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Revenge [2017] Revolt [2017] The Rezort [2015]

Reset [2017]

aka Ni shi ying jiu

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A lead scientist in worm hole technology must use that tech to go back 110 mins in time to prevent the tech from being stolen and to save her son. Interesting concepts that are played our rather well despite the numerous paradoxes and plot holes it creates. I didn't care much for the lead's actions that went from very resourceful to stumbling around like drunk who couldn't stay on her feet. Certainly looks good with it's futuristic tech and cool architecture. Action was pretty decent. Overall, quite an enjoyable time waster if taken with a large grain of salt.

Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project [2019]

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Back in 1977, Marion Stokes started recording the news and didn't stop until her death 35 years later, amassing over 70,000 tapes with over 400,000 hours of recordings. This in-depth and personal biography provides the viewer with an intimate portrayal of a woman - part political activist, part humanitarian and part hoarder - who simply was not going to let history slip away. Well constructed and presented, I found this biodoc to be highly informative and quite fascinating, considering I never heard of her before this. Well done and thank you, Marion.

After Marion's passing, her entire video collection was sent to the Internet Archive. Drop by the Marion Stokes Movies, Audio & Video Collection for more information,

The Rejected [2018]

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A found footage film of the events leading up to an alien abduction. With basically just one guy and a couple cameras, it was a nice idea but not handled well. For found footage to work, everything needs to feel natural and spontaneous. This guy is clearly reading off a script and not the least bit charismatic so it never feels authentic. The camera work is terrible and there's long sequences where nothing happens making the 1 hour run time feel far longer. Nothing is resolved, including the title. What's rejected? For hardcore found footage addicts only.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City [2021]


I love all the films in the original movie franchise so I was looking forward to this one. This is a reboot that is supposed to follow the first two installments of the video games much more closely ...to its detriment, me thinks. It could have been a great film as it has some really good bones but many of them were broken with some awfully ludicrous decisions; the Police Chief's behavior was totally ridiculous and entirely unnecessary, some other characters were just bland extras, action was dark and weak and it wasn't well scripted. Cool mutants. Marginally entertaining.

Rambo: First Blood Part II [1985]


While serving a 5 year sentence, Rambo is offered a covert mission to recon a Vietnamese camp to see if it's housing POW's in exchange for a pardon. Of course, things don't go as planned and Rambo has to fight a one-man war to get out. That's it in a nutshell with Sly Stallone doing a wonderful job of looking terribly menacing and being extremely dangerous while actually giving his character quite a bit of depth. The action it constant and sometimes over-the-top with a body count that is amazing making it an exciting spectacle that is thoroughly satisfying. Ooahh!

Rambo III [1988]


When Rambo's only friend in the world, Colonel Trautman, is captured by the Russians in Afghanistan, he's gotta go get 'em. Plays out like a typical Rambo film so there's no surprises there but the action was excellent with lots of fights, shootouts and explosions. The writing was excellent giving a lot of depth to the characters making them genuinely interesting especially Rambo, showing that he does have a sense of humor. In fact, he's actually a bit of a smart ass in this one. Overall, above average escapist matinee entertainment I thoroughly enjoyed.

The Real Charlie Chaplin [2021]


An in-depth expose of the great comedian, Charlie Chaplin, that presented his rise from poverty and homelessness to being the most famous person in the world to, due to the Red Menace era, being one of the most hated and reviled men in America. Doesn't spend a lot of time on his works, which, considering the length, they certainly had time for. Rather they used that time to emphasize how much of a genius he was vs. how bad he was dealing with friendships, peers and, especially, his abusive relationships with his wives. In that, it's quite extensive.

Ravenous [1999]


In the 1860's, a Captain is transferred to a remote fort in California and finds himself at odds with a cannibal. Despite it's fairly good ratings, this film really didn't work for me. It presented its story in a almost humorous manner (including incongruous music) as if it didn't take itself seriously and this story really needed to be more serious. I like Guy Pierce but he spent most of the film silent with a slack jawed, confused look on his face. Even his righteous indignation seemed lazy and hollow. There's a lack of energy that made the whole film feel lethargic. Meh!

Real Steel [2011]


An ex-fighter struggles to become a major contender in robot boxing when he's forced to take care of an 11-year-old son he's never bothered to meet before and events that an interesting turn. The story is basically Rocky with robots so there's no surprises there. But the relationship between Charlie (Hugh Jackman) and his son, Max (Dakota Goyo), is delightfully fun with loads of emotion, excitement and exceptional banter that makes one really care about them. The robot fights are edge-of-you-seat awesome. Don't be surprised if you find yourself cheering.

The Red Sea Diving Resort [2019]


Based on true events, a group of Israelis lease a diving resort and use it as cover to smuggle thousands of Jewish refugees out of Sudan. This is a good film and well worth seeing, especially for it's historical value. But it could have been so much better. The dialog and characters were rather generic making them likable enough but without any real personality or banter worth mentioning. The dangerous situations didn't feel dangerous enough. Time spent recruiting a team of specialists but their specialties were rarely used. It just wasn't very tense or exciting.

Rabid [1977]

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Savagely burned in a motorcycle accident, a woman undergoes an experimental grafting procedure that makes her vampiric and those she feeds on quickly spread a horrific rabies like virus. Imagine me, a Cronenberg fan, who has never seen this early film by him. Viewed in the light of today's pandemic, it was quite interesting to see how they believed a quickly spreading virus may need to be handled. The characters were believable, despite the sometimes questionable acting, and vestiges of Cronenberg's trademark body horror to come was quite evident.

Re: Born [2016]


Enemies from a veteran's past try to kill him ...but they can't. That's the problem is that the guy is indestructible so where's the tension? The anemic story line is simply an excuse to provide endless bloodshed for a guy who can dodge bullets, kills dozens upon dozens of advisories with little effort without getting a drop of blood on him and remain practically emotionless and stoic for the entire slaughter. Oh, and he makes gurgling sounds when he flexes his shoulders. Finally had an enemy worth fighting near the end but I just wanted it to be over with.

The Replacement Killers [1998]


For his directorial debut, Antoine Fuqua (The Equalizer, Training Day, Shooter) gives us a shoot 'em up, action piece straight out of the John Woo instruction manual. A hit man refuses to fulfill his last assignment putting his own family in peril. Providing just enough of a story for us to follow, this film is really nothing more that one gunfight after another ...but that's OK. The action choreography, the colorful characters, especially the chemistry between Chow Yun-Fat & Mira Sorvino, and the overall level of excitement works extremely well. Good fun!

Re-Animator [1985]

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Herbert West has a good head on his shoulders.. and another one on his desk. One of the greatest taglines, not just for its humor, but also for completely epitomizing the tone of this film. Herbert West, arrogant, conceited, genius, played to perfection in a breakout performance by Jeffrey Combs, has created a serum that brings the dead back to life ...sorta. Being excessively gory and violent just adds to the humor and absurdity of the whole affair with perfect pacing, LOL moments and brilliant quotable lines making it an instant psychotronic cult classic!

Remote Control [1988]


Samples of a VHS tape, called Remote Control, are compelling viewers to commit murder and it's up to a couple of video store operators, and a girl, to save the world. This wacky, campy and highly entertaining film is played with all seriousness by it's characters making it all the more delightful. Solidly placed in the 80's and loaded with the pop culture of its time. Kudos to the costume designer for creating a wardrobe for everyone that was truly alien and out-of-this-world. Definitely worth a tub of popcorn, a hot dog and box of Bons Bons.

Random Acts of Violence [2019]

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The author of a comic book series featuring "Slasherman" - inspired by a serial killer from the past - and some of his friends and colleagues, encounter a killer who now appears to be inspired by the comic. I really liked the premise and the story itself is pretty good ...just badly executed. The characters always seem to be in conflict - like a bunch of dysfunctional co-dependents - and a totally miscast kid used in the flashbacks had me pretty confused as to who he was until the end ...which was anti-climactic and somewhat pointless. Waste of a good idea.

R-Point [2004]

aka Arpointeu

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A twisted little Korean film that ultimately left me with more questions than answers. Reminiscent of Annihilation, a platoon of Vietnamese soldiers, in 1972, are sent on a search and rescue mission into an area known as Romeo Point, a place known for missing soldiers. It has a leisurely pace and not a whole lot happens but it held my interest. The characters weren't the least bit authentic, with all the unprofessional bickering going on, and was more distracting than anything else. The ending left me mystified and not in a good way. Not bad just ho hum.

Radius [2017]

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Moving along at its own leisurely pace, this film is an extremely personal tragedy that never resorts to sensationalism. A man wakes up with amnesia after an apparent car accident and discovers that any living animal or human that gets within a certain distance from him simply drops dead except for a woman who also has amnesia. This story was well thought out, their actions made sense, they're fears and logic were genuine and the ending was disturbing but not unexpected ...although they did manage to throw in a twist I didn't see coming. Nicely played!

Revenge [2017]


Reminiscent of I Spit On Your Grave, 3 desert hunters find that, after one of them raped one of the other's mistress and they've left her for dead, they have become the hunted. If you're looking for realism, especially in how much damage a human can sustain and still "walk it off", this film is not for you. But if you're looking for a ultra-violent, blood soaked, no holes barred, thrill ride, here's your E ticket (Disneyland reference there ...see how I did that?). Filmed in Morocco, the desolate desert setting provides an incredible backdrop that adds to the tension.

Relic [2020]


An old woman goes missing. The daughter and granddaughter go to her home to help find her. Out of nowhere, she shows back up with no explanation of where she's been. Then things get weird ...sort of. Except for the occasional weird occurrence and nightmare dream, this is basically a family drama about a woman who is sinking into dementia and what the kids are going to do about it ...and they're doing it slowly. With 20 minutes left, it finally gets interesting but ends with a climax that goes completely over my head. Fair family drama, not so good horror.

Reservoir Dogs [1992]

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Quentin Tarantino's first film is also his best film, imo. It's a wacky, amusing, controversial and brutal depiction of a jewelry heist gone terribly wrong with some of the most sociopathically, colorful characters you can imagine. Nobody makes movies like this. Don't miss it.

Realive [2016]


A man, dying of cancer, decides to have himself cryogenically frozen. Little did he realize he would become the first successful cryogenic reanimation sixty years later. Spending considerable time showing us his life before and the psychological issues involved after, the message I got out of it was confusing. It's better to be nothing than to live? Is that what they're saying? Overall, I found this film to be depressing, disturbing, too clinical and a far too fatalistic version of "be careful what you wish for".

Rememory [2017]


The creator of a machine, that allows you to see any of your memories in full detail, dies in his office. Was it murder? This is the story of one man's odyssey to find out how the lives of all those that have been touched by the machine in one form or another have been changed. Peter Dinklage's performance is personal and heartfelt and the story is emotional, disturbing, and totally engaging with an ironic and profoundly sad twist. I've seen very few dramas that effect me on this emotional level. Well done!

Renaissance [2006]


A renegade cop searches for a lady whose been kidnapped due to her research into Progeria. I wasn't a big fan of the high-contrast black & white format of animation. Be that as it may, the animation (using motion capture) was impressively done and very smooth. The story, however, was somewhat hard to follow and not that engaging. The end was a big come down. Certainly not a favorite as far as animated films go.

Ravenous [2017]

aka Les affames


A group of people travel through the wooded countryside as they try to survive the zombie apocalypse. Starting out as 1 or 2 individuals, here and there, eventually they come together as a group. Their stories are extremely personal and if you're looking for emotional realism, this movie's got it in spades. Unfortunately, that's all it has. Very little in the way of any sort of proactive progress ...they basically just wander around. Their actions in the last 15 minutes were foolish and mystifying ...and zombies building towers?? What's that all about?

Replicas [2018]


A scientist, specializing in neural transference, attempts to bring back his family when they're killed in an accident. This film is nothing special, offers nothing new and there are really no surprises to speak of. However, it's quite entertaining, nonetheless. The characters are logical and likable, the emotional side of the story fells real, and the science is quite interesting and, at least, it's sounds plausible. My only gripe is that they took far too long on him trying to resurrect the family making us wait an hour to get to the good stuff.

Red Sparrow [2018]


A prominent Russian ballet dancer has her career cut short by an accident on-stage. Fearing the loss of her home and support for her mother's medical needs, she agrees to become a spy. My wife and I came out of the theater simply feeling dirty after watching this film. Jennifer Lawrence did a wonderful job and I really wanted to like this movie - espionage thriller with a good, sophisticated story - but I just felt uncomfortable the entire time. It's mostly just rape, sex, torture, and anguish without a payoff worthy of what we've had to sit through.

Red Room [1999]

aka Akai misshitsu (heya): Kindan no osama geemu


This Japanese film was very badly made and quite unpleasant at the same time. Contestants in a game command each other to do vile and disgusting things to each other until only one is left. Nothing more than sex and violence in about as revolting a way as you can do it with no budget. WARNING: the trailer is easily as disgusting as the film. Move along ...nothing of redeeming value to see here. It's a pity IMDb doesn't allow me to give a movie a "0" rating.

Rampage [2018]


After a space station accident, a genetic pathogen crashes to earth turning an ape, a wolf and a crocodile into gigantic monstrosities. This film uses an extremely simple story as an excuse to give us action, spec fx and Dwayne Johnson. So what! This film is absolutely awesome entertainment. I've never been a big fan of Godzilla-type movies as they always appeared cheesy and non-realistic. The effects in this were so real, I wanted get up and run! Don't pass up the opportunity to see it on a big screen, if you get the chance. I went to the theater twice to see it!

Ready Player One [2018]


In 2045, everyone spends most of their time in a virtual world known as the Oasis. And now you can control the world if you can find the creator's Easter Egg. We've seen this before on numerous occasions so there's nothing new as far as the story goes. But the journey is fantastic! Not only is the virtual world more immersive than any other film I've seen, the constant pop culture references - from The Shining, to disco, to Atari games, to Chucky - was sheer nostalgic joy for an older guy like me. What a trip!

Resident Evil [2002]


A virus breaks out in the research lab known as the Hive for the Umbrella Corp basically turning the underground center into a zombie convention. Unknown to the danger, a group of soldiers go in to shut down the main computer system ...which has a mind of its own. Critics have fun tearing down the Resident Evil franchise but I just love 'em. When you go into a movie where it's creators knew full well that what they're making is mindless, escapist entertainment, why should we expect anything more? This is great stuff!

Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse [2004]


Alice, our hero from the first film, wakes up in a research lab to discover the virus has infected Racoon City and the city has been walled off and is now full of hungry folk. A high action continuation of the series that is just as much fun as the first. Some of the stunts were a bit outlandish and over-the-top but, like I said before, it's mindless, escapist entertainment so I'd expect nothing less. Plus, we get to add Jill ...another bad-ass female. Gotta love it!

Resident Evil 3: Extinction [2007]


A few years have past since Apocalypse and the infection is now world wide. Small pockets of humanity have become wanderers to keep the undead from catching up. Meanwhile, the Umbrella Corp continues to search for Alice and research their T-Virus and Alice has learned a few new tricks. This one wasn't as compelling as the first two entries but it's still incredible fun. Its also an excellent and logical continuation of the story line with the usual great reveal at the end.

Resident Evil 4: Afterlife [2010]


Alice has her extra powers stripped away after raiding and destroying Umbrella's Tokyo facility. She goes on a search for a safe haven known as Arcadia. I particularly like this one, most likely for the giant with the axe/hammer. He's just cool! The action tends to be a bit forced and over-the-top (and way too much slo-mo, which I'm guessing is to show off the 3D) but I love it anyway. Good roller coaster ride that rarely let's up.

Resident Evil 5: Retribution [2012]


This time, Alice is captured and placed in the last remaining Umbrella facility now run by the Red Queen. She now has to cooperate with the previous Umbrella Execs to escape. The facility makes generous use of clones so characters that we know from the past show up but different. That's an interesting gimmick but there's so much break neck action coming at you from start to finish, there's never any time to develop those characters. Quite a fun roller coaster ride, though.

Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter [2016]


Alice must go back to the Hive to find and release a cure to the T-Virus. This is the only one I had not seen previously and once again they filled it full of some very imaginative scenarios and totally gruesome creatures. My biggest complaint is they went for the super close-up, quick cut, blurry action sequences, which seems to be so popular, but just gives me a headache and I can't tell what's going on. Beyond that, it's pretty much a roller coaster ride like the others and (I know many will not agree) a fitting end to the series.

Red Rock West [1993]


A drifter, looking for work, stumbles into Red Rock, Wyoming, and is mistaken for a hit man. Thus begins a series of events reminiscent of Blood Simple on drugs. There are so many twists and turns in this movie that one literally has no idea what's going to happen 2 minute from now. Sounds confusing but it's not. It's tightly written with everything making perfectly logical sense ...even if it doesn't appear that way, at first. Nick Cage and Dennis Hopper are genuinely compelling and the rest of the cast plays their parts to perfection. Very satisfying thriller.

Re-Kill [2015]


Presented as a Cops style reality show (complete with commercials and stories of survival), a camera crew follows around R-Division 8, a military group of re-animate (zombie) killers. With the low ratings it got, I wasn't expecting much but I found it to be a low budget gem. With so many attempts at humanizing zombie movies these days, it was refreshing to see a movie that's just about the slaughter. Militarily realistic, well made, exciting, lots of zombie action, and a load of mindless fun. Not great but good, escapist, popcorn movie.

The Reaping [2007]


A fallen ordain minister, who now debunks miracles, goes to a small, secluded hamlet in Louisiana called Haven where the river appears to have turned to blood. This was a pretty entertaining "science vs religion" story centering around a creepy little girl. Is she an angel? the devil? or something else? The plagues were effectively presented as well as how you'd expect people in that culture to react. Not particularly scary but well worth a watch with an ending that, although not great, did the job just fine.

Rejuvenatrix [1988]

aka The Rejuvenator


A research doctor is trying to develop a way to reverse aging. His financial support - an aging, down-and-out actress - insists that he experiment on her or she'll cut off his funds. Predictable mayhem results. Basically a remake of The Wasp Woman (without involving any wasps), this low-budget 80's schlock film with very cool and gnarly make-up work that, unfortunately, couldn't save the film from it's horrendous acting, worse dialogue and grossly extended scenes that really tests the viewer's patience. Blah.

Red Dragon [2002]


I saw the classic The Silence of the Lambs ages ago but, for some reason, I never got around to seeing this prequel. Another film I remembered seeing a long time ago is Manhunter ...which is the first film based on "Red Dragon". Both films are equally as good, imo. Edward Norton was excellent as the FBI profiler, Ralph Fiennes' performance is spot-on as the Red Dragon and, of course, Anthony Hopkins is back in his best form as Hannibal the Cannibal. Certainly an intense and worthy prequel!

The Recall [2017]

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Aliens return to Earth to pick up previous human experiments as well as a few new ones. Like having two different writers, the first half wasn't bad; the characters were likable, smart, pacing was great and it was shaping up nicely. Then there's the second half, which made everyone dumb, the story increasingly outrageous, and, ultimately, it descended into cheap sci fi silliness. They had to invent a slightly unhinged, aggressive character for Wesley Snipes to play as his only real function in the film is to explain things. Everything else he did was superfluous. (sigh)

Ratter [2015]

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A girl from Wisconsin moves to NYC and becomes the victim of an electronic stalker. Nice premise ...badly executed. This movie is viewed entirely from the stalker's POV so, unless you're a real voyeur who's thrilled watching the rather uninteresting life of an average college student, this movie is not for you. Although our protagonist notices some strange electronic activity, she doesn't even know there's a physical threat until the last 15 minutes, i.e, no tension. And the ending?? (smacking forehead and walking off)

Reincarnation [2005]

aka Rinne

From the director of The Grudge comes this story about a director who is making a film about a slaughter that took place in a hotel 35 years ago. From the time she gets the script, his starring actress is haunted by visions of what really happened. I see a lot of horror movies and I like most of them as I like the genre. But, considering I see a lot, it's very rare for me to see one that is this good! Creepy as hell, the thrill ride never stops and the end is mind blowing. Brilliantly twisted!!

Reindeer Games [2000]


A bunch of criminals mistakenly grab the wrong ex-con just released from prison as they plan to rob a casino the ex-con used to work for. I saw the 2 hour 'director's cut' version and almost turned it off as it was boring me to death. When the bad guys showed up, it was no longer boring but didn't get much better either. It's so convoluted with twists and contrivances that it never came off as realistic or even possible and the ending was way to pat and silly. Gary Sinise was the highlight in this marginally entertaining film.

The Rezort [2015]


The world is still recovering from a zombie outbreak that occurred 10 years ago and killed 2 billion people. One way to make you feel better is to go to the Rezort ...an island where you can spend your weekend relaxing, vacationing, partying and killing zombies. Despite the ludicrous premise that the whole security of the park can be shut down by a computer virus, this was actually the best zombie flick I've seen since The Horde. Good action, smart characters, and an whole island full of zombies.

Red Eye [2005]


On the red eye to Miami, a woman is threatened with the death of her father if she doesn't help with an assassination. This was a tense and entertaining movie but everything seemed a bit too structured. There was a lot of dialogue that interfered with someone just doing something ...like warning someone they're going to attack them before they do. Yeah, threats were really big in this film. Although Rachel McAdams & Cillian Murphy acted well, neither of them were very convincing. Overall, it was a fun thriller without a lot of memorable qualities.

Repo Men [2010]


In the near future, you can get artificial organs on credit. Of course, if you default on your payments, you'll have to deal with the repo men. There's something wrong with this movie ...I just can't pinpoint what it is *he says with a furrowed brow*. The acting was competent and the story was interesting, albeit ludicrous. I think the way it was presented just doesn't work right. Perhaps if it was a bit more campy and not so serious. I don't know ...the style just didn't feel true to its subject matter and the ending was totally depressing.

Red Riding: The Year of Our Lord 1974 [2009]

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A rookie journalist investigating the disappearance of children stumbles into a expansive world of corruption. Not only is it excruciatingly slow to the point of despair, it appeared to have very little to do with missing children and everything to do with the journalist whose haphazard investigation just ticks people off and results in several injuries. He's not very smart about it either but, hey ...at least he gets laid every 15 minutes. This is the first film in a trilogy. Since this was such a senseless waste of time, I'm obviously not going to bother with the others.

Rear Window [1954]


What would you do if you were confined to your apartment because of an injury? Watch the neighbors, of course. What if you suspect one of them committed murder ...and no one believes you? Suspenseful, classic Hitchcock that ought to especially appeal to the voyeurs among us. James Stewart, Grace Kelly and Raymond Burr are excellent ...and Hitchcock's direction is top drawer.

Repo Man [1984]

Self proclaimed white suburban punk Otto slips into the repo business about the same time a $20k reward goes out for a '65 Malibu being driven by a mad scientist with the radioactive decaying bodies of 4 aliens in the trunk. Phew! This doesn't begin to describe how totally wacky this film is with some truly magical LOL moments. Yet it's never silly or forced but rather driven by a collection of characters that are nothing short of genius and gags that are perfectly played. Been a cult classic for over 35 years and will be one for another 35.

Revolt [2017]

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A soldier, with amnesia, and a woman wake up in the middle of a wasteland caused by invading aliens. This was a rather good, low budget film considering there's not much to it. Like Monsters, we tag along with the likable couple on their journey to a radio dish in hopes of finding a military outpost. Unlike Monsters, their travels were quite interesting with a variety of characters met, a few alien encounters, and a pretty dangerous situation or two keeping the film moving along at a nice, brisk pace with a finale that was logical and exciting. Nice, despite its cliche moments.

The Resurrected [1991]


A close adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward", we see a doctor who becomes so obsessed with resurrection that he makes the mistake of dragging back an old relative ...who isn't very nice. Despite the lack of talent among the acting pool (although the leads did fine) and the generic, rather lifeless dialog, this turned out to be quite a treat. The last half hour provides some rather effective and gruesome visuals - even though the spec fx is subpar - which made for an exciting ending. Would love to see this with a big budget. Not bad!

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