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The Thing [1982]

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The crew of an isolated Antarctic research station encounters an alien that can perfectly mimic any living organism it encounters. Been at least 3 decades since I've seen this and it's quite remarkable how well it's held up ...especially being able to see it in HD, Wow!. Rob Bottin's practical creature fx still amazes and terrifies in equal measure and, rather than have the characters do stupid things to drive a story line, this one is driven solely by the thing and our panicked unfortunates are painfully just along for the ride. Epic cosmic horror that will never grow old.

Target Earth [1954]


Some folks wake up in a deserted city being invaded by robots from Venus. A rather silly film firmly placed in the early 50's with horrendous dialog and stereotypical characters. The scientific theories it presents are laughable even for it's age... it came out in the same year as the classic Them! and a year after War of the Worlds. I figured out how they were going to stop the robots long before the scientists did. Despite all that, the movie's a good example of the low budget sci fi knockoff of it's time and has a nostalgic charm that makes quite enjoyable.

The Takeover [2022]


A computer hacker, now working as a software security analyst, finds a backdoor connection into new transportation software servers. After cutting off the intrusion, she finds herself accused of murder. Story wise, there's nothing new here but it's well written and nicely structured making it an exciting and suspenseful ride. Characters were likable, although the need to make our main protagonist that unfriendly towards everyone didn't seem necessary. Great villain, though and an action packed finale rounded it out. Lots of fun!

Ten Little Indians [1965]

Ten strangers are invited to attend a dinner party hosted by a Mr. U.N. Owen. Then they start dying. The Mrs and I love Agatha Christie movies and shows and this is my personal favorite. Saw it first as a teenager, I was blown away at how it fooled me. Even today, with knowing what's going to happen, the movie is a treat to watch. The writing is great, the tension is constant and the 'Whodunit?' break is classic. Watch for versions of the film where the break is cut out. The copy on Amazon does not have it ...severely disappointed with them on that. Why remove it?

Tetsuo: the Iron Man [1989]

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This twisted art film is about a guy whose body parts are transforming and mutating into tubes, wires, hoses, metal and mechanical devices turning him into a massive monstrosity that is truly a sight to behold. Presented in a B&W, surrealistically extreme industrial world, complete with a savage soundtrack, this film provides little narrative, no real explanation (although you may glean some insight into what's happening) and practically no dialog. Like watching a train wreck that doesn't stop, I was memorized and appalled in equal measure. Wow!!

Tetsuo II: Body Hammer [1992]


The kidnapping of his son triggers a man's latent ability to grow various industrial weaponry. Unlike the grotesque, over-the-top insanity of the first film, the director / writer, Shin'ya Tsukamoto, choose to provide a story for this one, much to its detriment, me thinks. The story's framework stilts its ability to go full tilt bozo and what does occur is far too silly to be part of a serious narrative involving emotional pain and loss. It's entertaining enough... It just seems to have to stop often to tell us things that we really didn't want to know or care about. Weird.

Tetsuo: The Bullet Man [2009]


The death of a child, by intentional hit-and-run, causes a man to suddenly develop metallic accessories that shoot bullets. With the same director for all three films, I expected it to get better but, this one is pretty weak. A simple story of anger and revenge is used as a reason to assault us with a montage of abstract imagery and chaotic camera work, that never lets you get a look at anything, while interspersing long dramatic scenes of simplistic dialog and dime store philosophies that are basically just filler and completely unnecessary. What a mess! Music's good.

Tenet [2020]


An agent is trying to find a way to save the world from a future organization that has figure out how to reverse time flow ..or something like that. I could say that concept wasn't explained very well but I don't think it would make a difference ...you either got it or you didn't. I think Christopher Nolan knew that when he made this film so he just takes us on a high-action roller coaster ride while making our brain hurt as the same time. And he certainly did a good job with that as it's quite thrilling even if we're not sure why. Second viewing will help. Really quite fun.

Therapy [2016]


Found footage leads police on a hunt for missing persons. Nothing about this film works; the acting is sub-par, the writing is contrived with no imagination, mostly consisting of wandering around, stupidity and looking scared with occasional glimpses of a masked guy with an ax. The raw footage is shown as forensics gets it processed but, even though the footage is from two sources, it all seems professionally edited. How does that work? The title gives away the twist as this had nothing to do with therapy until the end. As such, I kinda saw it coming. (sigh)

Terrifier [2016]

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A psycho in a clown suit gleefully and brutally slaughters a bunch of people in an imaginative and horrifically disgusting manner ...and that's all, folks. No story to speak of, minimal character development, no explanations, just a lot of bodies. If you go into it with that in mind, like I did, it's sort of a slasher roller coaster; just strap in and enjoy the ride. Art the clown wasn't very bright and was largely successful because his victims were dumber and there were times where I found myself shaking my head in disbelief but I'm giving it an point for sheer audacity.

Terrifier 2 [2022]

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Along with a new girlfriend, of sorts, Art is back for more Halloween slaughter and mayhem. Time to party! While there is a story here, and a vague connection between the central family and Art that is never fully explained, that all takes a back seat to the in-your-face physical destruction of human beings in all its visceral and brutal glory. Unlike films like Frontier(s), which are dead serious, Art takes such genuine glee in his sadistic tortures, you can't help but be amused by it all despite the bloodshed. Obviously not for everyone, but good cringe worthy frivolity.

The Terminator [1984]

The future, being controlled by machines but losing to the human resistance, sends back a Terminator to kill the resistance leader's mother before she gives birth to him and the resistance sends back a soldier to save her. One of the classic thrillers of the 80's by newcomer James Cameron, is still just as exciting today as it was then. Arnold Schwarzenegger in his initial outing in the iconic, bad-ass role that he would never outdo. Great action, gunfights, car chases, twisted story line, all moving at a breakneck pace that will keep you glued to your seat.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day [1991]

A decade later, two cyborgs are sent back in time to find their target, John Connors - an old style terminator to protect and a liquid metal terminator to kill. After the huge success of the first film, the sky was the limit on the budget for this one and it shows in some of the most chaos driven action on screen. Many consider this the best of the Terminator films. Some consider this one too Hollywood and prefer the hard edged, lower budget, organic quality of the original. Either way, they're both winners in my book. Watch the extended edition for a lot more fun.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines [2003]


Another decade goes by and the Terminator is sent back, once again, this time to protect John Connor and friend. The machines send back a more advanced terminator, with both liquid metal and a variety of attachments, in the form of one mean chick. Much more action oriented and less invested in emotions and story as the first two films, with an ending that's pretty bleak, but I've grown to like this film more every time I see it. The action is grossly over-the-top but exciting and well designed even if the overall construction is lacking in the personal touch. It's fun!

Terminator 4: Salvation [2009]


A prisoner, to be executed, agrees to give his body to science. He wakes up in the middle of the war with the machines not knowing quite what was done to him. I really liked this stand-alone film taking place in the future war. It has its plot problems and the ending is kind of sappy but there's some good solid, realistic sci fi action, that's not nearly as over-the-top as the previous film, and a good, albeit simple and familiar story. Great pacing, lots of crashes and explosions, a cameo by Arnie, and an interesting addition to the story. Great escapist entertainment.

Terminator 5: Genisys [2015]


When Kyle Reese is sent back to 1984 to save Sarah Connor, he finds that everything has changed, including timelines, and he's having memories of events he never lived. This film gets a lot of flak as being confusing. I don't care ...it's a time travel story. None of them make sense, if you think about it. This one has lots of incredible action, a complex story (that you can follow if you're paying attention) and a logical conclusion. Has a good deal of humor in it, as well ...especially the constant one-upmanship contest between Kyle and the Terminator. Good fun!

Terminator 6: Dark Fate [2019]


An augmented human from the future, and Sarah Conner, team up to stop a liquid carbon composite terminator from killing a young woman. In a fancy twist to the story, it's no longer Skynet taking over, it's Legion and the cycle starts all over again. Well written and finely presented, it moves along at an excellent pace and, despite 5 previous films, never fails to thrill us with some of the most intense action sequences out there. Don't try to fit it into any of the timelines presented by previous films ...it's so messed up at this point, it don't matter. Just enjoy the ride.

Tales from the Hood [1995]

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A horror anthology with 4 tales and a wrap-around story all using African-American themes. The stories were pretty standard fair with nothing coming off as being particularly original. Shooting more for humor than horror, I think they were going for that Creepshow vibe but didn't really pull it off. What it needed was some snappy dialog, a few good one liners, and a really good gag or two. As it is, the dialog was just what it needed to be and I can't recall many quotable lines or even a chuckle. Generally entertaining but that's about it.

Tell No One [2006]

aka Ne le dis a personne

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8 years after the death of his wife, a doctor gets a mysterious Email with a link to a street cam, showing his wife, followed by another Email that says, "Tell No One". Based on the book by Harlan Coben, which is also excellent, this movie takes so many twists and turns suggesting one thing one minute and then pulling the rug out from under you in the next. Despite its slow pace at times, the emotional intensity is ever present filling the screen with real human drama, passion, great characters, and a story that will not be fully understood until the end. Bravo!

The Tax Collector [2020]

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A 'tax collector' for a gang organization in L.A. runs into a player who plans on taking over the territory. This is a far-too-familiar and cliche story with a good deal of plot holes, unlikely scenarios, and unnecessary side trips. It's strength is in the well portrayed, fully developed characters which solidly grabbed my attention, making me care about what happens to them and elevating the film above its low ratings. Direction, editing, photography, and action choreography were excellent. Despite a lot of weaknesses, I still really enjoyed this film.

Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight [1995]


An entertaining and rather campy horror flick which is pretty much what you would expect as a Tale from the Crypt. Whole lot of gore, whole lot of gags, some very colorful characters ...and critters, and an excellent and amusing performance by Billy Zane. What's not to like?

Taken [2008]


"If you don't [let my daughter go], I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you". What a way to start a intense international chase across Europe as a man, with incredible skills, (superbly portrayed by Liam Neeson) hunts down the kidnappers of his daughter. It's an action feast that just doesn't quit but never takes away from a well constructed, smart storyline with a logical progression. Great kickoff to a franchise. Check it out!

Taken 2 [2012]


More of the same as before (above) except this time, our man-of-action and his wife are kidnapped by the father of one of the poor saps that was involved in our hero's daughter's kidnapping in the first film. This time his daughter is helping him escape ...and then the war begins. Excellent car chase sequence and, overall, an exciting and worthy sequel punctuated with a great performance by Rade Serbedzija as the bad ass antagonist.

Taken 3 [2014]


His wife is killed and he's framed for her murder. We're all used to the Taken style at this point and this one offers no real surprises but Liam Neeson (despite the fact that he's starting to show his age) and Forest Whitaker give excellent performances and overall it's exciting, action packed with lots of crashes and gunplay, and certainly worth the ride. Isn't that the reason we watch the Taken movies?

The Taking of Pelham 123 [2009]


A group of thugs take over a subway car in NYC and demand $10M dollars. John Travolta, as the ruthless leader of the gang, and Denzel Washington, as an every-man dispatcher who is suddenly responsible for the lives of a couple dozen hostages, both have stellar performances in an edge-of-your-seat tension filled thriller. Awesome!

Tag [2015]

aka Riaru onigokko


A girl's life seems to change realities while everyone else around her gets slaughtered. At least, that's what I think it's about. Beginning with one of the most audacious and shocking openings I've ever seen, this film is violent, ponderous, gory, strange, surreal, aggravating, artistic, a whole lot of running and totally incomprehensible. Certainly no lack of action and excitement but I don't really know what the hell happened or whether I liked it or not.

Tell Me How I Die [2016]

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Bunch of students volunteer for the testing of a new drug that improves memory. This premise is used quite a bit with the drug's side effects driving the story forward. I've never seen a really good one and this one was the worst. People who have taken the drug can see glimpses of the future. Sounds interesting but they spend too much time on things that are irrelevant (like the opening seminar speech), and the overall concept is poorly defined rendering the film silly and incoherent with the ending resolving nothing.

These Final Hours [2013]

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A blast wave from a comet impact will reach Australia in 12 hours. Out of fear, a man decides to get totally wasted and head for an end-of-the-world party. Along the way, he saves a girl and everything changes. Unlike Melancholia (which was 1/2 boring and 1/2 pathetic) this movie wonderfully and realistically portrays the way people may act on the brink of the apocalypse. Very personal, and touching, it's a story of redemption, and figuring out what's important may not be what you think you want. One of the best and most honest apocalypse films I've seen!

Thor [2011]

Thor's father, Odin, strips Thor of his power and hammer, Mjollnir, and exiles him to Earth for an attack that he impetuously committed against the Frost Giants just before he was crowned to be king. This was a fun movie that nicely balanced Thor trying to integrate with earthlings, which was quite humorous at times, and the attempts by his brother Loki to take over the throne of Asgard. Lots of great action, a good deal of humor, great characters, a bit of romance, good, complex story, everything you'd expect for an MCU movie.

Thor 2: The Dark World [2013]

As Thor deals with trying to rid the 9 realms of the Marauders, the Convergence is near and Melekith, leader of the dark elves, has re-appeared in an attempt to destroy the universe. Great story and characters, as usual. You don't see a movie with at least a half dozen worlds as various setting very often and jumping around immediately from one to another was rather fun to watch. Another Marvel masterpiece that fits right into the universe. Good humor, as well.

Take Point [2018]


A band of mercenaries enter a bunker to kidnap a high ranking, North Korean leader and end up in a fight for survival. This film ratchets the tension level up to 10 and leaves it there from start to finish with non-stop kinetic chaos and panic that's almost too much too bear ...in fact, it starts to lose it's appeal and impact after a while. The broken English employed by most of the characters is irritating making everything somewhat difficult to understand. The characters weren't particularly compelling, either. You certainly won't be bored with this one, though.

Tales from the Darkside: The Movie [1990]

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TFTD was a fairly entertaining, tongue-in-cheek, horror anthology TV series. For a movie, however, you'd think they would have turned it up a few notches ...especially with the talent backing up the writing. But, basically what we have here is 3 stories that are no different than watching 3 episodes of the TV show. It's not bad - in fact, I enjoyed it for what it was - it just wasn't anything special.

The Thompsons [2012]


This sequel to The Hamiltons was surprisingly much better. Our family, inflicted with a disease that forces them to drink human blood, are on the run again. This time they travel to Europe in hopes of finding people like them. There, they meet the Stuarts ...and let the fun begin. Good story, including a nice romantic sup-plot, fast-paced, lots of blood and mayhem and a few twists kept me entertained throughout. I liked it.

The Task [2011]

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Six people must stay in an old abandoned prison overnight and complete tasks given to them as part of a reality game show. This had great potential for somebody, with a vivid imagination, to really make a good film. Unfortunately, our filmmakers do not have said imagination. The first thing to happen to anyone took 40 minutes, the tasks were simplistic and stupid, and most of the time was spent wandering around with flashlights. Bringing in a paranormal killer didn't help. The most horrific task was sitting through this entire film. What a snoozer.

Texas Killing Fields [2011]


A pair of detectives, with differing ideas, and a detective from another jurisdiction get wrapped up in the area known as the killing fields where young women keep disappearing. This is a very gritty, hard-edged and disturbingly realistic portrayal of a few different story lines that grabs you and doesn't let go. It gets rather complicated but easy enough to follow along as long if you're paying attention. There's even a couple story lines that do not get resolved which, for me, adds to the realism in that you can't win 'em all.

There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane [2011]


A woman drives the wrong way on a freeway causing a head-on collision killing herself, 4 children and 3 passengers in the other car. She had more than twice the legal limit of alcohol in her system, and a high level of THC. This documentary proceeds to cover the family's misery and their unwavering believe that she wasn't drunk. Obviously, she was a wonderful person, a good mother, and a good wife but, after sitting through this overly long tragedy, the results are the same making this just painful, depressing and futile.

Three [2016]

aka San ren xing

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Chinese film about a thief in the hospital who's been shot in the head and refuses treatment presumably to be ready for his buddies to break him out. Apparently, Chinese's sensibilities towards their entertainment is different from us dudes in the US as this is basically a study of characters that were rather pathetic and nothing really happens for an hour. When the action does start, the movie goes into this stylistic slo-mo shoot-out that felt like The Matrix on downers. For me, it was marginally entertaining.

They Live [1988]


A drifter stumbles upon a pair of sunglasses that allows him to see aliens among us. Since I keep seeing it pop up in cult listings, I figured it's about time to watch it. And now I'm wondering what the attraction is. The acting is bad, the dialogue is atrocious and it looks painfully low budget. Certain plot points didn't make much sense like an overly long, protracted fight scene taking place simply because one of the participants didn't want to put on the sunglasses left me shaking my head in wonder. I must be missing something.

Thor 3: Ragnarok [2017]

Thor finds out he has an extremely evil and powerful sister who wishes to lord over Asgard. What an incredible afternoon at the movies. I've become quite impressed and pleased with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and this film is the quintessential comic book movie. Colorful and charismatic characters, absolutely stunning visuals, extreme and exciting action, and funny as hell, I felt like a kid who fell into his comic book. This is the reason we still like to watch movies on the big screen. Fantastic entertainment!

Thor 4: Love and Thunder [2022]

After the death of his daughter, a man acquires the Necrosword and goes about killing all the Gods. Thor and his ex-girlfriend, Jane Foster, team up to stop him. Good, exciting entertainment that doesn't quite measure up to an MCU level of quality. All the tropes are there but there are also a lot of distractions. It's really lacking in the witty humor that's always been a hallmark of the MCU. As such, the constant attempts at comic relief, especially in the first half, seemed forced and unrealistic. Christian Bale was awesome and it was still quite fun despite its issues.

Them! [1954]


Nine years after the atomic tests, giant ants appear and if they're not destroyed, the queens could create colonies all over the world. Drive-ins were filled with films featuring radioactive mutated creatures in the '50's and '60's. This one, however, stands leagues above the rest. Although certainly dated by today's standards, the mechanical ants used in the film were really quite effective for it's time and the movie is quiet well-made. If you want to see an excellent and the best example of the atomic age creature feature, this is the ticket.

THX 1138 [1971]

In a future society, where technology watches over every aspect of the human life and is totally void of humanity, roommates THX and LUH are arrested for the crime of drug evasion and physical love. This is essentially just a chase movie but I'm fascinated by the totally unique futuristic world that one is pulled into (and surprisingly not dated after 50 years) where even those moments of humor are quite serious and your entire knowledge of human existence is simply what you've been told. Genius film and a stunning debut for George Lucas

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three [1974]

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Four men hijack a subway car and demands the NYC mayor pay them $1mil dollars in one hour or they're going to start killing hostages. I really like the modern day version so I went back to look at the film that inspired it. I was disappointed. I liked it but this film is firmly planted in 1974 and didn't age well, imo. Considering the ratings, I'm obviously a minority but for me, unconvincing, obnoxiously over-the-top characters (except Matthau), actionless, tenseless story, and a silly, anti-climactic ending.

Tears of the Sun [2003]

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A group of Navy Seals are sent into the middle of a Nigerian civil war to extract a doctor but they end up escorting several Nigerian refugees to Cameroon. Aside from being too long, they spent way too much time yanking heart strings to the point of distraction. In fact, I was getting so tired having my sympathy sucked out of me towards the end, I was going, "Jeez, let's get this over with". Fairly realistic depiction of genocidal warfare, though ...there were some pretty rough moments. Good film just more war, less drama, please.

Tea with the Dames [2018]

aka Nothing Like a Dame

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An open conversation and a trip back through time with Dames Judi Dench, Eileen Atkins, Joan Plowright, and Maggie Smith. My wife and I really enjoyed this film. It included a lot of film history through archival footage and still shots. The chatter around that table was obviously among old friends that have known each other forever. At times touching, oftentimes LOL funny, it was really quite enjoyable.

This Is the End [2013]


A bunch of comedians and stars are partying at James Franco's place when Armageddon begins. Comedy is subjective for each person and my personal rating is just that as the humor here didn't really do much for me. The beginning of the apocalypse was great, and some of the sight gags were fun but about 60% of the film is just them talking, debating, arguing, and insulting each other with that sort of profane good buddy bathroom humor that, for me, just made it dull. If you like that type of humor, you'll love it.

Thoroughbreds [2017]


Two upper-class teenage girls, rekindling their friendship, begin plotting to kill one girl's stepfather. Unlike the trailer, this is not really a comedy ...although the situations that develop are quite humorous in a morbid sort of way. Rather, this is an extremely dark character study where one girl - a self-professed sociopath - is providing advice to the other about how to commit murder. Watching this smoldering drama leaves one equally amused and appalled ...like watching a really pretty train wreck. Sticks with you long after viewing.

The Taking of Deborah Logan [2014]

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A crew of filmmakers intend to document the decline of Deborah Logan, an Alzheimer's patient. It doesn't take long to realize there is something far more horrific going on here. Jill Larsen is perfectly cast as 'Deb' forcing the viewer to, not once, doubt that she is the terrifying victim of something insidious. Everyone's actions are logical and extremely genuine. But the highlight is the pacing creating an anxiety filled tension that never lets up ...regardless of how prepared you are, the jump scares get you every time. Good, scary fun!

Threads [1984]

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Presented somewhat as a docudrama, this film details what would quite likely happen in a nuclear war, from how it all gets started to roughly 13 years afterwards ...and it is not pretty. Centering around Sheffield, England, and specifically on two families, this terrifyingly realistic and brutally painful film is probably one of the most disturbing films I've seen on the subject and, as good as it was, I'm certainly not going to watch it again. Anyone who has an interest in knowing what a world like that may be, look no further. More disturbing than The Day After.

Three Kings [1999]


Just after the end of the Persian Gulf war, this semi-true account features 4 soldiers trying to find a cache of Saddam's gold. Reminiscent of Kelly's Heroes (which is far better and funnier), this movie sort of confused me as to what it was trying to be. it tries to be funny but it's far too serious and any attempts at comedy relief were distracting and simply fell flat. The characters weren't all that likable or compelling and people routinely carrying around bags full of gold bars like laundry just made it worse. The ending finally gave us some real emotion worth watching.

Three... Extremes [2004]

aka Sam gang 2

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As the title implies, 3 extreme films by 3 of Asia's top horror directors. "Dumplings" - A woman will do whatever it takes to regain her youth. I found it incredibly unsettling and hard to sit through. "Cut" - A director and his wife are terrorized by an extra who feels entitled. Interesting but kind of flat and long-winded. "Box" - Beyond it being a story about overwhelming guilt, this one left me completely mystified. Overall, It was an enjoyable watch with great acting, writing and directing but not an anthology favorite for me.

The Terrorists [1974]

aka Ransom


Terrorists are holding the British Ambassador in Norway hostage while their compatriots hijack an airplane, holding the passengers hostage until the two groups can get together and take off. Very well done cat-and-mouse game between Sean Connery, as the Head of Security, and Ian McShane, as the lead hijacker. Lot of little twists and turns made it enjoyable. It's problem, though, it that everyone went about their business in a very gentleman-like manner which renders most the film without tension or any sense of danger. Generally entertaining.

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