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Monsters vs. Aliens [2009]


Susan is struck my a meteorite on her wedding day making her 50' tall. She's secreted away by the military with other monsters. They're finally let loose when they have to save the world from aliens. This movie is seriously funny with some incredibly imaginative gags and hilarious dialogue and personalities. Animation is great, the varied monsters and aliens were a delight, especially BOB the blob who was hysterical. They managed an excellent balance between serious and humor to establish a good sense of danger among the chuckles. My wife and I loved it.

My Soul to Take [2010]


16 years after the reign of the horrific Ripper Killer of Riverton was stopped, 7 children who were born on that same day begin dying off. Really strong opening and the film did have some good elements. The characters were fine although a little weird in their motivations. It's problem is that the story's been done in several movies and probably at least one episode of every crime series that's ever been made. Wes Craven still manages to create an effective well-made slasher that keeps the viewer guessing ...pity it's not more original. Fun watch, though.

The Mitchells vs the Machines [2021]


On a road trip to take their daughter to film school, the Mitchells unwittingly find themselves the hope for humanity against the rise of the machines. First the negative... it's way too long. Beyond that, this was an extremely fun and exciting adventure with awesome animation, incredibly detailed and hilarious characters, including a dog that's super funny, a well-crafted story that moved along at an excellent pace, and some excellent heartfelt and inspirational moments, all presented with enormous imagination. Great entertainment for the whole family.

Minions [2015]


This Despicable Me prequel details the origin of the minions and their need to serve a super villain. A very entertaining film mostly centered around Stuart, Kevin and Bob and their experiences with the evil Scarlet Overkill. Each having a distinct personality, the clueless humor and shenanigans are constant and ofttimes LOL hilarious with plenty of laughs for both kids and adults. The animation is spot-on and highly imaginative. We watch movies with sub-titles and I was constantly amused seeing [Speaking Minionese] every time they started babbling. Good fun!

Mission: Impossible [1996]


My wife and I have been traveling through the M:I universe and we've made it to the movies. They managed to maintain that TV Series aesthetic while giving it a far more modern look for a film 3 decades old. I don't think turning the series' favorite character into a villain was a wise choice and I'll just overlook the fact that the biggest heist in the film would have been foiled with a simple $19.95 motion detector. Otherwise, the story was complex and compelling, the acting was fine, the action was over-the-top but exciting and we're looking forward to the sequels.

Mission: Impossible II [2000]


Ethan Hunt must stop a deadly new virus from falling into the wrong hands. The directing styles from Brian De Palma (1st film) to John Woo is pretty stark making this far less an M:I movie and far more a James Bond action flick. Not a lot of time is spent on the depth of the characters focusing almost exclusively on Ethan and the villain and the romantic scenes just felt awkward. But the film is loaded with Woo's trademark car & motorcycle chases and stunts, shootouts galore and non-stop, superbly choreographed fights making it all a very fun popcorn matinee.

Mission: Impossible III [2006]


Ethan is pulled out of retirement, despite a pending marriage, to rescue a fellow agent and stop an arms dealer. This was an exciting and intense action piece moving along at a very brisk pace making the 2+ hour run time feel a lot shorter. Philip Seymour Hoffman was outstanding as the ruthless, sociopathic villain and everyone else did a fine job. The action sequences were incredible and far more grounded than previous efforts ...the rescue and bridge sequences were fantastic rendering the final confrontation sorta anti-climactic. Nevertheless, thrilling stuff.

Mission: Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol [2011]


The IMF is disbanded when they're accused of blowing up the Kremlin and must work on their own to hunt down a madman who wants to start WWIII. I give credit to the film for feeling more like the original series than the other films, utilizing a few excellent gimmicks and cons fact, those were the best parts. But, except for a few choice moments, the action sequences in this were pretty rote and not particularly compelling or thrilling. Everyone did a good job, loved seeing Jeremy Renner, the story was fine and I enjoyed it. I just wasn't all that impressed with it.

Mission: Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation [2015]


Finally, an M:I film that embraces the original TV series concept as the now disbanded IMF force is pitted against an Anti-IMF, if you will, who's behind a series of global political disasters and assassinations. With a full understanding of what M:I should be, writer / director Christopher McQuarrie has taken charge and presents us with a perfect mix of high action / stunts, drama, intrigue, humor, and twists that leaves the viewer exhausted as to what will happen next. Sean Harris (villain) & Rebecca Ferguson (triple agent) and everyone else were awesome. Wow!

Mission: Impossible 6 - Fallout [2018]


The IMF is out to stop the sale of three plutonium cores that will be used in nuclear bombs. Taking place 2 years after the last film, with some of the same characters, this is much more an action piece focusing on the chase with not as much trademark subterfuge and gimmicks. And, although incredibly exciting, the action if basically responsible for its 147 min run time with some sequences going on way too long and not really adding anything to the story except a lot of adrenaline and eye candy. Despite being overwhelmed at times, incredibly exciting fun.

Mosquito State [2020]


A peculiar and socially awkward man - who develops financial models for a Wall St. firm - finds his world, both physically and psychologically, falling apart after a encounter with a woman and a mosquito bite. Having a similar pessimistic feel as Pi, this film delivers an extremely dark vision, without a hint of humor, that is disturbingly weird and ultimately incomprehensible. It's also extremely slow and only its unique vision kept me hooked despite my moments of wishing it would hurry up. Some will like it but most will probably just shake their heads in wonder.

The Mummy [1999]


Two parties of explorers are trying to find an ancient city in Egypt and unwittingly set a 3000-year-old mummy loose ...and he is not happy! Took me 2 decades but I got around to watching this one. Exciting, fun adventure ala Indiana Jones, albeit a bit more farcical and slapstick. The characters, who are basically stereotypical caricatures, are played to perfection. Even the bad guys are fun to watch. Great special effects, lots of action and an enjoyable level of levity and humor. No language and good family fair, if you don't mind a little fantasy violence.

The Mummy Returns [2001]


The mummy from the first film returns and is now planning to destroy the Scorpion King in order to control his undead army of Anubis' ...and the O'Connell family is right in the thick of things. This is an exciting grand adventure with one thing after another being thrown at the viewer making this a thrilling and fun watch. Lot's of imagination (although the CGI is pretty funky), good characters, a good deal of comic relief all works together to make this an extremely appropriate family film suitable for older children. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor [2008]


The discovery of Qin Shi Huang's terracotta army provides the inspiration for this exciting entry in the Mummy series. I don't get the low ratings. Story wise, it's pretty cookie cutter with no surprises and things play out exactly as expected. But, the characters are likable and fun to watch, the dialogue is crisp with a good dose of wit, the spec fx are not the caliber we've seen in the past but quite grand for a smaller budget film and the action was edge-of-your-seat awesome. This is good ole matinee escapist entertainment. Just don't expect more from it.

My Psychedelic Love Story [2020]


This biodoc centers around Joanna Harcourt-Smith's relationship with Timothy Leary as his common-law wife from 1972-77. It's quite interesting, personal and, at times, a fascinating tale of adventure, romance, self-discovery, and, of course, politics and prison. Painfully tragic victims of their time, especially amid the Nixon's so-called "War on Drugs", their actions today would probably go largely unnoticed. Also, enjoyed the fact that the Tarot cards that Leary carried with him (the Aleister Crowley / Thoth deck) is the same deck I've used for nearly 50 years.

The Mortuary Collection [2019]

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Marking his feature film directorial debut, Ryan Spindell demonstrates his talents in short horror films with this anthology centered around a new employee at the Raven's End Mortuary. The stories are fairly simple but exquisitely presented with outstanding visuals and photography, excellent acting with just a small dose of 'don't take this seriously' that makes them work on several levels. The dialogue is missing the level of wit and quotable lines that would put it in the same league as Creepshow but horrifically good entertainment, nonetheless.

Monster Party [2018]

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Three young thieves, with the intent to rob a rich family, pose as temp servers for a party ...a serial killer anonymous party. Almost turned it off as the first 40 mins are pretty obnoxious with nothing happening. But, when things finally did kick in, holy cow! Hang on to your seats. Extra points for never letting the viewer know what's going to happen from one second to the next right up to the totally unexpected ending. Soundtrack by Felix Erskine & Nao Sato is awesome ...and no soundtrack album. What a pity! Quite fun if you can get through the first half.

Monster Man [2003]


I'm surpised this film got as good ratings as it did. This is a ridiculous movie about a psycho who uses a monster truck to terrorize a couple of totally unlikable and unwatchable morons who wouldn't know a good line or an intelligent thought if it slapped them in the face. The guy on a slab near the end of the movie gave me a couple chuckles and it's the only thing that saved this film from being tagged with a Hall of Shame placard.

Molly's Game [2017]


True story of the prosecution of Molly Bloom, the woman who ran one of the most elite poker rooms in the world. I'm usually not that interested in biopics but I saw this one for a number of reasons. I didn't know how the story would turn out, I like poker, I like the people in the film, and it had a good trailer. Was it worth it? Damn, straight! The characters and motivations were sincere, well fleshed out and totally engrossing. A very fine balance of tension, danger, excitement, and people we enjoy watching and care about.

My Favorite Year [1982]

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Peter O'Toole is fantastic performing as Alan Swann, a 1950's motion picture swashbuckler who's been asked to play on a live TV variety show and who has a bit of a problem staying sober. "I'm not an actor. I'm a movie star!" Very funny and an excellent view into the live comedy shows of the 50's. Both thoroughly and equally amusing and quite touching, it's a "must see" classic comedy.

The Mist [2007]


A really good monster movie that got wrapped up in it's own narrative, i.e., too long and I wanted nothing more than for that woman preaching hellfire and brimstone to just SHUT UP!! Regardless, it fully maintained it's level of intensity, the monsters were cool and it was loaded with startling moments. The ending is incredibly ironic and sad. Not a bad ending ...just be prepared for it. It hurts.

Mile 22 [2018]


A local policeman, who defects to the US Embassy, holds the secret to where stashes of Cesium-129 are hidden but will only reveal them if they get him out of the country. Holy cow, what an adrenaline rush! Reminiscent of The Raid and BuyBust, once things get going, it's a non-stop roller coaster ride of action that is superbly choreographed and intensely realistic at the same time. Although his character got a bit much sometimes, Mark Wahlberg is excellent as the nearly psychotic group leader who thrives in chaos.

Mortal Engines [2018]


Well into a post-apocalyptic future, cities literally roam the countryside swallowing up smaller communities with the story focusing on a megalomaniac bent on recreating the power that destroyed civilization in the first place and a girl who may hold the key to stopping him. The superbly created CGI is the star of the show by creating a future world that is realistic and awe-inspiring despite the ludicrous idea behind it. The characters were well defined, likable, colorful and fun to watch, the action is top notch. No negatives here.

Middle Man [2016]

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A guy, who isn't very funny, is traveling to Las Vegas to be a stand-up comedian. He runs into some trouble and the bodies start piling up. I was ready to shut off this dark comedy after about 30 mins but I stuck with it. It did get better but the humor is very, very dry. I would imagine it would suit the Better Call Saul crowd more than a general audience. I also thought the situations were becoming increasingly ridiculous ...albeit humorous. Overall, it had its funny moments, but I was expecting something far more laugh worthy.

Monsterz [2014]


A man, who can mentally control anyone his can see, meets his nemesis in a man who is immune to his control. This film started strong and had a great premise. Unfortunately, the longer the film ran, the worse it got. The filmmakers insisted on turning this into a philosophical dilemma wrapped in guilt and redemption to the point where any momentum the film had was tossed by the wayside. The ending was an overly-extended exercise in sappy sentimentalism and I couldn't wait for it to get over with.

Mute [2018]


A mute Amish, in future Berlin, goes in search of his missing girlfriend. That's it. This 80 min story, in a 126 min package, featured some beautiful visuals and some fine performances. However, the characters were humorless and pathetic, the story is slow, confusing and depressing, and the fact that our protagonist is Amish and mute and the story takes place in the future has minuscule relevance to the story, at best. Could have been done with a healthy, normal guy in modern day NYC and probably would have been more interesting. Dull and terribly sad.

Mine [2016]


A sniper and his spotter are stuck in the desert after a failed mission and their GPS is broken. Heading to a village, they inadvertently step into a mine field that kills one and leaves the other standing on a mine ...for 52 hours. Basically an endurance film similar to Gerald's Game or Buried, this one is exceptionally tense, emotional, and frustrating. The real prize, however, was the local man who would come by to help, taunt, encourage, and wax philosophical about what it is to be a free man. I'm normally not a fan of endurance films but I thought this one was really good.

Mine Games [2012]

aka The Evil Within

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I apparently liked this far more than most, probably because I enjoy movies with parallel time lines overlapping each other. Is there really a time loop going on? ...or is Michael hallucinating the whole thing because he went off his meds? Did the ambiguous ending mean the cycle is broken? You'll have to decide for yourself. Not even close to being as good as Triangle but better than Timecrimes, imo, and it's fun to try and spot all the clues on a second viewing.

Monsters [2010]

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When NASA discovered life in our solar system, they sent a ship up to get samples. The ship crashed on the return trip dumping monsters in Mexico. 6 years later, two Americans are trying to get back to the US through the infected zone ...and that's it. Nothing else happens. Calling the film "Monsters" and establishing this major premise around them is incredibly misleading as the monsters only have about 5 mins of screen time. The film is mainly about tagging along with a pair of folks who are generally likable but rather dull and uninteresting.

Mr. Jones [2013]


A couple, living out in the middle of nowhere, discover they're neighbors with a well-known but extremely reclusive sculpturist known as Mr. Jones and they decide to try and make a documentary about him. Things go downhill from there ...both for them and for us viewers. This movie had my attention in a major way and then picked away at it with characters that weren't particularly likable, far too much reaction footage rather than show us what they're seeing, long, extended nightmares that were incomprehensible and ultimately, angrily frustrating.

Mother [2009]

aka Madeo

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A doting mother goes on a relentless trek to prove her dim-witted, memory challenged son did not murder a young girl. But, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for. You just might get it. More of a character study than a murder mystery, it ran over 2 hours and felt like 3. However, the characters, the twists and Bong Joon Ho's (Snowpiercer, Parasite) brilliant film making had me wrapped up in it nonetheless.

MindGamers [2015]


A group of students experiment with connecting people together into a singular consciousness through quantum communication. Quite a lofty premise, indeed ...and I'm sure the filmmakers had a clear picture in their mind as to how the whole story works. Unfortunately, the film, albeit stylish and intriguing to watch, ended up being utterly and completely incomprehensible. I really would like to understand the scientific and philosophical ideas they tried to present but in the end, I'm just baffled beyond measure.

The Monuments Men [2014]


The true story about a group of men heading into Europe during WWII in an attempt to find, preserve, and return artwork that is quickly being collected and hidden by the Germans. The all-star cast makes for some nice performances and it was quite interesting from a historical perspective but overall, I found it rather dull. I think I would have enjoyed it more as a straight forward documentary as I wouldn't have been expecting so much.

Mind, Body & Soul [1992]

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A man takes his girlfriend to a satanic cult sacrifice and now they want to kill her. This is basic filmmaking 101. The acting and dialogue were so inane, I'd have guessed it was done by a middle school class except for all the boobs and softcore sex. People just don't act like that and the actors were simply doing what was necessary in a scene to get to the next scene ...many of which don't make much sense. Yet, oddly, at no time did I want to turn it off. How the hell does that work?

Mutants [2009]


French film about a couple's attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse caused by viral infection. Technically and visually, the movie was quite effective at being brutally realistic and quite unpleasant as we watch the virus slowly destroy someone in horribly, gut wrenching ways. Beyond that, there's hardly any story here at all and the pacing was quite slow ...most action takes place in the last 15 minutes. Avoid zombies, survive climactic attack, wait for rescue. That's pretty much it.

Mystery Road [2013]

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A cop, whose just completed detective training, returns to his hometown in the outback just in time to deal with a young girl found murdered on a country road. I liked the main character who played the role of a novice detective trying to keep his head above water and it had an excellent and extremely realistic gun fight near the end. But, I could imagine this film being on many 'Top 10 Movies to Fall Asleep By' lists. Up until the last 10 minutes, this movie is ungodly slow and largely uneventful with a whole lot of talking ...slowly.

Morgan [2016]


A corporate risk management consultant is sent to evaluate a test tube being created with synthetic DNA who attacked one of its doctors. This was an extremely well made film depicting our complete inability on how to deal with an extremely intelligent being who we desperately want to regard as human - and teach how to become human - at our own peril. I had some slight suspicions about the ending but they were so vague the surprise was far from spoiled. Remarkable performances by Anya Taylor-Joy and Kate Mara, and great acting all around.

Mother! [2017]

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A writer and his wife (who's renovating their home after a fire) keeps having unexpected, and destructive visitors parading through their house. This film was unsettling and uncomfortable from the word go. I had some idea of what was happening in the opening scene but I rejected that notion as it seemed to obvious. In the end, I was right ...making the whole thing futile and pointless. Plus, there's elements in the film that seem to serve no purpose. A very well made film that I'm sure others will praise but I really disliked it.

Mr. Brooks [2007]


A successful business man, who's addicted to murder, runs into a number of problems with his last kill. This Dexter like psychological thriller is an exceptionally well designed story that gets more complex and complicated as time goes on. Kevin Costner and William Hurt were excellent as they argue with each other throughout the film ...Hurt being Mr. Brooks' inner voice named Marshall, you see. The ending was sufficiently twisted to leave me smiling. A very pleasant and extremely entertaining watch.

Midnighters [2017]

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Coming home from a New Years Eve celebration, a couple hits a man on a woodlands road. While looking for ID, they discover their address in the man's wallet. Thus begins a twisted thriller full of hidden agendas, differing motives, and bad decisions among a varied assortment of characters including a psychopath that's so freakin' creepy, he was making my skin crawl ...and that's hard to do. This film never once let's you know where it's going as it drags you along for the ride. I was totally absorbed right up to the satisfying ending.

Murder on the Orient Express [2017]


A passenger is murdered on the Orient Express and Hercule Poirot must solve the case. Agatha Christie purists will probably have some issues with it (I know my wife did) as Poirot is portrayed as a bit of a fighter when a couple altercations ensue. Also, it was obviously updated for today's theater audience but that's as it should be, imo. 9+ people out of 10 know how this ends so it's all in the story and I think they did a good job ...not as good as David Suchet's version, but I liked it.

Moka [2016]

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A woman pursues the people who killed her son in a hit-and-run ...and that's it. If you have a choice between watching this or watching grass grow, the grass may provide more excitement. A slightly different course of action and this woman would have had things wrapped up in 20 minutes but they had to drag this out so that we can get totally absorbed in her misery and pain. If you're into this sort of film, the acting was excellent and it was all very dramatic and artsy. As for me, it's time for some Bugs Bunny cartoons.

Mom and Dad [2017]


A very black comedy where parents everywhere inexplicably begin murdering their children as it's the absolute right thing to do with the film centering around one family where a teenage girl, her boyfriend and her little brother are trying to survive an assault from Mom and Dad. Overall, it was a very violent and entertaining film with an unusual wit that made you smile despite the premise. My only real complaint is the need to throw flashbacks right in the middle of highly intense scenes, like I was being cut to commercial. Really diffused many of the best parts.

Mutant Girls Squad [2010]

aka Sento shojo: Chi no tekkamen densetsu


On her 16th birthday, Rin discovers that she's not human but rather a Hilko, a race where each member has a mutation, or "treasure", and is hunted by humans with nose guns. Audaciously over-the-top, this ultra goofy and wacky Japanese gore exploitation film provides us with ludicrous 'treasures' like breast swords, a butt chainsaw and a girl with a snorkel face and tentacled arms. This ain't the X-Men. The simple story is just a vehicle to cover the screen with gore and hi-spray jets of blood from every wound that you'll either find amusing or appalling.

Midsommar [2019]

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A group of friends go to a secluded village in Sweden to experience the Midsommer festival. Little did they know... Chopping out about 45 mins of film may have given it some much needed energy. Despite the long-winded nature of belaboring a few points beyond their need, this was an immersive and mesmerizing clash of cultures and how it affects the newcomers who're completely out of their depth. This is not a horror film, per se, but there's no denying the ever present insidious tension and anxiety in an apparent Utopian paradise. Gorgeous photography.

The Midnight Sky [2020]


During an unexplained global catastrophe, the last man on Earth is trying to contact a returning space mission ...and take care of a little girl who happens to be there. Beyond that, this is simply one survival scenario after another interrupted by incredibly long sequences of jerking on our heartstrings to the point of numerous cadences of heavy sighs and cries of 'enough is enough' making this twice as long as needed. By the time we got to the end of this 2 hour snooze fest, I didn't care what the characters did just as long as they ended it. Nice visuals, though.

Motherland [2017]


A Mongolian film about some friends celebrating a birthday with an Airsoft war when they suddenly find themselves in the middle of the Japanese invasion of 1939. Although beautifully photographed with descent acting, this movie really went nowhere. It wasn't enough they wouldn't tell us where they were going but we had to watch the journey making this long-winded and dull as well as overly melodramatic. Despite all this, I was ready to give it a Mediocre rating right up to the Incredibly absurd last 5 mins rendering the whole thing pointless. Blah!

Mousa [2021]


An Egyptian film about a phenomenally brilliant but equally timid man who builds a destructive robot to exact justice on a variety of criminals. This low budget film was handled well with the robot driving a dramatic story rather than being the focus. Acting was excellent giving our characters lots of heartfelt depth and the story, although quite familiar with nothing new, held my attention. Because of budget constraints, folks who have issues with less than MCU quality CGI is going to dislike this but I've never had a problem with that and the action scenes were fun.

The Mother [2023]


A women, turning states evidence against ruthless gun runners, has to give up her newly born child to protect her. Of course, they eventually come knocking and she's forced to kill everybody. This is pretty standard escapist entertainment with nothing particularly original but still quite an enjoyable action piece. Everyone did a great job especially J Lo as the mother who's completely clueless on how to interact with her daughter but willing to die for her in a heartbeat. The relationship was heartfelt and well played. Action was sudden and violent with good villains.

My Name Is Vendetta [2022]

aka Il mio nome e vendetta


Mafia thugs hunt down a guy who they've looking for for a long time and kill his family. The man and his daughter go on the run and eventually take the offensive. Have you heard this one before? I bet you have. Sure. This story has been told a thousand times complete with all the tropes and cliches you'll expect. The characters, and their relationship, is what makes it worthwhile (even though they do make the obvious bad decisions forced upon them by unimaginative writing) along with some gritty action and gun play. Entertaining matinee action fluff.

Morbius [2022]


A scientist with a blood disease accidentally turns himself into a vampire. What follows is unoriginal with each scene playing out in an entirely predictable fashion. The characters have little charisma or personality and the film is practically void of humor. The spec fx were weird and the long-awaited climax was short and sweet and that's it. They tied it into the MCU with the mid and post credits scenes but I really wish they hadn't as I really don't have any desire to see anything else with these characters. Not terrible and I didn't hate it but yeah ...pretty much a dud.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail [1975]


The Knights of the Round Table encounter one calamity after another in their search for the Holy Grail. I was never a huge fan of Monty Python but this film still stands as a classic comedy. Filled with silly, goofball humor, including clacking coconut shells together to simulate riding horses, a killer rabbit, a holy hand grenade, the Knights who say, "Ni", who insist on a shrubbery, a limbless black night that threatens to bite you to death, among other chuckle inducing buffoonery. But it's all done very well and still holds up after nearly 50 years. Popcorn required.

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