka New Gods: Nezha Reborn / Xin shen bang: Ne Zha chong sheng


A motorcycle racer discovers he is the incarnation of the God Nezha and a dragon king wants to destroy him. The story is pretty familiar and basically used to present us with absolutely stunning animation, adrenaline fueled action sequences and incredibly imaginative, eye-bulging creature designs. Amidst all the eye candy, they managed to present fully developed, fun and likable characters that we can genuinely care about. I don't usually gravitate towards animation films much but this was a real treat and I'll be following the New Gods series.

Nosferatu [1922]

aka Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens

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Took me 100 years but I finally got around to watching this. A realtor, Hutter, travels to Count Orlok's to get his signature for a new property, which happens to be across the street from Hutter's place. Now he must race back to his beloved before Orlok gets there. Most of the film is dominated by this race with some of the most chilling moments on the ship transporting Orlok. Very atmospheric and quite creepy for its time. The art of pacing had not been perfected as there's a lot of drag and mundane activity but it's quite an interesting and nostalgic view. Very cool!

Next of Kin [1982]

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A woman inherits her mother's estate which is now a retirement care facility. Despite the normalcy of the place, she soon finds something sinister is going on. Although labeled as horror, this is more a mysterious drama with the first half filled with suspenseful sequences that culminate in ...well, nothing really. But the characters are exceptionally real, relatable, intelligent, and likable, keeping one's attention to see what happens next. Although the ending is somewhat predictable, with a minor twist, the second half and climax was certainly worth the wait. Nice!

Night Drive [2022]


Close friends go on a night drive to celebrate her birthday when a man collapses on the street in front of them. Things take a dark turn when they learn this man is connected to a political scandal that she, as a reporter, is currently right in the middle of. The fun and frolic scenes went on for far too long, probably to play a song in its entirety, but they were endearing and likable so it didn't hurt. When things went south, it turned and twisted like an unhappy cat with everyone trying to survive a mess that continues to escalate. Good, tense, Hitchcockian drama.

Nobody [2021]

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Struggling through the daily routine of a humdrum life, a man finds himself at odds with a Russian kingpin. If you like John Wick, you will love this film. Bob Odenkirk is absolutely stupendous as a man forced to protect his family by dredging up the skills of a past he thought he had left behind. Superbly written, it maintains a level of seriousness while making the viewer laugh out load numerous times and giving everyone a wealth of personality that was a joy to watch. The action, the gags, the story, the pacing, even the monologues, are spot-on perfect. Wow, what a ride!!

No Time to Die [2021]


A retired Bond is asked to get involved in the theft of a nanobot that can kill specific individuals via DNA. Daniel Craig is my favorite Bond (even though I've never been a big Bond fan) and he did a awesome job in this one as well as his supporting cast. The action and stunts were as flashy as expected, complex story that you had to pay attention to but not overly complicated and a good deal of heart felt emotions. Seemed quite long for the amount of story but it held my attention. Didn't make me a huge Bond fan but I'm looking forward to see what happens next.

Night Sweats [2019]


After his childhood buddy and roommate dies mysteriously, a skateboarder begins investigating the company he worked for and finds himself way over his head. Although I had a few logic problems with the story, and the surprise ending was a complete non-surprise, it didn't interfere with my enjoyment of this film. And, when you consider that it's basically Kickstarter financed, they did a pretty good job. Good tension and pacing, believable characters, decent writing and, overall, quite entertaining ...especially for a low budget film. I was impressed.

Natural Born Killers [1994]


This surreal, macabre, blood drenched, ultra-violent art piece from Oliver Stone depicts the killing spree of Mick and Mallory. Praised as cultural icons, they become the means by which all can live out their vicarious need for destruction. Stringently criticized for it's glamorous, artistic and, oftentimes, gleeful depiction of brutality when it was released prior to the Internet and social media, it's become even more relevant in today's world where occurrences such as this have become commonplace ...and we still love to see it splashed across the screen. Brutal!

Night in Paradise [2020]


The top enforcer for a mob boss is on the run after taking revenge for the killing of his sister and niece and now he finds himself in a strange relationship with a suicidal girl. This movie came roaring out of the starting gate with a lot of pizzazz and was shaping up to be an awesome gangster film. Unfortunately, it slowly began to lose it's energy about half way through, the scenes started dragging out as people spent in inordinate amount of time NOT having a conversation, and the ending... Holy Cow! What a downer!! Some good action scenes.

The New Mutants [2020]


Quite likely the last X-Men universe movie within the current timeline and probably just as well as it's getting a bit long in the tooth. Some scenes in the film suggest this takes place sometime prior to Logan and is more horror than your typical X-Men. The characters were believable and smart and the spec fx were fine. It's major problem, though, is pacing. About 2/3rds of the film is just setting things up and overall, rather dull and uneventful. Then they cram everything into an extended, action packed climax. Good film but could have been parsed out better.

Nightmare Cinema [2018]

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5 stories by 5 directors was real hit-and-miss. "The Thing in the Woods" parodied itself making it too silly to be serious but not particularly humorous either. "Mirari" was OK but predictable. "Mashit" was the first dead serious story and doing very well until the farcically gory climax that rendered it just as silly as the first. "This Way to Egress" was, by far, the best story about a woman losing touch with reality. Dead serious with excellent acting and should have been in a different film. "Dead" was good but came off more as a pilot episode for a TV show.

Noroi: The Curse [2005]


A paranormal investigator links several supernatural events to a demonic ritual ...and it may not be over. An effectively creepy mockumentary, in the 'found footage' style, that tells an elaborate and complex story of several characters experiencing bizarre events. Despite being a bit of a slow burn, with many scenes and plot points dragged out beyond what's necessary, it was compelling enough to keep me fully engaged throughout. Well acted and nicely designed, it'll keep you on the edge of your seat with a sense of dread right up to the savage climax.

Night Watch [2004]

aka Nochnoy dozor


Anton, a soldier of the light, must find and protect a boy who's being pursued by a vampiress. Somewhat cryptic and, at times, incomprehensible, I found myself questioning what everyone was doing and what their goals were. Filmed in a very stylized fashion, that made it enjoyable to watch despite the constant head scratching. The ending cleared things up a bit, and I suppose if I watched it again, I'd understand it more, but I'm really not that interested in sitting through it again ...although I will watch the sequel at some point.

Network [1976]

My personal favorite film. No movie ever made - and possibly ever will be made - has this level of dialogue. A satirical look at the TV industry in the 70's, you'd think this film would be quite dated by now. But, ironically, this film has become far less satirical and far more real and frightening as time goes on. Absolutely brilliant filmmaking with a phenomenal cast, this is a "must see" by everyone. Update: Just found a trailer that's worthy of the film. Check it out with the trailer button above!

November Criminals [2017]


Two high school students deal with the murder of a friend while in the midst of starting a romantic relationship. Contrary to the trailer, this film is about the relationship. In fact, the murder, and subsequent investigation, is simply used as a tool to create tension within this new relationship. It's predictable and it's never given any priority status within the story. The two leads are cute, extremely likable and the story is honest and real. But, I expected a murder mystery thriller and got a romance that will appear on the Lifetime channel soon, me thinks.

The Nightmare [2015]

aka Der Nachtmahr


A girl befriends an odd creature she finds in her house while everyone else thinks she's losing her mind. The definition of dull, this movie is basically a cross between E.T. and Basket Case (with none of the fun or scares) with everyone terrified of a creature that is obviously non-threatening. The film had me interested up until the creature made an appearance. After that, no one's actions were logical, I waited in ungodly amount of time for something to happen and, ultimately, the film made no sense. I liked the techno-rave music.

The Night Comes for Us [2018]


A triad assassin is unable to kill a young girl and all hell breaks loose. This gory, Asian violence, high-action film finds great joy in flinging as much blood and guts at the screen as possible in a frantic, seemingly unstoppable manner. This is really quite fun and exciting in a cinematic context but the excessive violence and gore loses its shock value fairly quickly. The choreography is fantastic if, once again, you view it in a cinematic context. Otherwise, it's pretty unrealistic and severely over-the-top. Just depends on what you like. I got a kick out of it, myself!

Nightcrawler [2014]


A highly manipulative, sociopathic hustler finds that he's very good at video taping various crimes and accidents and selling his tapes to the local news. Jake Gyllenhaal is brilliant and incredibly creepy as a man who simply has no morals or limits when it come to serving himself regardless of whether it's illegal or causes injuries or lives. Everything is about the shot and the money / recognition that goes with it. Be forewarned, this is a dark, intensely disturbing look at human tragedy and how others feed on it ...it made a friend of mine feel dirty afterwards.

Night of the Living Dead [1968]

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SHOUT - Original B&W | TUBI - Colorized.

Although extremely tame by today's standards, this movie shocked and mortified audiences creating and popularizing both the zombie and gore horror genres at the same time. The mix of amateur actors and low budget but masterful photography gives the film a level of realism that many of today's films can't capture. It certainly has withstood the test of time.

Now You See Me 2 [2016]

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The group of master magicians, known as The Horsemen, stage a show to discredit a new communications czar who plans to use his new phones to collect information on everyone. Instead, The Horsemen inexplicably end up in Macau, China. It didn't feel as tightly constructed as the prequel but it was still loaded with clever illusions, eye-popping magic tricks and a truckload of entertainment. The very final scene left me baffled and irritated so be ready for that but overall, a really fun movie with amusingly colorful characters that will make you smile throughout.

Necronomicon: Book of the Dead [1993]


The Book of the Dead is used to present an anthology of H.P. Lovecraft stories. It's low budget, there's nothing particularly complex or profound about the stories and, if it weren't for the gore, it'd be easy to mistake this film as a made-for-TV movie. However, I thought it came off rather well. The overacting gave it a surreal quality (including overacting master, Jeffrey Combs), the gore was sufficiently squishy and the creatures were definitely Lovecraftian in nature ...especially Cthulhu. Very entertaining.

The Newton Boys [1998]


Biopic about the Newton Boys who robbed over 80 banks in the 20's without killing anyone. They do a pretty good job of killing this movie, though. In a word ...dull. Neither dramatic nor humorous, serious nor campy, acting was mediocre, characters were transparent, dialogue provided nothing interesting to listen to, no action to speak of, and overall it was just dull ...dull, dull, dull, dull.

No estamos solos [2016]

aka We Are Not Alone


A Peruvian film about a man, his new wife and his girl (who's got issues with the new step-mom) moves into a haunted country home. Since there are thousands of haunted house movies, one doesn't judge on originality but rather how well it was made. In this case, not bad. Not a lot of intense scares but the atmosphere and photography had an almost horror film noir look making the house uncomfortable. The people were real and their reactions genuine. Nothing new here but worth a watch if you got nothing else planned.

Night Gallery [1969]


Made-for-TV movie and a pilot for the TV series hosted by Rod Serling featuring short stories each centered around a piece of art. Rather than the zombie, slaughter, maniac style horror that is prevalent on TV today, what we had in the 60's was mostly psychological horror which actually required a certain amount of imagination to get it's full effect. This was a supreme example of great psychological horror at the time ...especially the climax of the last story which still sends shivers down my spine.

Nothing Left to Fear [2013]


Pastor and family move to Stull ...a quiet little country town with a very dark and deadly secret. Two nightmare sequences (completely irrelevant) and a shock sequence saves the first hour from completely boring me to death with mysterious but unexplained behavior and veiled ambiguities. Finally, things get started with some very nice horrific spec fx but doing them over and over again ad nauseam looses its luster and rendering the film title quite prophetic. In the end, I really don't have any idea what happened or why ...nor do I care. Pretty lame movie.

November [2017]

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Taking place in medieval Estonia, this surreal, black & white story of unrequited love comes from a similar universe as Eraserhead. A girl in a village, with some of the most bizarre witchery you could imagine (including imbuing inanimate objects with human souls), falls in love with a young man who, in turn, is in love with a baroness. The atmosphere, photography, characters and the overall macabre nature of the film kept me totally hooked from start to finish. Visually stunning. Never seen anything like it.

Nightmare Castle [1965]

aka Amanti d'oltretomba / The Night of the Doomed

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A scientist tortures and kills his wife and her lover and uses her heart and blood to help prevent his real lover from growing old. When he finds that his wife's will left everything to her sister, he's forced to marry her and attempts to drive her insane. This Italian Gothic supernatural horror film is rather slow-paced without a whole lot happening. Barbara Steel does a good job as both the wife and sister. Despite it being B&W, the period costumes and palace settings provide some exquisite eye candy ...find an uncut, restored HD copy.

The Night Watchmen [2017]

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Four watchmen and an office worker find themselves stuck in an office building with a zombie vampire (zompire?) horde led by a clown named Blimpo. This comic gore film was actually far more entertaining than I thought it would be. Most of the humor was just a bit off target but it was close with some real laugh-out-loud moments and some very memorable gags. Excellent entertainment ...if you can handle all the blood.

The Night Eats the World [2018]

aka La nuit a devore le monde

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In Paris, a man goes to his ex-girlfriend's house, who's having a party, and locks himself in a back room to be away from the crowd. He wakes up to a zombie apocalypse. The beginning of this film had me thoroughly hooked with this guys fight for survival; he's intelligent, calm, methodical and has his priorities straight. But that slowly went from excitement to boredom to disappointment as the movie really went nowhere after that except depressing and pointless. Good character study if you don't mind going nowhere.

Nekrotronic [2018]

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A cesspool pump operator finds out he's supposed to be the key in a war between Nekromancers and Demons. The first few minutes is rather disgusting and I almost turned it off. Once things got started, I was hooked! The performances of Ben O'Toole, as the poor sap who's completely out of his element, Monica Bellucci, as the head demon, and everyone else made for some extremely likable and fun characters. Although not as well made as other films like it, the balance between serious, funny, great action and eye candy was outstanding.

The Nightmare [2015]


Docudrama interviewing several people who suffer from sleep paralysis with several dramatizations. The experiences of these people were rather fascinating and they were very extensively presented. That's also the movie's problem ...that's all there is. I think the film would have really benefited by including some scientific and historical background. As it is, these experiences, although interesting, start to get pretty redundant after a while and many of the dramatizations come off like something out of a paranormal TV show.

New Terminal Hotel [2010]

aka Do Not Disturb

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In an effort to get revenge on the man responsible for his girlfriend's death, a writer finds that torturing and killing people is pretty easy. This is a painfully obvious amateur effort but, by not making any allusions as to what the movie was or should be, I found it a rather surprisingly interesting character study as the main character starts out with revenge and finds his life now becoming increasingly insane day by day. Yeah, it's not a great movie but it's certainly different and I didn't hate it.

No Escape [2015]

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A man's job takes him, his wife, and two little girls to live in Malaysia. They happen to arrive on the same day a military coup has overthrown the government and they're killing foreigners. This nail-biter plays out in a realistic, logical way forcing the family to find some unimaginable courage and fortitude. The tension never lets up as they desperately try to make their way to some sort of safe haven. I've seen better films of this type but this one was quite effective and quite a ride.

The Nun [2018]


Part of the Warren universe series of films, this one chronicles an investigation in the early 50's into the apparent suicide of an abbey nun in Romania by a Father of the church, who specializes in these things, and a nun-to-be who has visions. Incredibly simple story ...a gate has opened letting evil in and now it must be closed. So, the film is basically just a long series of horrific events, one after the other, until it's all resolved. It does have some pretty effective scares and generally entertaining.

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